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sarah, one last question--what are the capstone courses? it says you have to have one "T" course (tier 3, i guess) but then all the prerequisites for those say "1 Tier I course and 3 tier II courses" and i don't see any tier II's listed.
that's so cool you're in the same program. i'm glad to know someone who is in it. do you live in washington?
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Yes, I am in Washington (just outiside of Seattle). And as far as your questions about the capstone class:
I am not required to take it, because I started in 1994 (beginning college in 1995 and beyond are required). However, I am taking one anyway (because the class looks interesting). It is HD 403, Families in Poverty. I have never actually paid much attention to the Tier I & II, etc. and had no problem getting into the course.
From what I understand, they have certain requirements that fall into their "General Education Requirements" (GERs), which are essentially separate from your major requirements. You can link to the GERs you'd be required to take
The main two you will probably be looking at for upper division stuff is the M and T (writing in your major, and capstone, respectively).
Another example of a capstone course is PSych 403, cultural issues in psychology.
I am not sure where it looks like you will be transfering in, but judging from these classes, it seems that you could easily fit a T course in with your normal major requirments.
Whew! Did that make any sense?
Hope that was helpful, mamaley.
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Well, here we go, first day of school.

My toughest course is going to be Spanish 111, which is 101 and 102 crammed into one semester for people who had it in high school. I took one look at the syllabus and text and panicked! I was all ready to drop 111 and enroll in 101 instead, but the classes were full.

So I took the online placement exam for Spanish and it said I was ready for 201! I really think that has more to do w/ my skill at taking multiple choice tests than it does my knowledge of Spanish. Still, I'm going to stick w/ the accelerated class and get a tutor if I have to.

Honestly the part that really makes my blood run cold is the prospect of oral exams. Ugh!
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Ravin - you sound as anxious as I am! I'm sure your DD will adjust soon to her new daycare. It will just take time. I'm going to have to go through a transition with a babysitter in two weeks and I anticipate the same reaction from my DS. Not fun, but worse for us, KWIM?
It's cool that they have a place you can pump, I found when I returned to work after DS was born it was a great way to feel connected to him and a way to unwind. Don't forget to take lots of pictures with you of DD!
As for the Spanish class, I'm nervous about my more difficult psych class that I start today. But, I was always nervous (when I went to Community College 5 years ago) about a new class and usually ended up doing much better than I thought, especially because I wasn't afraid to ask for help from the teacher or get tutoring. Hang in there, you'll do great!!!
I spent last night going over the first chapter of the textbook, I've already read half of the other book that we had to buy. I wrote down all the key "definition" words and their meanings. How nerdy am I? It's just been so long since I've been in school and I'm terrified that I'll either be a step behind everyone else, or that she'll overload us with homework and I'll be up all night every Mon and Tue night, because the class is Mon and Wed. Luckily DS usually goes to sleep at around 7:30 or 8.
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i'm taking spanish too. and also panicking. i had spanish and chinese in h.s. but geez. other classes are math biology, biology lab and american radicalism. wow. why am always so nervous on the first day? good luck everyone. we'll all do well.
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I just finished a Spanish cram course this summer. 111, 112 and 113 all in 8 weeks. It was exhausting, with hours of lame busywork THAT WASN'T EVEN GRADED every night! The oral exams were harder than the written ones, but I managed to get an A, B+ and A-. Next summer I take the 211/212/213 cram course and then I'm all done with the foreign language requirement.

Fall term doesn't start for me until the end of September. Know what I don't get? Why we can't buy our fall textbooks now. The books are there, they are labeled and on the shelves, people still work in the bookstore to sell general books...why can't we just buy the texts?! We have to wait another 3 weeks.

I'll be taking 2 upper division psych classes, one upper division sociology, and math 111 - all online!
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Greaseball, that is a lame rule if you ask me.

Spanish class went okay. I wrote down all the words in the hw reading assignment I didn't know and looked them up. The one idiom I couldn't find in the dictionary I'll ask about in class tomorrow. And the grad student teaching my section is cute and thankfully a little bit older than me.

I'm still kind of tense, and I let down at one point while I was sitting here in the adult re-entry office, but of course I forgot my pump so I just did the old "apply pressure to the nipples" trick to stop the leakage and now I'm a bit full but doing fine. Did I mention that I'm still a bit tense? It'll be easier when I have more homework, then I'll be able to stay busy in between classes and not think about "What's Luthien doing? Is she crying? Will she nap? Eat? Is she playing with the other kids and having fun without me?" etc. etc. I'm not sure which is worse, not being there and she's miserable, or not being there and she doesn't care... I know which is worse for her of course, and I hope that soon she'll adapt and enjoy playing with the other kids.
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Once I forgot my breast pads when I went to class and I soaked through my shirt. I had to hunch over, cross my arms over myself, and run to the bathroom to stuff my bra with toilet paper. Then the rest of the day (these were 3-hour classes!) I sat all hunched over with my backpack on. Good thing I was wearing a black t-shirt! Otherwise I would have had to go home to avoid serious embarrassment.
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I've leaked at work before. Not fun and of course it was a silk shirt. Luckily I had a jacket.
Well, I had my first class yesterday. I remembered that I'm a complete idiot in class. My mind works about 2 beats slower than what's happening in real time. This wouldn't be bad, but I feel the need to contribute to class and answer questions and end up repeating what was already said. I don't know what's worse, not participating or participating and looking like a moron. Usually I realize what I've done a few seconds after and then think of the thing I should have said.
Last night, it took every once of strength I had not to repeat, "God, your an idiot!" over and over to myself. It was very hard to be present for DS, who really needed me more than ever.
My MIL watched him yesterday afternoon. She was there from about 2:30 until I got home at 5:15. I'm so pissed because I think she must have just sat there or something. He got bored and fell asleep! So then his schedule was messed up and he didn't go to sleep until about 9! (He's usually asleep by 7:30 or 8 because we get up at 5 a.m.)
He also was so starved for playtime that he was like a little train last night. Laughing and playing and having a great time with me. Which was cool, because he's usually tuckered out by the time I get home.
Ravin - how was daycare?
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well on the bright side you got to play with him.
we can do it mama's. i know it's hard but we'll make it just fine. classes went fine yesterday but by the end of the day i was exhausted and overwhelmed. but i love being in school. i did'nt realize how much i would miss it.
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I just had an email from my thesis advisor. She's heard back from one of my readers, and wants to get together to discuss her comments. She says that the reader is "generally happy" with my work, but has "a few points we need to discuss". This particular reader frightens me, because she's a well-known local historian and might think my work is crap. I knew she would be a tough examiner, but I also kind of wanted her on the committee for the prestige of having her. So, it serves me right. I will be freaking out until we can schedule a time to meet and I can find out how bad the comments are. I have visions of having to rewrite the whole thing.

Add that to the stress of moving into a new house in two days, and I'm a wreck. Oh please, oh please, don't let her completely trash the thesis...
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she wont completely trash your thesis. a few things to discuss means just that, she probably wants to no more or has ? about the historical parts. if she was going to trash it they would have said we have problems with your thesis. not that historian is generally happy. i would say dont worry but you will anyway.
good luck, jellyfishy. it will go wellll ohmmmmmmm.
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jellyfishy, take a deep breath. You will NOT have to re-write the whole thing!!! Maybe a few changes, maybe this examiner will bring up a few points that will really make your thesis top-notch, kwim? I know it's nerve wracking, but it will be okay. Just about everybody has to do at least minor corrections.......

Now, slinking off to try & work on that horrible paper I'm supposed to be writing for that conference next month.......
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When's your meeting Jellyfish? I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!
I'm glad I ended up doing two versions of Monday night's homework, because the second version ended being what she really wanted. Nerdiness pays off, people!
I'm feeling much better about the class after the second night. It will be difficult but I really enjoy the material and teacher, so I think I have a fair chance.
I am beginning to think that going full-time in the Spring will be really, really good. Working and going to school is not easy.
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Hi.. I just wanted to introduce myself to this group. I am a returning student to the University, and I just started today. I am working on a BA (and then post grad) in Political Science. I am taking full-time classes. I am the single mom of a 3-year-old girl. Her dad supports us financially (he lives back in Boston and we live in Maine) so that I can be a "SAHM" when I'm not in class. (for which I am so grateful!!)

I am feeling a little freaked out by the new schedule. I've taken up to 2 classes at a time in the past, but this is now twice that. It's a little daunting! My girl will be in a home daycare (where she's been part-part time for over a year & with 3 other kids she's known since she was 15 mos) 19 hours per week. She has been using the potty for 6 weeks sucessfully, but she refuses to go at the sitter's. I was worried about how she'd fare today, being there so long. She held her pee for 7 hours. I tried to get her to pee once I showed up, but she cried.

When we got home, she went right to the bathroom. I know it's probably not life or death emergency if she holds it all day long. But I know it's an uncessesary strain she's putting on her body. She can be very stubborn! (so can I) Anyway, it's another thing I worry about when I'm in class all day. How I look forward to being already done with college!
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Wow! 7 hours? I don't think my 5-yr-old could do that. I am sure if you feel comfortable with the place than she will get past that soon enough. When (now 5) DS was in preschool, he refused to poop on the potty at school for months, and came home everyday with a bag of dirty underwear... Eventually he was ok with it.
Congratulations on returning to school! I am finishing up my BA and then moving on to grad school as well.
You know, as far as the p/t vs f/t school thing, I actually found it a bit easier to go f/t. I had been doing part-time on and off ever since my first DS was born. Then when second DS turned two (last Spring semester), I took the leap to full-time status. I actually really enjoyed myself. I am doing it again this semester. What I feel is different for me is that it causes me to really get into it and submerse myself. I become more passionate about it. When it was just two classes, it seemed like there was always time for study later, and it really took a back burner (I am a really good procrastinator too). The funniest part is that my gpa has actually improved
I hope that your first day of classes went well.
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Sarahmariev, your post is inspiring! I plan to make that leap this spring too and have been worried about it.
So far my class is going better. Yesterday I felt I was even able to contribute to the class in a positive way. I'm learning lots of wonderful things.
I talked to the financial aid office and if I make a budget of my extra expenses (having a kid and all) that they'll make adjustments. YEAH! Now...getting that budget is another matter!
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Well I just found out I can't get my entire degree online after all. There are 2 classes that I have to be on campus for, and they are not offered in the summer when dh won't be working. I really feel stuck. The school does not offer much help to parents and their solution for everything is to put the kids in daycare. Even if we could afford that, I would not do it. My baby is too young, and I've looked at the places around here and did not find them suitable.
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it's really hard when none of the daycare are up to parr. maybe you could be in school opposite you dp's work schedule, could you trade with another mama for her classes or do you have any family like yer mom that could help you out? good luck. maybe wee could brainstorm on this board for help to each others' road bumps.
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My dh's schedule is a typical 9-5, mon to fri workday. (Actually his starts at 7 am ). He has summers off, so I can take classes evenings, weekends, summers and online. This was working well for awhile but now that I've gotten the core requirements out of the way and need to start working on the upper division stuff, there's not a lot that can be done during the times I am available.

I was hoping they could be a little more flexible and let me work independently, but it seems not. There is one option left for me, and that is to change my major from psychology to liberal studies. In the liberal studies major, you design your own curriculum around a particular focus, so I could perhaps design one that will allow me to stay home. A lot of psych students find the requirements of the major don't work well with the kind of career they had in mind, so they opt for the liberal studies major. So I would consider that.

We really don't have anyone who can help us with childcare. Dh's parents live a half hour outside of town and they can sometimes take the kids but not on an ongoing basis; they are old and have health problems. We are somewhat isolated and don't really have any friends. A babysitting co-op with MDC-minded people would be a good option, but I don't know how much I'd be able to contribute. I'd like to have some sort of regular sitter who we could pay only for the hours we need, but we'd have to spend awhile getting to know her first, and I don't know how much trouble they are willing to go to just to get work. Most parents, it seems, do not require an ongoing relationship with their sitter before they would consider leaving the children with her.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of support for student parents at my school. Even the Student Parent Association just tells me to put them in daycare.

So I'll keep explaining my situation to everyone and hope someone will have some other ideas of what I can do.
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