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Ooooh, Kimberly, you can leave pits an inch deep? Whoa. And mommycaroline, I'm glad your's has gone down. Thank you both for the kind words.
I went ahead and called my OB's office just to see what they had to say and they asked me to go ahead and come in tomorrow, just to check on things. What the heck, sure can't hurt to stand on the scale one more time and keep my arm still for a blood pressure cuff. And I don't know about you all, but I'm getting pretty darn proud of my peeing in a cup skills. About the time I get it down to an exact science, of course, we'll be having this baby. One of life's little ironies.

Oh! I was going to respond to everyone else, but DD is having a minor crisis. She, in the buff, helped her dad build a potter's wheel this p.m. and got some wood glue that then dried on her arm and belly and is starting to really freak about it. Poor kiddo. It isn't hurting her but I guess it's odd enough considering the limited range of experiences she's had in her wee little life so far. I best go attend......

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Bears!..... That is soo awesome you finally found a doula!!! Yippee!! I am so happy for you! Don't feel weird...I did too when I first strated meeting with my doula but now I love her and we talk for hours(literally hours) on the phone.

Heather.....love the chain idea for the kiddos! We do this for everything! Never thought about doing it for the baby! Cool!

Melissa... I saw that thread too and am totally into the possibility of having a "blue moon" baby..that would be cool....
I do not have the popping thing you speak of, but I definiatley get weird gurggle noises or like grumblings in the baby area...:

Hope your book shower was fun! and that is soo cool about your batik dress..I am actyally trying to get my birth bundle cloth ready and wanted to do some batiking for it, but looks like tye-dye will be it for me now...running out of time. And I like Darwin....

Leah ....hope that swelling goes down ..let us know what the doc says tomorrow.......

Laurie...glad your appt went well today! It is getting so close for a lot of us!

Kimberly 34w5days!! woo-hoo!

and yes we need a new thread tomorrow!!!
It will be July girlies!!!

Who will start it for us?
Please let us know here with a link so we don't get lost!

My mom went to a reader yesterday and the lady told her that we are having a boy and will have 2 more children later ! Totally impossible as we have no more room in the house after this one and dh would have a heart attack! :LOL....

I got my homeopathic birth kit yesterday...so I am pretty much ready..except trying to decide what to wear during labor...what are you all wearing?
I am thinking a tank/sports bra type thing and a sarong skirt, or a long strappy tank like night gown...????......hhhmmmm...or maybe just opting for the dull boring hospital rag and save my $$$.
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I created a new thread for July here:

New Thread

I suggest that we start using it right away. It's still June, but what the hey.
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