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Morning all, Everyone please keep fingers crossed for us today, we have an U/S booked for 2:30 this afternoon. I'm so nervous, the last babe stopped developing at 7.5 weeks and that's where we are now. I figure it's a good sign that I've lost 4 lbs from the morning sickness but that my waistband on my pants is feeling very snug.
I'm feeling ultra cruddy today, I have the worst headache, I assume from the change in altitude and the sudden reintroduction to humidity. Havent' eaten yet and don't want to but I guess I should. I think it was bettter being out west, having my friend make breakfast for me or going out to breakfast with Steve, now I have to fend for myself!!
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Originally Posted by happymamajenni
Man, if you guys all lived near me, it'd be so fun to all get together!
I live pretty close to you. Would love to meet up at COSI or the zoo sometime!
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Good luck Shannon!

I go to the midwife today too. I'm excited, I think. I'm bringing all the kids and it's during dh's lunch hour so he can come too. The kids are so excited about having a homebirth. I'm glad they want to be so involved.

I have to teach Gymboree tonight. Hopefully I won't have to run out every few minutes. :Puke That would be sad and embaressing.

Hang in there everyone. Keep your eye on the prize!
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How is everyone doing with brushing teeth???? This is not going well for me and it's grossing me out. I just threw up 6 times and finally gave up and am chewing gum. I guess I can only run in and brush them as soon as I'm feeling a little better.
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shannon and ekblad good luck at the doctor's today. i hope you both have good news.

as for brushing teeth ... i'm thinking maybe i brush one side at a time. if i brush really fast, i can get in a good scrub on one section before the reflex kicks in. i worry about my teeth when pg. so this is bothersome. plus i've lost 3 pounds in the last week. i so don't want to eat. i feel as crappy as everyone else and i'm at work. doesn't make it any better.
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I just threw up 2 more times, I don't know what I'm gonna do, I have 2 lessons to teach today and of course I don't want to tell my clients what is going on. Why would the humidity have this much effect on my vomitting, while away I only threw up a few times the entire trip, I've thrown up 9 times just this morning. I have this horrible feeling I will end up back in the hospital and that's the last thing I want to happen right now. Poor Steve can't run my business forever.
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Hang in there shannon.....
Hopefully the doc can give you something for the nausea. Either that or you have to move to a low humidity area for the next 2 months.
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Shannon! You poor thing! Try Burt's Bees Tooth paste. It's worked miracles for me. The last five times I just had to keep trying different tooth pastes until I found one I could stomach.

Humidity is awful for m/s. I always feel worse. I think it has to do with my sinuses and stuff. You poor thing.
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Ekblad & Jenni, I live in Dayton, which I know isn't close to Toledo...but in the same state.

I was Moody yesterday, too, but feeling a bit better today. Actually yesterday I was bored, which made me moody. I didn't feel like being couch-bound all day, but my nausea was really bad so I couldn't really do much of the stuff I wanted to be doing. I hate that. Still no vomiting though, so that's pretty good.

Brushing my teeth isn't too bad, but watching DH brush his, spit, etc. was really disgusting last night, so I will be sure to wait til he's done before I go in to brush tonight!

I've been feeling a lot of pelvic achiness since yesterday. Not intense, sharp pains, but a dull ache for long periods of time. Is this normal? Have y'all experienced this? This is my first pregnancy so I know there is a lot of stretching and growing going on...and everything I've read has said that mild cramping is normal. I don't have any blood or anything, so I'm hoping it's just normal growing.

Good luck to Shannon and ekblad today!! I don't have my first appt. until July 22, which seems like impossibly long to wait. :

Edited to say Shannon, I hope you find some relief for your m/s soon. I can't imagine how hard that must be for you!
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Hi Ladies!!

Shannon~ glad you are back!! So where did the sex drive come from?? I am jealous!! I don't even want to be touched not to mention have sex!!! :

It doesn't help that I feel like I am going to puke every second of every day. It get's worse at night. I have to keep food in my stomach or then I get really ill!! I still haven't puked but sometimes I wonder if that would be better. I am also tired and grumpy. I feel terrible complaining because I am so excited to be having another baby. I just want to feel half decent again. I hope it passes quickly.

Hope everyone else starts feeling better soon!!
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Yeah, I"m in Canada, and I'm already on diclectin. The only good news is that I know that IV gravol does stop things. I just wish the gravol suppositories worked as well.
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Amy - your pain probably is from the stretching and growing. I remember that the first couple of times. Now I'm all stretched out :LOL
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Shannon. If you need it take Zofran. I lost 25 pounds my last pregnancy and could not keep anything down for 2 months - the Zofran saved my life! My ds turned out just find too! IT really does help, but make sure insurance will cover it because it cost like $1400 a month.

I survived 4 days without Dh but I was a horrible mom. My ds is always wanting to touch me and I don't want to be touched right now! Poor kid does not understand why mommy is always on the sofa and does not want to run around and play!

I told Dh last night that this was the absolute last time I would be pregnant! I feel like I have the flu most of the time! I really do not like being pregnant -even though I love the result. Either he gets fixed or we are never having sex again! And I mean that!

I have dirty teeth too!!!!
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amy- i had the hip and pelvis discomfort/pain too. i think that was one of the clues that i was pregnant this time, my hips just started hurting and hurting and i couldn't get comfortable in bed. i always thought it was 'cause i was in a car accident a few years ago and broke my pelvis and my back, but now i'm thinkin' it's just the normal thing.
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Ekblad, Shannon and Lesley: Hope the appts go well. Ekblad, I think that is so great that your kid are excited about your hb.

Hey Ohio folks! I went to Oberlin, so I like to consider Ohio one of my adopted homes!

Shannon: Aren't you all having an election up there today? Are you feeling well enough to go and vote? It sounds like a pretty close race.

Amy: I have had the pubic bone pain too. I actually don't remember getting it this early before. It was pretty bad last week, but I haven't noticed it in the last few days.

for the moody mamas
for the pukey mamas

Does anyone want to start a new thread?
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