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I can't take credit for all of this, because I got stumped and Korin helped finish the second half.
To the tune of Where Have all the Cowboys Gone, by Paula Cole.

Oh I am so ready to catch my little eggie
Why don't we get it on right away
Take shelter in my womb bean
The mighty sperm are swimming,
I hope DH wants to get laid
I will do all the work if you can keep it up

Where is my egg white
Where is my HPT
Where is my happy ending
Where has my sanity gone

Why don't you stay real sticky
I'll be a real good mommy
I have never been scared to go pee
Afraid you'll come out tie-dye from eating all those carrots
And drinking all that raspberry tea
I'll give you a cool name if you just stay with me

Where is my baby sling
Where has my figure gone
Where is my birth coach hiding
Where has my husband gone

I am wearing my sexy undies tonight
But you don't, but you don't even notice me
My egg is coming
My egg is coming
(but I am not)

We finally get hot and heavy
Will we finally have a baby
And you went and hid all my HTPs
I have friends on MDC
who will mail some off for me
And KHA for the rest of the week

Where is my HTP
Where is my second line
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the eggies gone

I will check my mucus while you go have a beer
Where is my husband
Why isn't he in my bed
Where is his "lonely ranger"
Where have all the spermies gone
Yippee aw, yippee yea (3 times)

Thanks Korin!!
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hahaha! what would dylan say?! korin, if you translate it into brit-english you can use "loo" instead of 'toilet" and it works even better.

Big congrats to all the newly pg mamas (can't keep track sorry) and hugs to everyone else. I've entered the twilight zone..um..2ww..and I'm pissed off at ff for not saying I O'd when I'm quite sure I did.

another plead...how do i link my chart, it just seems to give me the generic home page...??????? i'm not feeling particularly sharp these days

erika, i'm on the edge of my seat here....you have such self-restraint!

we are having a bit of a work/life crisis here and on the verge of saying if i'm not pg this cycle we are heading back to the us in search of work...eek..we are totally insane, i know... ...and it would mean we couldn't ttc for a looong time, if ever

Why does life have to be so complicated? We went to see Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...Spring, beautiful film about a Korean Buddhist monk that reminded me how simple life CAN be and how complicated I/we make things
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Here is a link to show you how to do it in ff. Then you edit your sig, hit the hyperlink button, write in whatever word you want for your chart, and type or paste the address of your chart.

Hope that helps!
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14 Dpo

Waiting for but on Day #5 of spotting. Geeze, I want my period already!!

Since the progesterone seems to have had no effect on the spotting, I'm starting to wean DD. Yesterday was the 2nd day she didn't nurse. I'm not sure how I feel about it . . .not happy, but I guess necessary just to "know" if BF is why I spot. Yucky.

I participated in some shopping therapy this past weekend since I was pretty sure there was no PG this month . . .I bought this set (and it was all on SALE-- guess it's sold out now!) for the bedroom.

Anyway, I hope this morning brings some happy news . . .
Erika, will you be testing?

Jess, how about you? This :Puke better mean something good! (BTW, my sister took some form of B vitamin--maybe someone here knows-- to help with morning sickness, and she said it helped a lot!)

Maya: You don't have to answer if it's too personal, but why would moving be related to TTC? I ask because we put TTC on hold for awhile (due to finances and my school) and now, obviously, I wish I hadn't.

Hugs to those rebooting, and waiting to O or know! Sticky baby vibes to the pregnant mamas! Love to all!
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Dani, THANKYOU! I don't know why I couldn't find that :

Elena, not too personal at all, just long and complicated. We left CA when Ds was born because we couldn't afford to be at home with him there. We've made 2 major moves since then and now we're in the UK where healthcare including homebirth midwives are FREE on the nhs, where there is paid maternity leave, income support, a lot more p/t jobs that are flexible for parents, where the local Waldorf school is heavily subsidized...etc etc..so we came here feeling this was a great place to ttc, which it is in many ways.

Except that we are not finding jobs, and 6 months in we are struggling. If we want to move back to the US (which we don't particularly, but we know we can get work there) we have to do it soon while we still have some savings left. If I get (or of course, if I already *am* )pg then we can't possibly go back to the US without health insurance, jobs, home etc. If I'm not pg we may seriously think about going back but we would be so screwed financially I don't see how we could afford to go through that all over again. Dh is applying for a job in Boston and we got so depressed looking at cost of childcare/schools/health insurance etc all over again.

And on the other hand I feel like making decisions around TTC is so screwy because it's so unknown, as you're finding too...I think we made a huge mistake in putting off TTC because we were waiting to have our lives "figured out". If we'd waited for that the first time DS would never have been concieved!

I said it in another thread but I get this awful feeling I'm just not fertile in England!! I m/c'd as soon as we got off the plane practically, and haven't been able to concieve since even though I've got pg 3 times easily in the past. Maybe it'll come along during our Maine vacation...
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First of all, Congrats to all the new BFP's!!!! I am sitting here at 4:46 a.m. because I cant sleep because of my flu medicine. This is the first month I have been good and charted my temps and I get sick right around the time implantaion could possibly show up on my chart. I have been running a 100-101 degree fever on and off for 3 days now I really should go lay down because I am so going to be hating life in a couple of hours when the alarm goes off, it's just so hard when I have all these wonderful bfp's to read about since I havent been on the computer in a few days.
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Korin: Another GREAT song!

Danielle: Great song! We sure do have some talented ladies on this board.


Erika: I am right there with you about constantly looking at my chart. I just don't understand why all people TTC don't chart. It sure makes the obsession even more so.

Today I am taking my dd to the doctor because we think she might have a mild form of asthma. Poor girl, starts coughing when she does physical activity and coughs ever single night. I am really sad about this.
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:LOL :LOL To Korin and Dani!!! GREAT songs! I laughed, I cried...

Muse -- your vacation to Maine sounds like prime time to catch that eggie. (I'm originally from Maine and still go back often.) I hope your situation turns around so you're able to stay in the UK. I so admire you guys for taking such a huge leap. Dh and I often fantasize about living in Italy for part of the year.

Welcome Wags! Your symptoms sound good!

RaggedyAnn -- I hope your daughter is okay. And Kyle98 -- I hope you feel better soon.

Miz - you know, I've had periods that were ONLY spotting. If you're on day 5, maybe that is your af? Sorry for the frustration!

Have a good Friday everyone!
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I just lost all will power and took a HPT only to see a -. (still 4 days before AF is expected) But thanks for the song! I definitely needed that.

Mizelenius, definitely right about the vitamin B6. I was reading about taking it for fertility and found that it's supposed to help with am sickness.

MamanFrançaise, how's the temp today?
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Somebody stop me! It's been almost 20 minutes and I am still trying to analyze the results of the HPT. Now I think I am seeing a FAINT almost shadow +, but I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. How can this obsession stop?
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Wag...welcome...the symptoms sound hopeful, fingers crossed. I've been trying about as long as you since my m/c last year.

Erika...you're so patient. Your virtue should be rewarded!

Muse, I love the UK. I lived there for four years in the 90's with my ex boyfriend and stayed even after we broke up. then I met my american husband...I guess I like "exotic" men (I'm french!). I found it hard to get good work there but one way around it is to temp then work your way up. I guess it depends what you're willing to do. I did a lot of customer service until I got hired as a marketing assistant through one of the temping agencies I had worked with, and that led to a good stint in the corporate world. I ended quitting 18 months later having realized the corporate/marketing thing was not right for me, but the point is, temping can lead to great opportunities and permanent work. But maybe things have changed too much. I was in Bristol for 3 years and Birmingham for one. Where are you guys?

cd14 and waiting to o and gio this week-end!
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Marie, we're in Bristol! LOL! Small world, eh?! And my new best friend here is French! I do love it here and I just have to watch the news to remind myself why we left the US. Dh is doing a lot of temp work but it pays crap and is a huge step down from his previous positions, so it's bad for his self/professional esteem. I'm a music therapist and there is work here but its so sloooooow. If we just had a nice big savings account we'd be ok for a while
I'm with you on the "exotic" men thing, English men just never did it for me! In fact all the people here I've befriended are European or American..hmmm..I just never felt "English", I guess.
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
I was thinking... for all of us that experience early pregnancy symptoms.... how the hell is that possible? Scientifically or biologically or whatever speaking, hormones are only released after the egg implants, right? Besides the regular hormones from the corpus thingamabob. So those symptoms would be regular run of the mill pregesterone symptoms and not pregnancy symptoms? LMAO I am confusing myself. I'm just trying to be realistic and stop making every little thing my body does and turning it into a pregnancy symptom. LMAO
Well, I really didn't want to say anything to set myself up for extreme disappointment, but now that I know I actually am preggo I know that everything I was feeling was part of it - beginning with conception! I have been following everything you've been describing because it's been so similar to everything that I've been feeling and I was waiting for you to say you had that BFP already!! I'm keeping my : but I don't think you need it

I know I conceived on June 8th, and I think the only reason I noticed this is because I was paying attention so hard for signs. I might have felt all these things with DS too but since we were just going to "let it happen" I probably brushed it all off as a weird cycle, or impending AF. Or, maybe my body is responding differently after having gone through this once before.

That said, I also know that when we pay attention with the intent to find something particular we can probably turn anything into a pregnancy symptom! Anyhoo, it's an interesting question and I'm sure it will all make perfect sense soon! When are you going to test?!

I'll be looking for you over on the March DD forum!
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Congratulations Love!

Can you share any of the symptoms and signs you now know were pregger symptoms?
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Still here,still clean toilet paper. appt in 2 hrs.

My symptoms were 8dpo nausea on and off and not being able to wake up in the morning.9dpo extreme thirst and more nausea and needing a nap in the afternoon.10dpo a positive test and more nausea.11dpo tired,low energy and lots of cramping.

I don't normally have problems waking up in the morning and never take naps so those were big signs for me.Also i drink lots of water daily and i could not get enough so that was another biggie.Vivid dreams every night.My dreams are never like that.

I'll post when i get back.
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Originally Posted by Wags1
Can you share any of the symptoms and signs you now know were pregger symptoms?
Sure! I kept track of them obsessively I'll seperate them into purely physical stuff that is not normal for me when I'm not pg and then the other stuff that I wasn't sure I believed until I got that +

Keep in mind that I hadn't had AF for three blissful years (still nursing my almost 3yo ds) and the first three since February were long, around 40 days, and the 4th was finally getting back to normal but I wasn't sure what that would mean for the next one, KWIM?

CD15 - Conception - A very heavy sensation in my lower abdomen and a lot of tugging that was very strong for about three days and then tapered off over the next week. These feelings would have made more sense to me if they coincided with implantation, but it would have been too early. I don't chart so it's all a bit of a mystery to me. Around this time I also started feeling really exhausted but that's mostly passed for now.

CD21 - FEED ME! - I started noticing that if I didn't snack and drink water throughout the day I would get very shakey hands and a horrible urgency to eat immediately! Also, very easily dehydrated. I am still feeling like this if I am coming up on meal time and haven't snacked. Breakfast made me feel a little woozy and I had some sense of vertigo in the afternoons. I didn't have any m/s with ds so I probably only get this slightly. It seems to have passed already.

CD23 - DON'T TOUCH ME! - Very tender nipples and some sharp cramping (must have been implantation?) that lasted for an hour or so in the evening. I sort of wondered if my cycle was so off that this was AF coming because it felt exactly like that, except my nipples haven't been getting sore and now it's like I couldn't dry them off after a shower. I also started getting pimples on my face which made me wonder.

CD24 & ongoing - WHAT'S THAT SMELL?! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?! - Mood swings and a heightened sense of smell make me an ... um... interesting... person to be around right now. LOL!

CD31 - YAY! - Finally got that little second line. Faint, but close enough for country! Now I'm having some seriously weird dreams. Very vivid and sort of fearful.

The Other Stuff
I won't be offended if any of you think this is bunk, and I admit it's unusual, but for what it's worth:
I felt prompted to look for signs with my mind's eye that I was pregnant this time because when I was pregnant with ds I discovered that when I closed my eyes I could "see" him sitting in front of me for the entire 9 months. He appeared to be in meditation, sitting quietly, and I interpreted this to be a preparation of sorts, perhaps for the journey of incarnation.

So this time, for the week that dh and I were gio with intention to conceive, I sensed a large white energy hovering off to my right. Really huge and official, so I felt like something was definitely going on.

After June 8th, when I felt all that stuff going on in my abdomen, I closed my eyes and looked in front of me to see if I could find somebody sitting there with me but I didn't notice anyone. The next day it occured to me that perhaps they weren't sitting right in front of me but were maybe off to the side. I looked over to the left a little, and voila! There she is. She's sitting just like my ds was, looking like she's meditating and preparing, and she's just lovely.

And that's about it! That probably answers your question and then some. I can be a bit of a windbag!! LOL!
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Ok, I have to admit to having done some major skimming!!!
First, I wanted to tell Elena, a side effect of progesterone can be spotting--what it does that is good is helps to thicken the uterine lining, therefore increasing blood engorgement in the "area", this can result in spotting, even for women who have never spotted before. Are you using the promet as a suppository??? Cause apparently spotting is all but guarenteed then--I use mine rectally as it was causing WAY too much irratation vaginally. I wouldn't yet give up hope my dear--oh and your numbers were great at cd 21--at that point my level was 17--and at that point they were happy enough with it--the range of normal is HUGE!!!
Kate, congrats congrats congrats congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and good for you to embrace this pregnancy, dh and I just had a long talk yesterday about just that--he has not let himself get attached in any way, and as a result, has not been very supportive of me as he's living in a "she's not really pregnant" world. I am sending you every possible sticky vibe!!!!!!!!!!
Heve, what does Dr. Val say about your levels?????
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Shannon Great to hear from you! Thank you! And I'm glad you and your dh had that talk.

ILoveMyBoy -- I LOVE your "other stuff" pregnancy symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe in those sorts of things. I, too, had magical things happen to me starting about a week before conception. At first I thought they were just "signs" that my baby was checking in on me. Now I know that they were signs that he would be making his appearance very soon.
Anyway, I loved your post!

Ravenmoon -- glad to hear everything's looking good!
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Howdy all! I just wanted to share something funny my DH said last night when I was updating my chart. "I would not invest in your fertility." At first, I was like, "what?!?" But then he said, "Or I guess your temps." So it made sense. My charts in my sig and if it were the stock market, we'd be in trouble. :LOL

Ravenmoon- Glad to see that things are going well so far!

Shannon - Good to see you!

Wags - :

Everyone else -
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Morning all,

Well what a freaking night. I kept waking up thinking it was time to temp and so I did only to realize it was way to early. I did this every two hours and only after I temped did I look at the clock. So then I wake up at my normal time - looked at the clock first and then temped. However, I'm not sure when the last time I temped was so I can't be sure any of them were accurate. ALL of the temps besides the last one were below my cover line. : But the very last one was high. I'm not sure if I can count any of it. So needless to say I am seriously down today. I hate to admit it but my mood is based on what my temperature is in the morning. How pathetic is that?

So I took a test... BFN. So I guess it's pretty safe to say at 13 DPO that I'm not pregnant. I just want to cry. I feel so hopeless you guys. I don't know how I can keep doing this for months on end. It's already breaking my heart and spirit.

And for those that think I've got amazing patience... I've been testing daily since 7 DPO. : :
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