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Healthy Families program questions

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Hey, is anyone on the Healthy Families program for kids? I have been seeing thier ads and was wondering what their program is and what the qualifications are for it. Is there a website or something?

Thanks. I'm just worrying about health insurance coverage prematurely, lol. I could COBRA for 18 months, but at $275/month for me and a healthy babe. Damn, that's expensive! What other options might I have? I'll be relying mostly on homeopathic and alternative medical remedies mostly, and would expect to pay out of pocket anyway. It's just the "catastrophic" illness or injury stuff that I'm worried about. For me, too. Any idea?

I think that is the scariest part about being (ttc soon) a single parent for me. What happens if I'm incapacitated? If I break a leg while living one step above paycheck to paycheck? Or get into a massive car accident?

Any suggestions?
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I work for Healthy Families, so assuming that you're referring to the same program (it's all over the U.S.), I can tell you what it is. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be much help to you. Healthy Families is a program that works with first-time parents under age 21. We provide weekly home visits to help foster good parenting skills, teach parents about child development, connect families with area resources, and prevent child abuse/neglect. Although the program title might suggest otherwise, it has nothing to do with health insurance.

I don't know what to say about the health insurance thing. . . Perhaps you'd qualify for state insurance? (In Massachusetts it's called "Mass Health").

It certainly is expensive stuff! I had emergency surgery a couple months ago when I was bleeding internally, so I definitely preach the importance of being insured regardless of what you perceive your risk to be/how little you plan to use Western medicine.

Good Luck!

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I guess HealthyFamilies must be a California program, cuz I know exactly what you are talking about (wierd they would use a name already used by a federal program though). I don't know the exact specs of the program, have you doen a google search for California Healthy Families program?
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are you talking about healthy kids?> I pay 15$ a month for all 5 of my kids and I have a decent income from a TRust fund but no insurNCE(no employment) so, I qualify- income qualifies and lack of insurance(ie special needs ) also does,
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Here's the website for Healthy Families:


It is a California state program to cover children of families who aren't poor enough to qualify for Medi-Cal (our free state health program) but don't make enough to pay for insurance. I think the limit is 250% of the federal poverty level.You do pay premiums, but I think they're really nominal, like $10 a month. A lot of other states have similar programs, btw

I've considered it, but since all my income is under the table right now I'm a little worried. We used to have catastrophic medical through Blue Cross, and it was really reasonable:


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It's great for healthy kids and I am not under 21!!!

I have my DD on healthy families and it's great. I pay $9 a month and she gets health care for free otherwise.

I was on COBRA when she was born but left my job when she was born and couldn't afford the $275 premium for both of us to stay on it.

Keep in mind she is EXTREMELY healthy. We've only gone to the doc for her regular newborn checkups and once when I thought she had a fever but really didn't.

I can't guarantee what they do to you if you ever need high end medical attention - but I highly recommend it - for $9 you just can't go wrong and it's better than having nothing.

In California they don't care how many kids you have or how old you are. You just have to be under a certain income...

I recommend it!
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Thanks everyone for your help! I'm still confused and wonder if I'd qualify eventually, but I have an idea as to where to start, and that's all I need.

Thank you!

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Healthy Families is a great program. I'm with a community organizing non-profit and we've done a lot of work to push the state to expand this project, as well as make it available to parents. In a nutshell:

1) Healthy Families is available to children whose income is higher than what would qualify for Medi Cal but still low enough to make private insurance purchase difficult. I think it is up to 250% of the Federal Poverty Level in CA right now.

2) You may apply through your county, or through a number of community based organizations. The application is a lot shorter and simpler than it used to be, thanks to our organizing.

3) The premium is VERY LOW.

I don't know the exact income guidelines (isn't that awful?), but I will check on them and get back to you. It is very easy to apply (and it won't hurt to give it a shot).

Keep in mind that there can be lots of little reasons you'll need to see a doctor or nurse, and relying on clinics (unless you have a terrific non-profit community clinic closeby) can be VERY DAUNTING (long waits to say the least). I had to take my little guy to the doctor several times for minor things.

I'm a single mom, too, and always on the lookout for what can smooth our lives a bit. Let me get back to you on the details about Healthy Families.

And let's keep on ORGANIZING!!!!!!!!!!
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OK...Healthy Families information can be found at:

Good Luck!
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