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cd 49

I'm so sorry Velveteen and Erika!!

muse - congrats on getting the job interview! : for you! That sounds like a cool job!

to anyone else in need of them. I'm way distracted today and I know there was more I wanted to say to some of you, but I can't remember now.

I finally decided to start temping (I was waiting for my next cycle, but since that may never come. . .) and my temps for the past three days were 97.1, 96.8, & 96.9. Are those rather low? My guess is that I haven't ovulated this cycle. I don't know what to do. I've been having mild cramps for over a week - what would those be? I"m so on edge because my dr. had told me about three years ago that concieving might be hard for me, I was just hoping he was wrong since we got pregnant with ds so easily. I still hope he was wrong. I'm hoping this is a fluke. How long can an anovulatory cycle last? Is there anything I can do about it? I talked to my mom about it and got the "God has a plan" talk. Ugh. I'm sorry I'm being so egocentric here. I'll be better tomorrow.
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Of course I want stuff........... and it is sweet to ask but I have to complete my 345 scarves before buying any more yarn. We'll have to meet up soon so I can steal your book. Maybe a *gasp* beer one night (you know one last one before we get all knocked up).
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Excellent. I emailed the owner of Mabels to see if we could have our snb there. Off to shop!
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Tanya - What is it about all those "God has a plan" talks we are getting??? Perhaps that made women feel better in other generations when they had no option but to go to a male doctor, hide behind a sheet while he prodded around, and hope for the best. Now that our awareness of our bodies and our methods for dealing with these various TTC "issues" have grown, we should not be relying on "God" to work out his/her "plan." We need to make plans of our own!!!! :

Sorry for my vent!! In any case, your low temps are not entirely out of range. My first on-line charting cycle started out with very low temps (I believe that the average temp of 98.6 MUST be based on mens' resting body temperature).

What's important, I think, is that you have a temperature rise at some point. Keep charting. If you don't have that rise, TCOYF indicates that you might have an annovulatory phase - i.e., no ovulation to make the temp rise. The charting will help you figure out what your body is doing.

No need to think you are obsessing or anything - that's what this thread is for - advice and support from others who know what you are going through!!
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Snow Cherries...if you're totally sure you're not pregnant, there are some things you can try to bring on af. A friend of mine used to swear by very strong ginger tea. She used to do that when she had bad pms or just wanted a little more control over the timing. And someone else on this thread had a similar problem and the doctor gave her a shot (cant remember what though). Good luck!
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It looks like I o'd two days ago---o pain, egg white, soft high cervix, ferning. My temps are so erratic that they haven't shown anything, though. So I guess I'm "waiting to know"...

I figure I'll either start taking my temp vaginally next cycle or...maybe not need to :
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Erika Velvet So sorry gals. I hope you can have a nice relaxing weekend.

I love hearing about the meditation experiences of some of you! I've been in that glowy, magical hyper-sensitive to the world mood for the past week or so. Hoping it means something and isn't just my mind playing tricks on me!
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I should start meditating. Are there any good books about it?
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Tomorrow is one month to the day i started miscarrying so if i can get past tomorrow i think i can make it.Why don't they have weekend labs to tell me my betas now?Ugh.

Sorry to be self absorbed i am just very nerve racked right now.

Kate do you want to join the March mom's?Anyone else?

Oh and what kind of yarn do they have at that place?I haven't been to a good yarn store in forever!
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
I should start meditating. Are there any good books about it?
Erika - crap! I'm so sorry you're back to CD1. I really thought you were gonna get that BFP this time!!!

I'm sure somebody will have some great suggestions for meditation books but I'll add that I find certain physical activities very meditative while sitting still is nearly impossible for me, unless I'm asleep. Things that draws me out of my mind like yoga, weeding the flowerbed, or even doing the dishes can be very soothing on the old brain and often it's after a refreshing break from thinking too much that the most clarity comes - rather than during the meditative activity.

But I'm sure it's a little different for everybody. I'm wishing you a comforting weekend!

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Originally Posted by chiromama
I think I'll write a GIO song.
Ya know as I was driving and listening to the radio I thought of a great song you could use.... Love Song by The Cure.
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's to Erika and Velvet!!
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I'm here! I'm here!

Hello everyone, sorry to be out of touch. I'm taking it super easy today. It's my Friday off (I'm on the 9/80 schedule so I work long hours (9) Mon-Thurs, regular hours (8) on 1/2 the Fridays and have the other Fridays off).

Here's my update:

I'm feeling much better, all I have is nausea and it's what I would have imagined morning sickness is like. As long as I keep eating it's not too bad. I picked up some nux vomica and asenicum album homeopathics and they're really helping. I had a whole can of chicken soup from the health food store for lunch. Bully for me!

You know, if I'm not pregnant I'm doing a darned GOOD impression of a pregnant lady:

Super fatigue -- I slept eleven hours last night and am ready for another nap
Bigger boobs with light-blue veins showing up
Funky taste in my mouth, I'm brushing my teeth all the time
My urine smells different, a totally new smell
I've got the thin, creamy, yellow CM
Slight cramps with a little backache
Nausea that worsens when my stomach empties
I get weepy at stupid stuff
Headache, ugh

I'm 9dpo today, so I think I'll start the real testing on Sunday. My LP's are normally 11-12 days so I won't be late until Monday. I've got three Answer Early's (I'll start with those) and three CBE Digitals (move to those next). I still have lots of internet cheapies which are great because I can test with those (like this morning) and not stress too much when they're negative. It takes care of my insane testing desire without dashing my hopes too much.

I want to send out big hugs to Velveteen and Erika. I'm so bummed to hear about your reboots. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a couple April Fool's day babies!

Okay, TiVo has many more wonders stored for me. I'm going to curl back up in the recliner and watch some more television.

Hello to everyone!!

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Another thing!! Thread maintenance!!

Can any of you who posted udates for the header please check to see if I've made the changes? Anyone who PM'd me is taken care of but I'm sure I'm missing some people.

Erika and Velveteen have been updated.

Sorry for my lapse in thread keeping. :

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Erika & Velv,

I am so sorry. Sending you both . I am now on day 3 of my period and still the hurt and anger linger...but each day that passes is one day closer to ovulation and the next positive pregnancy test (at least that is how I think when I am up).

In terms of meditation I have found yoga to be an absolute blessing. There are so many different approaches to yoga and some are more spiritual and meditative than others. While the more physically oriented classes feel good, I love my class that heavily incorporates visualizations, readings, and has a focus on breathing. Most of these types of classes are found and yoga centers or spiritual centers/temples (rather than the YMCA). Mine is at the Zen Center.

Must run but sending love...Renee
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Jesse - I am now waiting to O - Thanks!

Okay, had to run and put ds down. Back to meditation....

Besides yoga my favorite form of meditation includes the woods, nudity, and lots of deep breathing! Somehow laying naked (okay, this may be too much for some but it even feels great with clothes on) in the midst of nature (a place that really speaks to you) and just breathing lets you really get in touch with the earth and the great goddess (or whatever higher power you embrace). Whenever I give myself even fifteen minutes to do this I leave feeling centered, faithful, and aware of all the life around me (something I desperately need in the face of knowing that a baby is not growing within me). Sometimes, when I am feeling very primal (often when aunt flo is around) I will do this at night with a small fire burning near by. EXCELLENT! Okay, now I am getting excited. I think I might have a midnight outing this evening!

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Renee -- you're updated. Thanks!

Sorry about the reboot.

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Jess take the Arsenicum 4 pellets every hour until you feel better.If after 24hrs it doesn't make you feel better then switch to the nux vomica.Trust me it will work.I am studying to be a homeopathic/herbal practioner BTW.
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Do you have any recommendations for TTC and for building sticky babies?
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Originally Posted by Ravenmoon
Jess take the Arsenicum 4 pellets every hour until you feel better.If after 24hrs it doesn't make you feel better then switch to the nux vomica.Trust me it will work.I am studying to be a homeopathic/herbal practioner BTW.
Wow! How did I luck out getting such a good source of advice?

I have a question, the diarrhea is gone ( ) so do I kep taking the arsenicum for the nausea? I got the nux vomica because it seemed to be targeted to the symptoms I still have. I'm not sure if I have constipation yet because I've only just started adding back in solid-ish foods.


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