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Korin and her song It's just beautiful...
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erika i'm still keeping my : for you!

velveteen- i'm so sorry

as for me....still waiting to O....
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Cd 1

I guess my early temperature was right. The bitch has offically arrived and my eyes are all puffy from cying. What the hell went wrong??? I swear I don't know how much more perfect of a cycle I could have.
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oh erika - i am sooooo sorry .....
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Oh Erika... I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself. Do something you enjoy.
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Oh erika.... I'm so sorry mama! Be gentle with yourself today. to you
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Ok. This isn't then end of the world. I need to just suck it up... here I am complaining and some of you have been trying for MONTHS and YEARS. On to the next cycle... cutting out all caffein, etc. Maybe I'll even try to exercise a little, LOL. Plus, like a truly pathetic TTCer... I already checked the possible due date for my next cycle and it's March 30th... I would love to have an April Fool's baby though! LOL

Anf FYI, this isn't a mood swing - this is me trying to find the positive - something I rarely want to do but it's in my genes thanks to my father.

ETA - another positive is that I had a 12 day LP and I should consider myself lucky that I only have to wait another 25 days to find out if I'm pg next cycle instead of 40 or 50. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Vevet - here's to an April Fool's baby!
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Erika, Velvet -
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(((Erica and Velveteen)))

just got back from my appt and they took my blood for another HCG test and i will get the results and have an exam done on Monday with the midwife. :

I hope everyone has a glorious weekend full of loving
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Erika - I'm soo sorry!!! I'm so glad that between your first post and your last you are starting to think positively - our emotions can really do a trick on us!! The fewer the down days, the better - you WILL get pregnant.

Marie-C and Alexis - Thanks for the advice!! I think that's a good plan. I'm going ahead and starting progesterone tonight and also going to e-mail my doctor about my concerns. Didn't TCOYF say somewhere that 18dpo means you are definitely pregnant??? I will go in on Tuesday for blood testing if AF has not come in by then - that will be 20dpo.
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oh yeah! W4B, I was going to also say that you should definitely take the prog. and talk to your doc about getting a Rx for it now rather than later. When did you see him/her that they decided to wait until next cycle? That doesn't really make sense to me.
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somewhere in the 2ww

Velvet and Erika, that truly sucks. This calls for a and lots of

Well I just got a call for a job interview for next friday, after all my stressing and complaining. It's a fantastic job working with refugee youths. If I got that it might take the edge off not concieving. On the other hand, last time I got my dream job I found out I was pregnant within a week.
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Erika, sorry af showed up. I wish lots of positivity for this new cycle. Hang in there.

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Anna - I changed doctors last month because my last doctor would not prescribe progesterone. I couldn't see my new doctor until last Thursday and she gave me a prescription right away. However, the suppositories had to be hand-made and were not in stock - I just picked them up today.

My new doctor instructed me to start the prescription at my next cycle because I was already 8dpo - but I don't think it could hurt to start now (considering my past problems). I've done some checking on the web for possible concerns with starting progesterone at this point, but I don't see any. So, I think I will begin them today and then just e-mail her!!!!
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Oh Erika

Korin~ If you still have an extra copy of TCOYF I would like to borrow it. Thanks!

As for me I am riding the mood swings. I heart me some clomid.
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Joi, you are a funny mother. You can borry my TCOYF anyday!! I'm going back to Mabels for the big sale... is it today?? Do they have a website?
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It is today and tomorrow and the website is....

Mabel's Cafe
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You rock.
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I will be thinking of you elbow deep in kick boo-tay yarn. I can not go for I have to make more balm to sale.

Oh and the new palm pilot arrived today....... would it be bad form to bury it in the backyard?
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yes... but only if you don't give it a proper burial. Complete with a dirge on a bagpipe.

I'm so excited about the sale, i can't stand it. I'm off to there now.. do you want anything????
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