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Awww. I can't wait for her to see this thread, I know that she will feel the love

I heard from her last nite and this morning. I havent heard anything in a few hours so I am hoping that that means that either labor has picked up a ton and kassi is almost here, or that kassi is here and they are basking in her magick
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I just keep sending sweet vibes her way!

Kassi, come into your mamas arms. She's been looking forward to meeting you for a long long time. Welcome little one.
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I went to her blog and I only see yesterday??
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I think Xanga is acting up--she did post this morning (on her blog that is)
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What did she post?? I"m feeling nervous only seeing the old post.
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I thought the same thing, pamelamama.

She posted that she was having good contractions, 6-7 minutes apart...she'd had some bloody discharge. That's all I can remember! But it seemed good, normal, expected. No reason for alarm because of the post that's disappeared.
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Hope there's a new little one by now

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Originally Posted by pb_and_j
Hope there's a new little one by now

Me too!
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Just FYI, her blog entry from this morning is back
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Oh Tabitha!!! Wherever you are, hope you are in a joyful place!

Much love and birthing vibes to you.....can't wait to hear about your birth!!!!!

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She is so much in my thoughts right now. I keep wondering where she's at in the process. Not sure to send her "You can do it" vibes or "Enjoy the serenity" vibes. Ahhh, sending her love either way!
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Tabitha, I don't post much to you, but hopefully little kassi is here and you are enjoying a nice serene baby moon.
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I've been thinking about her all day too.

I remember Stella's birth... I wish I had it to do all over again, it was the best day of my life. I hope Kassi is here already and that Tabitha will tell us all about it when she's ready.
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I keep checking and checking the blog. I hope Kassi is here and there will be an announcement in the morning. Good night, Tabitha, hope you are blissful.
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I'm getting tingly (sp?) all over just thinking about those first sweet baby moments. So happy you are at home surrounded in comfort and love, Tabitha!
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Can't wait to hear her baby story!!! This is so exciting!!! Way more fun stalking a birth then stalking a diaper stocking :LOL
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Ohhh, I was totally hoping for a morning babymoon pic.

*Thinking of you Tabitha*
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YAY for you Tabitha. Enjoy your babymoon. She has a beautiful name.
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Oh Tabitha! Congratulations on your sweet precious Kassi!
...and sweet big brother vibes to your little Tristan!
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thanks so much mamas, i do feel the love.

i havent written our story yet, but ill share some details.

kassi was born around 8pm last night after a 27 hour home labor and birth. she weighs 7 lbs 10 ounces and is perfect in every way. also quite a nurser. she is asleep in my arms as i type.

her first diaper was a mama made organic cotton fitted that read 'born at home', of course! we were all a bit surprised at her small size, and while the diapers fit, none of the clothes i made her do.

the birth was long and intense. worth every minute to get to hold her.

ill make a new post when we have all the story and pics. thanks again for thinking of me.
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