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Congratulations Caroline on your baby boy! I just read your birth story, it was beautiful. I am happy that your surgery went so well and you are at peace with your birth experience. You did great!

Congratulations Traci! I can't wait to hear your story!

Everyone is doing so beautifully with their births! I am so happy to hear about all these blessed babies coming into the world. You are all such stong women and great mothers!
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Congratulations! Thought I'd throw this all into one post while I've got a moment. I think this will get me caught up with the latest birth stories!
Lena, your story made me watch the weather forcast like a hawk, hoping for a sudden drop in barometric pressure.
And Laurie, I thought of little Breaunna getting in the water with you when I took a shower durring our delivery. You also made me aware that my toes curled.
Cheryl, you and your husband will forever be one stitch tighter together than most of the couples you know because of this experience you shared. It will give you great strength.
Melissa, I thought of Gavin cutting the cord and being so brave several times today. He's really got it together, doesn't he?
Katje, that apprentice didn't have it together, did she? I get a kick out of your neighbors and love the poetry of your story.
And Caroline, you really handled your experience well. It is soooo wonderful that you could follow your heart and be at peace with the tough decisions you had to make. You must have wonderful friends, too.

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DAEDNU-Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!!!!! :girlpin : :girlpin
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Daednu-Congratulations. Blessings to you and your baby!
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I just caught up on birth stories -

way to go new mommies

Caroline, Leah, heather, my2girlz, tinybabybean, heather (poly), Tara, Daednu, bwylde

Maillie is fussing so gtg - if I forgot anyone I will be back
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