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goods points d.b. ita.
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Or you could approach it from a Structural Functionalist point of view where this is part of the break down of society and how it affects other social systems.
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Its exam time

Yet another Thanksgiving spent with the books. This year its outlining Conflict of Laws. I actually really loved this class, but Im scared of the final

Dh and are in "pass the baby" mode, since his job is crazy right now. Hes out of town now, but we'll have Thanksgiving together at least. Then I get Friday to study and hes gone again

I hope this is all worth it........
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it will be. really.
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Oh man, I have a paper to write (summarizing an experiment written up in a journal) and I'm having so much trouble with it. I haven't taken Research Methods yet so I don't really understand some of the statistics in the article I'm summarizing.
Plus, the information is so specific, I feel like I'm going to end up quoting the whole article because I can't put it into different words.
Am I just supposed to dumb the article down and pretend that my audience isn't my teacher but my fellow classmates? HELP!!
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We had to critique 4 journal articles and basically summarized the overall points and gave our opinions on it. The max we could write was 4 pages, but the stupid journal articles were at least 20 pages, so it was very watered down at the end.

I would pick the high points and go with that. Do you have a rubric or guidelines to work from?
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No, unfortunately there isn't a guideline or a sample to go by. I have my last class today before having to turn this thing in on Monday, so I'll ask her if she wants me to pretend that she's not my audience and dumb it down or what. We'll see, at least it's a pass/fail assignment so I really shouldn't put too much energy into worrying about this. But, I'm such a perfectionist and I want the professor to know I respect her, so I feel I should do a really good job. I'm a dork, I know. :
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I'm taking a clep today and giving a presentation tomorrow.

I'm nervous about the clep but I'm feeling better about the presentation.

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I talked to my professor yesterday about my report. I asked her who the audience was, her or the classmates, because I'd end up quoting half the article if she were the audience. She said, "No, don't make it complicated, just write it like you're writing to the classmates." She have a funny smile on her face so I said, "I make things complicate a lot, huh?" She laughed and said, "Yeah, but that's why you don't have to take my final!"
So, I thought it was really funny that my professor was telling me to relax and not work so hard! :LOL
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I think I did ok with my presentation.

The computer provided didn't accept my powerpoint. I took my laptop just in case and we used the laptop so I guess I earn points for thinking ahead.


Oh, yes, I passed the clep as well.
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smart girl db. good for you.
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how is everyone doing? this is the end of the semester and it's kicking my ass!!
I took a final in political science research yesterday. It was way harder than I expected. I know I lost at least 5 points on one question because I had no clue how to answer it, very disturbing. I am hoping for an 85. But I should still get an A in the class.

my other classes are k i l l i n g me. I'm taking this AA History class that has huge workload, but it's my favorite class by far. The final project is due tomorrow and I am like, half done with it. Then we have a final exam. I have to bust butt to get caught up so I can finish strong.. I was sick for the week prior to Thanksgiving, which is why I'm struggling now. single mom + full time classes + illness + finals week = exhaustion.

I still think I can get 3 a's though. I will be really bummed out if I don't do well. all this work has to pay off, right? anyone else nearly exhausted? I had fantasies of just dropping dead in history class this morning. I felt so dizzy and weak I thought that I might pass out. took a nap this afternoon and let my girl watch 2 movies in a row with a plethora of snacks. I just lied on the couch with earplugs in, dozing for 3 hours. I feel great right now, for the first time in weeks. and here I am spending precious time reading on mothering..

(I rented a handful of dvds for her to watch so I could study, nice, huh?) well I found out she Loves scooby doo. I have never seen anyone get so into Scooby doo before. You know how scooby laughs like "hee hee hee hee hee hee?" my daughter squeals with laughter over that every. single. time.

oh, to be 3 and watch scooby instead of writing an annotated bibliography on the black power movement. (though I have to say, Angela Davis's work on the prison industrial complex have Really Amazed me. I think I have a new cause!)

good luck in all your finals, moms.
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I've decided I don't care anymore! I have 2 finals left to go. I'm not going to bother with busting my butt to get A's. Sometimes it's just not worth it! So I'll do a nice relaxed job and expect to get a B in everything, and maybe I'll be surprised by an A in one or two classes. I'm not going to fiddle with my term paper anymore.

Next term I'm taking Biology 102, Research Psychology, Health Psychology (400 level class) and an aerobics class just to be full time. I'm ambivalent about it. I'm looking forward to Spring when I can take the term off!
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I am getting my BA in Human Services/Management. I got my AAS about 10 years ago (gosh was it that long?) and joined the Coast Guard to get away and to get the GI Bill. I got married and had my first dd while I was in the Coast Guard. I married dh while I was in the Coast Guard. I got out when oldest dd was 1.5. I became a SAHM when she was almost 3. I kept saying I was going back. Finally, living where dh is going to be home every night at least for the three years I'm in school...I can do this. I am going to school online. I love it. It allows me to have a life apart from children and dh. I want to work as a Social Worker for the state of Alaska. I want to work in adoption. Not a lot of pay, but I really want to make a difference.

Anyway..love all the mommies who are making education, parenting, and the job of being a wife part of their lives. Yeah. I love talking to my children about what I'm learning (even at 6 and 2.5).
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I have my only final on monday and it MAJOR. All of my other classes (education) have final projects and portfolios, but this one instructor is insisting on a comprehensive final. No other instructors teaching this class are giving a final, but I lucked out and got the one who thinks testing every little bit of useless piece of info is important.

The week after next I have a final class, but it's just finishing up a few things and having a potluck. Don't mind that at all.
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I have my first final on Saturday and then 2 back to back on Tuesday. Usually profs give one hour of exam for each credit hour the class is worth (3 credit class - 3 hour exam) SO when I registered for the class that has the 9 am final I thought Id have enough time before my 1 pm final to at least take a breath and change gears. But no - its 3 75 minute questions with a 15 minute break. .

I am telling my self I can do this. I can write exams from 9 am to 4 to pm. And the test is the grade.

My grades really took a dive while I was pg and now Im sooooo close to graduating with honors, if I can just get through the next 5 days. :

And next semester.....

Feels good to read through the other posts and to know Im not the only over achiever
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wow all you mama's are working so hard good for you. i love to hear it, it inspires me.thanks
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hello fellow students!!

Now seems like a good time to join the thread-I can't believe the amount of work I have!!! (and the very little time) Anyway, I'm 29, I have an 18 mth old daughter, live in Vermont, am a senior at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley MA, and I think my final papers are going to kill me. Oh, and I am and Anthro major-Hist minor (hence the papers). I hate this point in the semester. Nothing seems to be going my way, and I have 0 motivation. I'm looking at two 15 page papers and an 8. Not at all fun. It's comforting to see that others are dealing with the similiar frustrations; I don't feel so alone.
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I just passed another clep

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Well, I got a 95 on the abnormal psych final essay, and a 92 on the sociology term paper...just waiting on everything else. I know I'm getting an A- in psych, though.
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