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Jules, for a sewing machine for Tain, try Googling for "Mattel Sew Perfect" This was my first machine and you can find them for about $10 - $30 used (or sometimes NIB for more $$) Oh, and the ring wrap is so awesome with a newborn!! I've gotta dye up the other half of my fabric and make a second one to keep in the car, I just love it!

Grease, LOL at the placenta taste!! Mine got sent to the pathology lab, just like Ben's did. Lying in the ER after the birth it seemed much less important to save it than I'd thought it would. Of course we just got a bill from the lab and have to send in our insurance info. Flipping EMT's taking us to the wrong hospital! Everything will get paid by our HMO in the end, our Dr promised us she'd get it all approved, but, in the meantime, we have to deal with letters from everyone asking for money until it all gets straightened out and paid.

We had a nice visit from our MW's on Wed. They said everything looks great and my stitches are healing well (had 2nd degree tear from monster head flying out of me ) They want to see us again in 2 wks cause they feel like they haven't had a chance to take care of me since I was in the NICU for 2 weeks. As much as I loved and trusted them before, I am just amazed by how much they have taken care of us through this.

We also took Kieran in to see our Family Dr for his 2 week check. He's up to 10 lbs 8 oz and has grown an inch and a half! Remembered again why I love our Dr; she asked "circ??" I said "no", she said "good!" Only issues he has are his cord isn't healed yet, they put alcohol on it a lot in the NICU and the top is dried but it's practically raw underneath. She's letting us try goldenseal this week but will have to use silver nitrate if it isn't better by Wed. It is so hard to get that powder under the dry part. I'd really wanted to use nothing on it, or just the goldenseal, and I get so pissed that they used alcohol. He alos has a spinal dimple, and she couldn't find the bottom of it to be sure it's sealed so she'll check it in a week and maybe do an U/S to make sure it's all OK. She isn't very concerned since he's got such strong legs, but, as she says, it's her job to worry

Ben has been doing pretty well this week, been just about as obnoxious as he's been for the past 6 months anyway I'm glad he doesn't seem to be negatively affected by our new addition, but his usual drama is so much more annoying and frustrating to us now. Oh, and he's had a HUGE growth spurt in the past month since his birthday; we weighed him at the Dr's on Wed and he's up to 48 lbs! He was just 43 a month ago!! He's almost 5 times bigger than Kieran!! It can be really hard to see the sweet little baby inside this huge 4 year old.

We went and saw Harry Potter today. Ben spent his Friday at my parent's so we stuck the babe in the sling and had a date. It went really well, he jumped a teeny bit when the music got loud but otherwise slept/nursed through. We'd never tried it with Ben, we were way to nervous about bothering anyone with baby noise, but this was really relaxed. We might go again next month to see Spiderman.

OK, Babe will be waking soon to nurse so I'd better finish up. Hope you're all doing well!!
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Donna ~ Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Julie ~ ((((( Birthing vibes )))))

We had a ROUGH day yesterday...first trip out of the house...went to the pedi and it was a BAD experienec...I will be looking for a new one asap. The one I went to is this cool hippie doc who works out of his home, does homeopathy/herbal med etc. In theory he sounded great but in reality....he saw a sick patient right before Lily and HE DID NOT WASH HIS HANDS. She came out of the room, we went into the room...no sink...no Purell...NOTHING...and (this is the worst part) he put his finger in Lily's mouth while he was examining her. I alsmost screamed. My mom was with me and when I got back in the car I was hysterically. I felt like such a bad mommy for not saying anything but I was so intimidated - I've been a mama for one week - to say something to a man who has been an MD for 25 years.

He alos has a spinal dimple, and she couldn't find the bottom of it to be sure it's sealed so she'll check it in a week and maybe do an U/S to make sure it's all OK. She isn't very concerned since he's got such strong legs, but, as she says, it's her job to worry
Robin ~ Lily has this also. It really scared me when he explained it. My cousin has spina bifida and I was so worried when he said there might be a spinal opening. But like Kieran, Lily also has VERY strong legs and he said he thinks it is fine...we just have to check it once a day and make sure there is no fluid.

We are actually having dinner at a friend's house tonight (our first family outing) and he is a pedi (I think perhaps OUR new pedi - I'm going to talk to him tonight...we're a little concerned about mixing friendship and professional relationship, but I'll talk to him about that) and I'm going to ask him to look at her dimple.

Oh....she also had her first adjustment yesterday. That was awesome. I our chiro. She was so gentle with her and Lily nursed like I've never felt her nurse after the adjustment...and she also slept soundly all evening.

Darn...crying baby...must go relieve DH (he's been SO great but since only I have the boobies, he gets frustrated sometimes that he can't console her).

SOrry this is all about me...I'll write more later.

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I am in total disbelief that this baby will every actually be here. Please help!

I need my mindset to change...I am 8 days past EDD now, and I was all psyched up and now I feel like it's just one big joke. I want so badly for it to start tonight and he/she to be born tomorrow...But I just don't think it is going to happen. It's playing tricks on my mind, like the logic and biological sides of me are being taunted by some other part...the fact that I know this baby HAS to be born, HAS to come out and WILL come when he/she is ready isn't really consoling me much. It's not even impatience...if I knew it would happen sometime this week, for example, I'd be fine. But I don't know!

And it's all making me feel very guilty, as if there is something I should be doing mentally or some energy I haven't given the babe yet to let him/her know that I am really ready for this. Sorry to vent, I hardly ever get to post anymore and I know this is a selfish one...it has been very nice reading about all of your new babies and I just wish I could share in that experience with you now.

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Oh Laura, I HEAR you.
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Rowan was born yesterday! It was a long labor, contrary to conventional wisdom about 2nd babies, but it was nice. With Tain it was just dh and I and it was very fast and intense. With Rowan, it was mellow (like him!)-started at 11:00 pm on Fri and didn't get active until about 5:00 pm on Sat. I got to take a nice long walk with Kirsten, I napped a few times for 2-3 hours each, I got to mellow out in the tub a couple times, spend time with my mom, Tain was here until the last hour and he wasn't scared, it was wonderful. Matt went to work and came home as I was in transition so I got to have him for the part I needed him for the most. Rowan was born after about 2 hours of active labor and 3 minutes of pushing!

I told our mw it was good we were only having 2 kids b/c I know if I had another it would totally blow my theory about having the babies on the day we decide.

Rowan Atticus weighed 7,6 19 3/4 inches long apgar 9, 10 (!!). Estimated gestational age was 40 weeks, the assistant said he almost looked postmature-his skin is really dry, almost like paper and he is peeling in a couple places. But he is really laid back (so far!) and we are doing well. I am going to get going, but I wanted to let you know that I thought about you all while I was laboring, the support you have given me, and all those great Saturday labor vibes!!!!

Now I get to go kiss a baby instead of just wishing kisses on everyone else (which I do)!

Laura-hang in there, sending you lots of labor vibes!!!!
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Wow!! Julie....you KNEW it was going to be yesterday....how cool! Congratulations mama!!! BIG hugs to you and Rowan (and Matt and Tain too)!!

Laura ~ Hang in there....you are SOOOOO close to holding your beautiful baby!!

We had our first family outing last night. Went over to friends' house for dinner. It was awesome. Lily was so quiet and calm (she made us look good :LOL ). Of course I paid for it from 2-4 a.m. when she was screeching and inconsolable...but this morning she is back to her usual mellow self.

It seems like she just *needs* to be Miss Fussy-pants at least once a day and it usually lasts an hour or two. Unfortunately the last two nights it's been in the wee hours of the morning when mommy wants to be

Happy Sunday everyone!!

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Congrats Julie!! I was thinking about you last evening and wondering if your little guy had arrived yet! Happy Babymoon!!!
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James is doing his fussypants routine right now - it's pretty minor, but I can't wait until he's old enough to wear on my back so he can just watch the day go by like a little chimpanzee

DH and I tried to get, erm, back in the saddle this morning, but I still have pain where my labia tore and couldn't find a good position. Maybe next week...
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Smithie - I so want to give it a try with DH, but upon inspection yesterday, I found that the stitches I got haven't completely dissolved. I'm assuming that I should wait until they're gone... I have my six week apt this wednesday (one week early, actually, because I'll be out of town the week after) and I'll ask my midwife then. I can't wait for the go-ahead to take bubble baths again!!! And as far as babywearing, I've found that Killy loves to be in my pouch-sling IF he's sleepy. If he's wide awake he hates because he wants to be up looking at everyone...

Congrats, Julie! Three minutes of pushing?!! That's what I want next time! I've told everyone that I didn't mind LABOR at all - the contractions didn't bother me, it was the pushing part I hated.
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Queenie, yeah, I'd definitely wait - my stitches are gone as far as I can tell, but the line of tearing just needs some more time and that's all there is to it.

James likes his Snugli and is resigned to the NN if I use it at his "good" time of day - but neither of those work really well for sitting, and I'm in front of the computer for both recreation and my job. I'm think that one of those African-style carriers would be good.
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I still don't have a computer, but...

I do have a little girl!

Sadie Rivkah was born via emergency cesearian section at 7:15 pm on Thursday. She was 6 lbs, 13 oz and 19" long, down to 6 lbs 8 oz today (homecoming!) More details and list editing to come soon, I hope to have our computer back by the end of this week.

Here she is! Last name: Lynne Secret word: Newbean
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YAY Rynna!!! Welcome Sadie!! Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations to all the new Mamas!! I don't ever have much time to do anything other than lurk...but, YIPEE!!!!
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Congrats rynna!!! She's sooooo beautiful. Hope everything is going well for you!
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