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WOW Tabitha!! A big congrats to you, Karl and Tristan!!!!!!

Enjoy your precious gift!

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oh tabitha congratulations! what a long labor, rest up momma!

I romanticize Ruby's birth and wish I could be back at that moment again it's so spectacular.

Enjoy your babymoon
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AHHHH!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your babymoon with sweet Kassi!!!!
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Congrats mama, job well done
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YAY! Welcome to the world little Kassi!

May your life be filled with joy, peace and love!
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Congrats to the whole family!

She'll grow into the clothes quickly, I bet.

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congratulations on little kassi's birth!!!!!! i second karla's comment, she'll grow quickly
lots of love to you all!!!!
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Yippee!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy your babymoon

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I love it when new mamas post without a sig change... somehow it just accentuates the newness

Congratulations to the O'Melay family!
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Congratulations! welcome to the world baby kassi! you are so loved and wanted. I am glad that you are here
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YAY Tabitha! What a wonderfully strong mama you are!

Welcome, Kassi!!!!!
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: Welcome to the world Kassi!!
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: Yay! Congratulations Tabitha and welcome to the world Kassi!
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Congratulations, tabitha and family!
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Oh! Did you guys see that picture on her blog of Karl and Tristan and Kassi?!?!! Is that the sweetest thing you have ever seen?!?!!
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Ohhh, that picture is perfect!!!
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I LOVE that picture!!! SO sweet! Congratulations Tabitha, and welcome Kassi!!!
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Bwah! I'm all teary! I want another baby... no I don't... yes I do... No I don't...

CONGRATS Tabitha! Good work! Enjoy those newborn days, I would give anything to go back for just one newborn day with either of my babies.
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Congrats Tabitha! Welcome to the world Kassi! :girlpin :
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