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Greaseball - have you thought about asking some women in LLL? They might be interested in earning some extra cash and would be more likely to be AP.
Just a thought.
Okay, on to me- cause I'm egocentric that way.
We've divided up into groups in my class to do an oral presentation. I was the first one to do research on the public library's catalog (I work there) to see which subjects would have the most stuff published and therefore the easiest to research, then another girl did some research too, using the school's library.
The grad student who is sort of leading the group praised the other girl but said nothing about the work I did.
I know it's petty, but it hurt my feelings. Like, I'm invisible or a jerk. I feel that way anyway because I'm one of the oldest students there and I try to talk a lot in class to get brownie points. Maybe they all do think I'm a jerk. Maybe they wish I'd just shut up, because sometimes I say stupid things. Or...maybe I'm paranoid. Anyway, I think it sucks.
I was thinking that this other girl is pretty, and perhaps this grad student is trying to flirt with her?
I mean, it's pretty clear that I will do a lot of work on this, cause I'm obsessive and just want to make sure I do things well. So, why's he dissin' me?
Also, why do I care what these kids think anyway?
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collegemama i've been there but sort of the opposite- i look young to have an almost nine year old. so the other day a woman remembered me from classes but also from ian's baseball games. even though i talk about my son insently she still thought i was the babysitter, the babysitter to him. can you believe it.
so my point is that sometimes ppl get so wrapped up in what they look like to others that they forget to really listen to what others are saying, kwim? grad student probably was working so hard on impressing other student he didnt even realize what he had done.
and that does suck. especially when it makes you question your value as a student. honestly id rather have ummmm experienced or immigrant students in my classes, because i feel i can learn more from ppl from another culture or background or an older student than a kid right out of highschool.
sorry this is so rambly.
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Yeah, good idea about LLL. I'll commit to going every month and try and get to know more people.

Right now I'm talking with the school trying to get them to consider making changes. People are willing to talk but they said "It's hard to change a system that has been in place for a long time" and they mention the teachers do not have much experience with non-traditional students. They are used to the students who are 18 years old, live on campus, and get money from their families for school, not students who have whole other lives outside of classes.
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new student mama

I'm thrilled to find this thread, so many other sahm's and out side knitting hats and scrapbooking, ect, and I'm cramming for finals or wtiting term-papers!!! I'm still finishing my undergrad, but looking fwd to grad school in a year or two.
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I'm a new student after being out of school for 26 years.

I just bombed a Sociology quiz. I thought he'd quiz us either on what he taught or the first chapter but, no, he quizzed us on the second chapter (which we started covering after the quiz) I casually read the second chapter but never even considered it would be the subject of the quiz. I got two out of five questions wrong. Glad quizzes are only 15% of the grade but now I know he's a wiley one.

It's sort of making me feel inadequate but I was able to answer his questions in clase.

Oh well.

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ewwww that sucks. i also just took a bilolgy quiz... i dont know how it went so i guess we'll see.
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Hi Debra! welcome to the students thread

Bad news about the quiz, eh, but I'm so glad to hear you decided to go back to uni. I remember you posting somewhere that you were thinking about it..... How are you finding it? Did you decide to go PT or FT?

Myself, I'm avoiding doing a bit of data entry at the moment. I sure wish it would enter itself.....
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Good luck with that Aussiemom!

Debra - I did poorly (in my opinion) on a quiz yesterday too. 6 out of 8, and it was material we had covered before. There are just so many details and unfortunately I remembered the wrong ones!

We have our first test a week from Monday, I started studying this weekend and with some of the definitions, I feel like I'll never get them down! ARGH! I was sure I'd get an A in this class, but now I'm not so sure.
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Hi student mamas!

This first month goes by fast! It wouldnt be school if I wasnt behind - its like an old shoe by now.

Thanks for all of the concerns about my brother. Two weeks ago we thought they were going to have to amputate his leg. But the doctors kept trying to save it and today he actually got up and walked with a walker! I am so amazed at how strong he has been through this. Now he is talking about going to law school

Im supposed to doing research today, but Im getting no where finding !@##% UN Treaties. Im going to get my baby ......
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I think the quiz experience just let me know how this professor will test so I'll take it as a learning experience. He will drop the lowest scoring quiz anyway.

I'm going very part time (just one class this semester, I'm going for a clep in at least one hopefully several, and I'll take two in the spring) Next year when Julianna is in first grade I'm going fulltime.

Oh, oooo, slightly on topic, my daughter just got the results of her first big test in med school and she got an A

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Data entry finished. And the results look good so far. Now, about that paper I'm supposed to be writing.....
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Spanish is going pretty well. I think. I should be doing homework right now while DD is still sleeping, especially since I've finished breakfast.

My other classes are also going well, they're all pretty easy. One of them in particular is basically recapping a summary of 2 other courses I've had, so it's really easy right now. Later on it'll be more challenging, though, once they get into territory where I've never been.

DD is doing great, things would go smoother for us if I would remember to bring a bottle to pump into every day, though. Last week I pumped on Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday was my don't-have-time day and Thursday I forgot a bottle!

I have leaked a few times. I just ignore it. If someone else were to point it out, I'd just tell them it was milk and let them draw their own conclusions as to what sort. Mostly it was on days when I wore a cami instead of a bra w/ pads, and the leak wasn't too noticeable on the top I wore over it because of the somewhat busy pattern. Or so I tell myself. I have been wearing a bra more to school...which I hate, it's SOOO uncomfortable and itchy!!!
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I start my online classes next week! One of them is an upper-division sociology class on marriage and families. I have to come up with a topic for a term paper by the second week.

The only thing I can think of is family violence and sexual abuse, but you just know half the class is going to pick that topic. I want my paper to stand out. So I was thinking of writing something about AP, but don't quite know how that will fit into the course. I haven't even bought the book yet.

But if anyone has ideas...
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so happy to find the thread!

...as i was browsing through mdc b/c my brain was to dead to finish my lecture for monday...i'm a single grad student momma working on my ph.d....my dd is 3.5 months old and so i generally stay up most of the night in order to get things done...greaseball, i think you should write your paper as an analysis of the very structure of work and how it is not conducive to mothering...that will tie in AP b/c how can you employ the principles of AP within the demands of the capitalist work system? not bf-friendly, hours are too long, maternity leave too short...conclude with suggestions for policy changes that would accomodate mothering (parenting) as a PRIORITY in our culture...just my thoughts...go college mommas!!!
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Melissa, 23 years old, I'm a full time mummy to Zoe who is 20 mnths, and a full time student getting my BScN, working on my nursing degree! I've been married for 3 years and am absolutely going crazy trying to balance home, school and baby! Nice to meet you all!
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Greasball, I really like freegirl's suggestion for a topic. I think examining parental leave policies in the United States vs. other countries, especially in terms of healthy child and mother outcomes, would be a very good topic.

Kudos to all of you who are juggling classes and babes! I'm exhausted just reading about your days.

I'm still doing the revisions on my thesis. My examiners *really* liked my thesis, so there weren't many revisions to do, but DD started teething just as I was getting into them, and I was too burned out to focus on them. So, I missed the deadline for fall graduation. I'll submit the thesis this fall, but I won't graduate til next spring. No biggy, but I was disappointed in myself for not meeting the target I'd set.

Good luck to you all!
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That is a good topic. I just want to make sure it doesn't sound like I'm blaming women who work. I want to blame all the stupid rules instead!
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he he he stoopid rules. i just love the sound of that.
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greaseball--check out this book for a starting point: "Mother Matters: Motherhood as Discourse and Practice" it's a recently released collections of essays from the journal of the association for research on motherhood...a good journal for other academic mommas looking for outlets for research...there may be starting points there in terms of how to talk about the structure of work...i'm a sociology grad student...so if you get a draft going and would like a someone to read it, let me know...another writer who writes on 'hidden' demands of motherhood is barbara katz rothman...good luck!
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Medical Transcription course

Hi all! I am new to this board and just wanted to share my exciting news too. I have enrolled in a MT course at MTACC. I am so excited about this. I have been looking into MT school for about 3 years and finally found one!!! I wish everyone else luck in the fields they have chosen also.
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