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What helps curb your appetite?

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please ladies, I really need your help.

i have been trying desperately to lose weight. My biggest most hardest, hugest, major hurdle is my appetite. I can eat all the time in huge amounts but I have been disciplining myself by measuring my food, substituting vegetables and salad for some of the food, drinking more water, I don't drink any tea or juice anymore, I don't eat after 8pm. I only eat brown breads. I eliminated all fats that you can see, like butter, margarine. I only cook with cooking spray and I always cook with vegetables.

With doing all this i have to admit I lost five pounds but that was two months ago when I was really motivated. I even exercised that month. Then the last month I did the same thing but I did not exercise and I stayed at the same weight. This month I am even losing more motivation and I have eaten some chocolate and some desserts and even had some tea and a little butter.

I see my major problem as my appetite. I am seriously always hungry and I have trouble ignoring the hunger pangs. I always run and grab some fruit or some vegetables or some bran crackers but it seems like i am having trouble always having to run and grab something else. I just want to eat something and not have to eat for some hours for once in my life. Anyway, sometimes i get sick of this, and i go eat something that is fattening so it will keep me full for awhile.

Ok, i could go on forever on this subject, i need to know what natural means do you guys use to curb your hunger. I don't want to take medication, or use any supplements that are debated as maybe being dangerous.

Thanks for listening and I await ur replies.
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I don't have a really big appetite but I do have cravings.

I try to eat only organic, healthy whole foods and I try to eat regularly enough that my blood sugar stays level. I find that this helps with cravings and overeating.

My 17 yo dd is overweight and has just started the Weight Watchers points system. Hasn't been long enough to tell if it is working yet, but she sure seems to be eating better and has cut out the junk. Hopefully it will work for her.

Try adding some exercise.

About 15 min 6 days per week of handheld weights (buy a Shape or Fitness mag for some tips). They are cheaply purchased at Sears or K Mart. Do upper weights one day and lower weights another.

Also find a good ab tape. I like the Tami Lee Webb "I want those abs". It's about 15 min. & I do it daily.

Then put on your walking shoes at hit the pavement. Put your kids in a wagon and go walking. I walk about an hour a day. Used to jog, but I have a knee injury so I have been walking instead. I also swim laps when I have the opportunity.

I also do at least 3 days per week of yoga. The Living Arts series is a good beginners series; AM & PM Yoga and Power Yoga. I do a tape called Total Yoga, which I love but it probably isn't for beginners.

Exercise really does help control your hunger. You won't be as focused on food, either.

Cut out hydrogenated oils. Cookies, crackers, etc. that you buy of leading brands all contain them. Try purchasing crackers, etc at a market like Wild Oats or Whole Foods. They have brands (like Hains) that make them without hydrogenated oils.

Limit your bread intake, too, even if it is whole wheat.

Good luck!
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Have you been checked for Hypoglycemia? I have been Hyoglycemic from birth and I am also always hungry and I eat about 12 to fifteen times a day. Not big meals but I feel like I am grazing. I eat alot of protein and few if any sweets or carbs because they shoot my blood sugar up and then I crash and eat everything in sight. Just a thought.
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don't have much advice in the curbing the appetite part except to try to snack on healthier, less fattening foods and drink more water? i know from experience that's hard..

you said you "even exercised that month", so i'm assuming you don't exercise regularly. is there a way you could incorporate it into your daily routine?

i tried to make a serious effort to exercise more recently.. it’s been really hard with a full-time job outside the house, bfing all night and being dh’s secretary and accountant for his martial arts academy.. but in the last few weeks that i've been keeping it up, i feel SO much better, and even though losing weight was not my intention, everybody’s been noticing. so now i'm eating even more to make sure dd gets enough nutrients out of me

sorry for the rant (i'm at work, so trying to hurry up but i guess my point is, try some regular activity, do something you like. Whether it’s running, lifting weights, yoga, swimming.. just do something you enjoy so it doesn’t seem like a chore. You’ll feel and look better.

Best of luck!!
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Have you thought about a different approach?
I have been seriously overweight all my life and have lost 60 pounds in the last year on a low carb diet. Any time in the past that I have tried low fat I was starving all the time. With low carb you don't have that same problem.
I would recommend reading "Protein Power" or "the Schwarzbein Principle" if you want more info on that.
Blessings and good luck,
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dfoy -- best of luck to your dd. The Weight Watchers system is wonderful. I lost 118 lbs on it after being very overweight for my entire life.

two-kids_uae -- my heart goes out to you, as I struggle with the same issue. I am ALWAYS hungry and think about food all the time. On Weight Watchers I learned to fill up on foods that have no point value (according to their plan). I would snack on dill pickles like crazy. I always kept a big pot of green beans in the fridge and would heat them up and eat a bowl whenever I felt hungry in between meals. I'd eat a huge salad with every meal. I use salsa instead of salad dressing. One of my favorite salads is lots of greens, onions, green and red peppers with no fat refried beans (or black beans) and salsa, add whatever other veggies you like, stick in in a huge bowl and dig in. Add a little chicken if you'd like. It's best of the beans and chix are warm.

Beware of crackers and snack foods like that. They are healthy, but can really add to your caloric intake for the day. I try to save my calories for meals. I also totally cut out cheese (couldn't control how much I ate!) and like you, never use fat.

Do you eat meat? I use chicken stock or bouillon in any recipe (like rice) that calls for butter, as well as to make mashed potatoes. I try not to have a big carb and protein meal at the same time, one or the other. Plus, always a salad and at least one other veggie at each meal.

Then, always save room for a treat at the end of the day. Orivlle Redenbocker makes a light popcorn called SMART POP. I salt the hell out of it, but it is wonderful and makes a huge bowl. I wouldn't let my hubbie have even one kernal and I would enjoy the entire huge bowl.

Finally, you must make time for exercise -- but that can mean just a 20 minute walk a day -- at your pace. Increase as you feel comfortable. When I weighed 285 lbs, walking for 20 minutes was hard. But, before I knew it I was jogging 2 miles a day!

I know it's SOOO hard. And with a family to care for, it's not always easy to put your food needs first. But you will be happier if you do and your family will appreciate your and respect your determination.

Best of luck!


mom to Griffin, 03/25/00
and #2, due in January 2003!
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Coffee really curbs my appetite. If I have a cup in the late morning between a good breakfast and a good late lunch, I don't tend to snack/get hungry between those meals. I don't drink it to intentionally control my appetite - I just prefer a cup first thing in the morning and then another a couple hours later. And I noticed that I do not feel as hungry when I do this. I know this is not appropriate weight loss advice. I am not advocating caffiene consumption! But, honestly - coffee is the first thing that I thought of when I read your subject line.

You have gotten some helpful advice here. Hang in there & keep seeking out support
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Thanks for all of your replies....sometimes i think i am just looking for a miracle.

and special thanks to you GB's mom...you really seem to feel what i feel and know what I am going through...it is such a struggle.

I like the dill pickles and green beans idea since i love both of them and I could deal with that.

Personally, i don't eat meat but i do eat chicken and fish. I cold do the boullion cubes in my food - that sounds good

i know that i need to exercise but it is just so hard especially this time of year in the Emirates it is over 100 degrees most days even if you wake up before the sun comes up it is humid. I know there are other ways, i guess i could do aerobics in my house or go swimming...i shouldn't be making excuses but I am never consistent...i will start exercising and then stop and so on. But I will make an effort.

I started the Weight Watchers Points Program. I started two months ago and I was sooo motivated. I lasted one month and lost 5pounds which only showed at the end of the first month. By the second month, instead of gaining motivation i lost motivation (but in all honestly after losing 5lbs I should have been more motivated) and started reintroducing tea and sugar in my diet. Also, i increased the amount of carbos I was eating. i guess I was too hard on myself the first month. the second month i did not lose any weight but I stayed the same. And this month I gained the five lbs back.

Back where I started. But now after reading this thread i gained some motivation back and today i have restarted.....
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It's super hot in Florida too, which does make it so hard to exercise outside. I could never do aerobics inside with my son, well maybe for about 30 seconds.

One way that I try to get in exercise wherever I can is to always park at the furthest spot away. Usually I can find a grocery cart in the last row and I just plot Griffin in the cart and walk to the store. It also really lowers the stress level of looking for 'the best spot' (although it drives my husband CRAZY!)

Best of luck to you. It's hard, but if you can stick with it for a couple of weeks (you might not be the happiest, most satisfied person during this time), the eventually it becomes habit, and you start to recognize the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. When you feel good, you won't want to do anything to mess it up!

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i carry a large bottle of sparkling lime poland spring water around all day. it tastes like a treat to me (much better than water, like a soda even!)

also, keeping NO treats in the house, NONE!!! helps me tons. then i am forced to find a healthy treat. instead of a sugary snack that i used to NEED in the early afternoon, i substitute fruit or even cheese and crackers if the rest of my diet is pretty low fat. i still had cravings for sugar for a good month or so, but i have NO MORE SUGAR CRAVINGS!!! and it feels so good. much healthier.

one more idea, my naturopathic doctor wants to get me SUPER healthy, so he asked me to cut out all sugar and all white flour. it's been hard, but my diet is so so healthy now, and so much more low fat. without white flour, i am forced to make healthy choices: whole grain breads, no junk food, no pastries. and with no sugar i can't eat ice cream, etc... i've found some decent sugar alternatives and have my doctor's approval to have pizza and ice cream once a week! this is not for weight loss, but just for my general health (and to cure one health problem), but weight loss is a great side effect. also, i am feeling like i have more energy than i ever have!
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Well, I find herbal tea or carrot sticks/celery sticks appease cravings quite well. It helps to do an association too--how good I will feel if I don't overdo something, etc. etc. I'm a bigtime eat-when-I'm-bored type--so I just try to keep myself from being bored...
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I just started WW too! (we should check in with eachother)

Smart pop - great - i add braggs, spike and tofu parmesan to it

Lots of water or herbal ice tea

crunchy veggies like celery and carrot sticks already cut up

I get the munchies around 3pm everyday, and now schedule time out so Im not near the fridge.......
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i am soooo sympathetic. I am trying so hard to loose the weight that I have put on since dh and I married (about 50 pounds) and I am eating significantly less than I did before. But, like you, I am always hungry. I just recently began really trying to change my habits so I'm really struggling with this myself. So i really don't have much advice but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Good luck and try to stick to it!
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the only thing that has every curbed my appetite is eating!
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I remember reading a book about vinegar in the book section of Wild Oats in Denver. It suggested (if my memory serves me) drinking a mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey, mixed with water, half an hour before meals. The authors said it really curbs the appetite, and thought maybe because somehow the vinegar bulked up the food from the meal. I've tried it, and it works sometimes and not sometimes. But it might be worth a try! Good luck!
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Water is the only thing I have foudn that curbs my appetite. It really fills me up. I just need to drink more!! I would always rather have a cup o nice english tea, that's my problem!!
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Everyone else gave such excellent advice!

The only thing I could add is that I can totally understand why you don't want to exercise when it's 100 degrees out. And the sun exposure probably isn't too good for you either. Could you get up really early and go out for a walk before it gets hot? I sneak out of the house at 6 A.M. for a run before everyone else is awake. The air is relatively cool and there's no sun beating down on me.

Exercise raises your metabolism and curbs your appetite, so you get a double whammy.

And, I agree with what Etoile said. Not all fat is bad. Some fats have important nutrients and they help you to feel full. I like to grab a small handful of almonds when I'm hungry. They are more satisfying than just fruits or vegetables. Or you could just eat a few along with some carrot sticks or whatever. And fats/proteins seem to stick in your stomach longer and help you feel full. Sometimes I eat one soft boiled egg for breakfast and nothing else and that will keep me going until lunch when I'll allow myself some carbs and vegetables. Flax seeds, walnuts, salmon are good sources of important fatty acids.

Also, as SDmummy said, drink water! When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. Sometimes we interperet thirst as hunger.
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