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yay Cheryl - I am so excited and happy for you. Good timing with the tub. I can't wait to here the birth story.
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Cheryl congrats!! So glad to add a boy to our list!!!
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Yay cheryl!!!!!!! Our first baby boy!!!
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Yeah! Yeah! A little boy finally! Congrats Cheryl!!!!!!
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Laurie - your birth story is great! Almost text book. Some of it was so much like my birth of Amelia...I remember the awe and relief and pride all over again.
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Melissa-Congrats again-I just read your beautiful birth story... wow!
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Melissa, you did absolutely phenomenal!! Nora is so perfect and alert. She's a real beauty, just like her mama
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congrats melissa and cheryl! Your birth stories were both amazing and inspiring!
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So happy to hear of your little boy's birth...can't wait to hear more!!!
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Congrats Katje!!!! Welcome to your little boy, can't wait to hear what name you choose!
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Katje - I am so happy for you! What a journey! With love....for you and your family. I can't imagine how in awe your kids must be - a strong mama and a new little brother.
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Congratulations Katje and Cheryl!!!
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congrats Katje on your new baby boy! He finally made it!
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CONGRATS TO CAROLINE on her baby BOY!!!!!!
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congrats caroline!!!!!!!!!! and welcome baby duncan!!!!!!!!!
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congrats heather and leah and welcome to your sweet ian and lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many babies :
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Congrats to our TRACI!!!!!! Yeah, yeah, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : :girlpin
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Yay Traci!!!!!!!!! Wow, another sweet baby in our midst!
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Congrats Caroline and welcome baby Duncan! How exciting, both Kymera and Bonnie will be big sisters to baby brothers! You didn't say how big he was though, sounds like he was a big boy though! Congratulations again. Hopefully I'll be meeting Raiden soon too!
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Oh Ketilave-I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!!!! :
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