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Lena what a wonderful birth you had for Sara!!!! Truly brought tears to my eyes

It's pouring rain here..........do i need to worry about my water breaking?
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Congratulations Lena!!!
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And another baby girl...for Laurie! Congratulations!
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Hey-What's up with all the little girls???? What GREAT news for Laurie!!!!Where did I miss the birth story/announcement??
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Congrats LAURIE!!!!!! Can't wait to meet both of you IRL!
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Congrats, Laurie, on the birth of your little one
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Congratulations Laurie! Cannot wait to hear the birth story.
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Congrats Laurie! It sounds like things went well but looking forward to hearing it from you.
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Lena, your birth story was wonderful! Congrats again! And yay Laurie! Can't wait to hear about your baby girl's birth!
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Congrats Laurie.....cannot wait to read your birth story!
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: : Way to go Melissa! and welcome little girl!
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Congratulations Melissa! And welcome Nora! Cannot wait to hear our blue moon baby's birth story.
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Congrats Laurie and Melissa! Way to go ladies and babies!!!

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Congrats Laurie and Melissa!! Blessings to you and your sweet babies!
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Congrats Melissa!!!
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congrats Melissa and welcome baby Nora!!!!!
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Yay! Congrats Melissa on your baby girl! So happy for you that you got the birth you wanted. enjoy your babymoon!
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Laurie congrats on that big beautiful baby! She's so chubby and perfect!
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Congrats Melissa!

Congrats Cheryl!
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