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Congrats Momma!

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Please share your congrats and well wishes for our new mommas and babies here.
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Congrats Kimberly and welcome to the world baby Katie!
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Welcome Baby Katie...
Congrats Kimberly
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Congratulations Kimberly! Hope the recovery is quick and smooth.

Welcome baby Katie!

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Congrats Kimberly!!!
Welcome to the WORLD baby Katie! : : :
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Yeah Kimberly, Katie and family!
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Our first baby is here!!!

Welcome to the world, Little Girl!!!!
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Welcome, Katie! What a great birthweight. Kimberly, you must be very proud.

Who's next, ladies?
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Good job keeping that little on in so long Kimberly She's definately a keeper!!
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Congrats Kimberly! and welcome to the world katie!!
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So happy for you Lena and Sara May!!! and daddy and big bro of course. Looking forward to reading the birth story.

Go strong woman!!! You are so inspirational! What a way to stay in control of your body and your labour! I can't believe it - did you really have that baby at Mary Wash!
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Welcome to the world Sara May!
Lena...congrats mamma!
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Way to go, Lena!
Welcome, Sara May!
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YAY LENA!!! Congrats! Welcome sweet Sara May!!
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Congratulations Lena!!!! Can I add that I voted for you to be next!!! Yea!!!
Happy Babymoon!

(p.s. good for you refusing the pit!)
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Kimberly I realized that I didn't post a congrats to you so this is for both you and Lena!!!!!
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Yay, Lena! I knew checking this board every few hours today would pay off! Congratulations to you and your family!
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LENA-Only the BEST to you and Sara May and your whole family!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Lena and Sara! Sounds like you had an awesome team. Way to get that baby here safely.

Happy babymoon!!!

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Congratulations lena!!! welcome to the world sara!!

have fun baby mooning
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