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Nursing Tops

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I have never purchased nursing tops. With my first dd someone gave me a couple and to be honest, I did not find them very flattering to wear. I was much more comfortable wearing a regular shirt and just lifting it up. The baby covered most of my stomach so was not a big deal.

But with twins I am wondering if nursing tops will make tandem nursing more discreet. Plus i am nursing in the sling a little more while walking with my older kids and the sling i have shows a lot of my tummy and back if i am lifting up my shirt.

On the "You've nursed where?" thread some pictures showed women in really cute nursing tops. It made me take a second look at nursing tops. Found the Motherwear website and could not believe how cute some are. I may purchase a top or two but before I do thought i would check here for recommendations of nursing wear sites. Most affordable, comfortable, practical with twins, and fashionable.

I am pretty easy on the fashionable...my staple is an Old Navy t shirt and capris. I was just not a fan of what i guess was old style nursing tops with obvious slit in front covered by large flap of fabric.
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(don't tell, I'm lurking on the multiples board...)

Motherhood Maternity has some cute ones in this season -- I've bought 3 there this last month -- they are between $15 & $35 each. A bit much for me, but I really liked them & am kinda shy about showing the world my preggo belly! If you order online I would definitely check out the return policy -- some of those shirts are just made a little wierd & don't fit right. Some were also downright ugly when i was shopping before my ds was born!

Good luck.
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I just recently found the best thing next to my classic black motherwear "essential" dresses.

The style of http://www.Glamourmom.com - but Target has a knock off which I got for 16 bucks in the maternity bra section called a camisole under the "in due time" label.
These are the BEST form of nursing top I've used, especially for summer.
Wearing one now, in fact

I have several "Motherhood" pieces that DO NOT work for tandem at all - shirts, nightgowns and a dress.
Check if you can nurse without having to streeeeetch or hold the openings for two hungry latchers.

Good luck! Email me if you need more info, or want mine when I'm done...lol

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Thanks for the info.

Maya, I will check out Target. I am looking at buying some tops online from Motherwear so will be unable to test. Are you familiar with their line? Do you have any suggestions about which style of opening works best for tandem? Here is a link to their options...


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I have Motherwear "essential" dresses and tops, with the vertical slits, center opening and the demi-flap. I also have the linen tops that are pretty but huge and I hate ironing, they have the button flap at the waist level..not my favorite.
So I would go with the snap center and vertical slits for initial ease with little latchers. Snap center is great with the Double Blessings tandem nursing pillow - if you need to buy one, let me know.

When the twins were newborn, clothes required a lot more ability to latch them - so some of the slit styles would get in the way. I remember one visit to a relative's house where I used a binder clip to hold the center in place so I could latch them without fiddling with the material - very annoying. : lol
The good side is if you are shy ( I generally have no modesty while nursing ) that some of them remain pretty covered, while almost unlatching them if you are tandem. Most of these tops are made for singletons to be completely comortable and do not genereally require having enough material to stretch.

I only wish that I had the Target top I have now, and used a blanket in certain social cases.

I think I will design a tandem top with coverage, now that you have inspired my imagination I have written to Motherwear before about measurements of slits and material for tandem ease of newborns.

And after all this, it gets SO MUCH EASIER when they hold their heads up and latch by themselves as tandem pros.

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Thanks for the feedback. When your line of nursing wear is out let me know!
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Maya - Was lurking thru past posts and I'm off to Target TODAY to get the glamourmom knock off. This would be perfect to hide the tummy! Normally I'm not shy about letting it all hang out while nursing. But the twin skin is just too gross for even me to look at right now! :Puke
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