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cd 2

Velveteen, I am 43.

(((((((((((((((((hugs to you))))))))))))))))))

I also cannot use a Fert Spec. for $$ reasons.
Our insurance does not cover it.

Have you thought of acupuncture, etc., I might try it
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Love Actually

Just a quick post -- I have to make a report about a silly engineering metric (don't even get me started on metrics).

Matt and I rented Love Actually last week and it was the most beautiful movie. I, too, was bawling during the opening credits. Matt liked it a lot too. GREAT movie! I made a million hints about wanting a copy for our anniversary next week (such as, "This is the kind of movie that gets guys laid.").

Happy Monday everyone!

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I was crying during the intro to Love, Actually when I saw it last November, and also when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. But I cry at commercials. I swear, that Toyota commerical is trying to get me committed.

ANYway, on topic -

Velveteen - I wish I knew something insightful to say. Hang in there. It can happen for you!!! I'm KHA! But we still want you around (or rather, we want you over on the pg boards), advanced maternal age or no.

Coleslaw -

Shannon (wherever you are) I hope the wedding was great!!!


Carrie - hmmm... Sorry your husband freaked! Kind of an inopportune time, but I guess I can understand how he's feeling. I'm a bit terrified myself, but I know that I want another baby, so I just try not to think about how hard it is. My DH is totally on board though. But he's just one who once he's convinced, he's made up his mind and doesn't spend anymore time thinking about all the variables, unlike me.

We GIO yesterday sans protection, and I'm only on day 10, so I'm not anywhere near ovulating yet, but it feels a little like living on the edge. ('Cuz we're waiting 'til August).

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Originally Posted by Velveteen
Thanks Trisha.
Heve, did you do anything different the cycle you conceived?? What about the rest of you that are preggers? The cycle you conceived, was there anything different? Or did the universe just align that night?
i have no clue if this had even the tiniest bit to do with getting pregnant (and it probably didn't) but i started taking 2tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (the good stuff, raw, unpasturized, organic, with lots of mother, etc) in a glass of water 3 times a day the month i ended up conceiving. like i said it probably had nothing to do with getting pregnant but since that was the one thing i can think of that was different about that month, i thought i'd throw it out there.
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Big hugs to Keri and Velvet

to all you ladies.

Write more later...
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Originally Posted by KatyBerisford
Can you try sometihng like a flower remedy to calm you down as soon as you feel yourself getting angry?
Great idea, Katy, thanks...Dh went out with Ds so I had a lot of space to think things through, and it hit me that it is exactly 6 months since the last m/c, which happened right on Winter Solstice. I can't explain it exactly but I think that has a lot to do with why the hormones and emtoions are so intense this month.

Anyway, Dh got back and Ds slept a long time (thankyou ds!!) and we had a good long talk in which we decided we will give it a good shot this month, and if no + then we need to sort out some major work/life stuff before TTC again. And then we went on to have a very fun afternoon in the back garden... And decided if we concieve we'll name it Lawn
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I Love My Boy - another Serena/Serina! Don't meet those very often.
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what is EPO?
and is there a natural alternative to Robitussin?
And do carrots really increase cm? how many carrots a day?
I'm at cd 10 and thinking that more cm couldnot hurt.
Thanks for any info...

my dad and I had a very conflictual relationship growing up but thanks to email and technology we're finding a way to communicate and something to communicate about...it's a start. He's a great granddad with my nephews so I can see he's like good wine...getting better with age.
dh has many great qualities. He's smart, kind and good with his hands (he he he). He's also a great friend and people just adore him so I'm sure our kids will be daddy crazy.
I know we're supposed to be positive but I want to bitch about his not so good qualities, but in the spirit of things, I'll refrain.
oh...months ago I bought this beautiful card of an african father and baby and it says "when a child is born, a father is born"...I've been holding on to it to give it to him when I get pregnant...it's been under my underwear for too long. Get me that baby now!!!!BABY, BABY, BABY!!!!!
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Serina - I know! It's a pretty rare one There was a girl I went to school with when we were kids who was also named Serena, but she pronounced it with a short second e, like Sir-eh-na. I was always getting in trouble for her over due library books! :

Muse - Lawn! LOL! :

I'm glad I'm not the only one who started crying during the title credits for Love Actually. Wasn't that a great film? Such a wonderful exploration of the different manifestations of love in our lives. I was especially touched by Sarah, the office worker with the mentally disturbed brother. At first I thought they were showing that she was incapable of loving someone because she wouldn't make it work with Karl, but when they showed her with her brother in the hospital you could see how deeply she loved him. I can't convey how moving I found that.
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Originally Posted by Marie-C
what is EPO?

Evening Primrose Oil - it comes in pill form.

That's the only one I have an answer to, sorry!
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Serena - I always wanted to spell my name your way, because it seemed more normal. (I actually would have preferred a name like Kristy or Jennifer or Jessica. Now, I'm okay with--and even sometimes proud of--having a "different" name.) My parents just picked mine out of a name book, and being ever-so-practical, changed the second "e" to an "i" because it just made more sense to them. I would have been Gabriel, had I been male, which I think is much, much cooler.

I think my own name has affected my name choices for my child(ren). I tend to go a bit off the beaten path (I didn't know Maya was a little bit of a common when we named her). By what criteria do you gals choose, or plan to choose, your baby's name?

Since we're not having an ultrasound with our next baby, we get to choose two names this time!
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somewhere in the 2ww

I like the name Lawn Glad you got it worked out Make up sex is the best, I wonder if that's why our hormones get all wonky @ ovulation...

Velveteen -- KHA! I have a friend who has a little one right now, who's advanced maternal age made her afraid she would have problems concieving -- hahaha -- the universe likes to play tricks on us, doesn't it? Her son was concieved her first cycle trying! (And she was shocked!)

I still haven't seen Love Actually. Sounds like time to rent it!

PaganScribe -- sending your friend lots of good egg vibes for her next cycle! (And a for this not being her month!)

Nothing new here...

Belly Blessings!
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Just checking in. I found myself profoundly sad yesterday. I think it is because of my emotional state and the father issue. I think I just need to let myself be sad for awhile.

Oh and I start clomid again tomorrow. woo hoo
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9 Dpo

Ok well.. my nipples are still a little tender - nothing to talk about though but now I am having serious heartburn/indigestion. I would happily accept all this crap if I were pregnant but if I'm not I'm going go postal.

Seems we have quite a few ladies in the 2ww again.

I took a test last night. I was going to wait for FMU but got impatient and I was away from home so I took it. Now, it was clearly negative to someone who doesn't stare and hold it in different lights. The evaporation line I usually see after about 10 minutes showed up immediately but like I said, to the non-TTCer - it was negative. Tomorrow is 10 DPO and I'll test in the am.

I'm working like a dog for the rest of the month but taking it nice and easy in July. DH has a week of holiday in July so we're going to pretty up our house.

Question: I know if you've been TTC a long time that you and your DH usually take the test together. But if you don't, are planning some special way to tell him when you find out?
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Originally Posted by muse
And then we went on to have a very fun afternoon in the back garden... And decided if we concieve we'll name it Lawn

That is too funny! Man isn't make up sex the best...it almost makes you want to fight with your dh just for the make up sex.
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We seriously need this smilie just for us. Or maybe this one. LOL
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
We seriously need this smilie just for us. Or maybe this one. LOL

OH my that is hilarious!!! Do you think they will give it to us???
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
We seriously need this smilie just for us. Or maybe this one. LOL
LOL!!! OMG, those are so funny. Dirty little buggers! :
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Those are funny...but there is no way we will get them. :LOL Family friendly they aren't.
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More than a little ironic, wouldn't you say?
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