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That is amazing... I read a birth story in the June group today where an unassisted homebirth mom was checking herself during labor, but the I had no idea you could actually touch your baby while it was still in the womb. That gives me chills! Now I'm getting curious... but who am I kidding, I don't even know where my cervix is
Wow. I'll cross my fingers that she waits a little bit longer. Did I already say that's amazing? That's so amazing!
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Thank you all of you ladies. I feel the You guys are always so supportive of eachother no matter what. That's one of the reasons I love this group of mommas.

I guess right now I don't feel TOO concerned jsut b/c of my experiences w/DS. After being in pre-term labor since 26 weeks with him, this seems like small potatoes, and anyway, my body managed to keep him in

I wish I could talk to my DH and tell him what's going on, but if something serious were to happen I could just call his work. They would have a direct line to where he is and could let him know. He should hopefully be back monday. Don't worry, I will tell you all whatever I find out tommorow.

BTW, Yay Kimberlylibby (BP) - and you'd better post those stash pics tommorow
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Wow, you guys! I go away a week and look what you've posted! Sheesh! I just got caught up and I've been reading off and on all day long!

Our trip was wonderful. I, of course, overdid it a little bit, and my ankles are swollen, but they're going down now, so that's a relief. I totally know how you feel, Kimberly, worrying about pre-e, since I had it last time myself. Keep up the great BP's!

Before we left, I had a glycohemoglobin test done, to prove one way or another whether I have GD, since I've refused the three hour. I passed! I know for sure I would have failed the three hour, since my body just doesn't deal well with the stress of the test. But, the glycohemoglobin tells you what your average glucose levels have been for the past 8-12 weeks. I'm a little on the high side, but still within normal. What a relief that is. Next time I'm pregnant, I'm insisting on just that test, since the others make me feel so lousy.

We did so much up North. You PA gals have it made up there! The Please Touch Museum was cool beyond belief! And, Bonnie had a fantastic time at Sesame Place. I'll post some pics, once I get the site finished.

Now, I'm just left to get some stuff done around this house. DH stayed home for the first half of our trip and I came home to a disaster area. Ugh! How could he have made such a mess all by himself, please tell me? With no child around either? I have done NOTHING to prepare for this baby, haven't even started going through all our baby stuff for the things I'll need. I need to get our old dipes together, sort through all the baby clothes, was everything, work on setting up the "baby" room, so my DD can sleep in there if she wants to, get the guest room unpacked (and we've lived here for 6 months!) so my MIL can stay with us. Ugh! It's a lot!

On the plus side, my mother threw a baby shower for me on our trip and we got all nice stuff. No bottles, no anti-ap things, it was very strange! (well, one feeding kit had a bottle in it, but that was from my 6 year old cousin, so she's forgiven, I think she just liked the Winnie the Pooh theme) Lots of neutral baby clothes, and I even got some money to buy the few things we'll actually need - new bouncy seat (DD likes to sit in our old one, and she broke it), another monitor for the "baby" room, etc.

Sounds like everyone is doing mostly well. Hope the pre-eclampsia and PTL threats stay far, far away for now. Hang in there, ladies and babies. We're closing in on the home stretch!
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Caroline: So glad to hear you had a wonderful trip and a safe trip home. I too am beginning to feel as if I have so much to do before this babe comes but so little time.

Lena: I thought about you all night long. You sparked my interest about checking myself. I think I will wait a few more weeks though. I doubt I could even reach my cervix at this point. Short fingers don't help either. What would I be feeling for and ...... just curious now. I can't wait to hear about your apt. today. Again, take care and my prayers for you and your husbands safe and quick return.

DH is home today and still in bed I might add. He always says "It's my day off don't I deserve it" I say sure you do but tell me, "When do I get a day off" DD wakes up around 6:15 most mornings. I would love to be able to comfortably sleep through the night and way into the next morning

Nothing else to say but have a great day ladies!
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Just waiting around for the OB to open so I can call... Of course now I will probably go in and they will say something like what are you talking about? Nothing abnormal here!

As far as checking yourself, I learned how to check my cervix to moniter my cycles. I found a lot of good resources on the web for it. Of course right now it feels different than what I'm used to. You can sit on a toilet or stand and lift one leg up on to something and feel with 2 fingers along the top of your vaginal barrel. If you can reach it I can't tell you how it will feel, that depends on what your body is doing right now. For me it was very squishy and soft. If you are at all dialated you will feel an opening, if not I'm assuming it would feel more like pursed lips.

Well, I think the OB office is open now, so off to call...
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Lena-I, too, learned a lot about my cervix when trying to get pregnant both times. Luckily for us, it happened quickly both times. But I was fully prepared to pay close attention to my cervix/cervical fluid for a long time. TCOYF is such a great book-whether you're trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or just get in touch with your bod. It certainly isn't the stuff they teach you in 8th grade sex ed. So, as women we sometimes have to learn this stuff ourselves.

Thinking of you this morning. Let us know what they say...
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My cervix has felt a little open since having Boo - it's never felt fully closed again. *L* Walking around pre-pregnancy at 1cm I guess ! That much less work to do when the time comes.
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hello everyone!

Wow lena! I hope you find out whats going on soon. I'm thinking you may be first too, but lets hope its not too soon.

Ok, now I want to find out about checking the cervix! I haven't read that book but maybe I'll check it out from the library. I suggested to my dh that maybe he should learn how to do it, but he wasn't too sure.

welcome back mommycaroline! Glad you had a good time.

Not much excitement going on here. Been doing some reading on posterior postioning b/c my ds was posterior and I would really, really like to avoid that this time. (Pushed for 3 1/2 hours and finally needed a vaccuum extractor to get him out). So I've been more aware of how I sit, doing hands-and-knees back arches, sitting and leaning on a birth ball. Not sure what position baby is in right now, I have a hard time telling what body part is which. Pretty sure we're still head-down though.

Bears: I am impressed by all your cleaning and organizing! I need to get started, but am feeling lazy lately.

hope everyone has a great day!
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Lena, hoping for an update soon!!

Mucous Plugs: With dd I lost it 3 seperate times (it regrows if you lose it early) at about 26 weeks, again at 32 or so and at 36.... and I never went into labor (was induced for eclampsia/hellp) so it didn't mean much to me Now I'm 33w5d and have seen no signs of her this time around

Boudica: After baby comes, get Taking Charge of Your Fertility! It is so empowering to know so much about your body! I check my cervix for fertility and it is amazing to know just what is going on! Of course, it didn't help prevent this one (we were NOT ttc, found out right after dh's vasectomy!! : )

Caroline: Is that glycohemoglobin just a blood test? Cause if it is, WHY do they force us to eat that junky sugary pop? Cause I NEVER drink pop (okay sometimes, I do, but we're talking RARELY RARELY) and that's a LOT of sugar! Seems stupid to me!

Jilly: Good luck with the posterior junk! My sister's first was posterior, and she calls his delivery her vaginal c-section. Ouch. She had a 4th degree episiotomy. Her next 2 didn't even cause a tear though! And the 2nd was over a pound bigger than the first So hopefully if you can get bb into good positioning you can have a comfier delivery

Well, I'm feeling good again. I actually have *drumroll please* **3 hours a day** of sitting privileges!!!!!! Today I sewed Libby a kitty puppet with a 1/2 hour of my sitting It is very wonky but she loves it, cause she's only 18 months Not too harsh of a critic... I did hold my breath though when I held it up and said "what is it, Libby?" Huge sigh of relief when she said "keekee cat!!" Whew!

Oh, and I checked my cervix.... that was rather difficult around the ole belly.... but umm, when I finally found her she was HIGH HIGH HIGH and hard as a rock. Yep, that sounds like ole Cervie the Cervix to me. She's always been a bit dilation-resistant

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LOL, you guys crack me up!

Well, I am *not* about to have my baby right now, but I am getting ready (admittedly a little early). The OB said that everything looks great, the baby is big and healthy, all of my stuff looks wonderful (BP, urine tests ect) so he said that *if* my body were to decide to have this babe a little early, they won't try to mess with mother nature. He doesn't think I' about to have it any day though. He said that it is completely likely that I might have the baby early, but that I *could* manage to just keep doing this even past my due date. I guess you can never tell. But anyway, I am relieved to know that I *shouldn't* go into labor withen the next couple days or anything. Maybe I will just be one of those ladies that have a really long warm-up and then a nice short labor Boy, that would be nice.
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Ugh - out of breath.

Need I say more ?
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So did he check you Lena??

LizaBear: I hear ya!
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
So did he check you Lena??

LizaBear: I hear ya!
Oh yeah, I guess you guys probably want to know the particulars. It's not as bad as I thought, just like 2 and maybe 25% effaced. Of course she's low, but I already knew that

Oh, and my BP was 104/60, only mentioning that b/c it was the first time the nurse told me what it was I guess I didn't realize that until now.
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Awww...good news Lena .....glad you went and got it all checked out!!!

back MommyCaroline we've missed you!

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new thread? who'da thunk it. 'esplains' why I had no new posts to go looking for!

I check my own cervix. I have a prolapse so when it was really low I learned it good. Now I can find it fairly easily. Last time I checked I was not really dialated. Well, I was, not just like I always am- fingerwidth. FWIW, I have been 4cm for WEEKS and still go poast dates.

I have my 33 week appt tomorrow. I think that is all.

Oh! Baby is now head down but can't decide between posterior and anterior. I assume for delivery it will be posterior since the placenta is anterior.

I got a manicure for ht first time in years and I love it. I may have to treat myself from now on every few weeks. Once I hit 35-36 weeks I WILL get pedicures.

Coworkers asked if I needed a shower today. I said maybe post baby for pink things if appropriate. I have done nothing else for this baby. I am trying to figure out the carseat issue, not sure what we are doing. Probably when I get back from MY business trip next week i will work on it some more.

Have great days everyone!!
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Jilly: http://www.spinningbabies.com/Pages/Page%204.html
http://www.homebirth.org.uk/ofp.htm Just two sites I have on baby positioning. I am with you there. It is so much easier to get a baby in the correct position before labor begins. Once it starts it is possible but usually takes a lot of tireing work. So keep it up and hopefully all your hard work will pay off in the end.

Lena: Great about your OB apt. today.

Liza: I hear ya on the out of breath front. Some days She is high in my ribs and other days so low I can breath but I feel like I live in the bathroom cause I need to pee so much. Sorry TMI

I know I may have missed some but I need to go. Hope to catch up more later.

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You guys are killing me. I have not even caught up since the beach.

I had my 35 week on Mon. I will not go back until July 5 and then start the weeklies. I have to have my stuff ready by July 3 for the homebirth. Still need to mail in my registration stuff for the hospital just in case but I'm so in denial about this whole baby thing. I think DD is going to go nuts and I will just have her and the newborn attached to the nipples. DS is also asking to be carried all the time.

My iron dropped again so we think that is causing this unbelievable fatigue. 13.5 to 11. Although 11 in not anemia that's a big drop. So I am taking supplements because I have no appetite either. nothing sounds good I don't want to eat and have :Puke the last week or so. This morning was once after craving oj and back it came! POed!

The more pgs you have the more early labour you feel and the earlier on it starts. So, at this point all these ctx and BH are right on track.

Later mommies
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so good to hear from you Ketlive. I am sorry about the sickness. I can't imagine. You're really getting close now. 35 weeks. WOW!

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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
<snip>Caroline: Is that glycohemoglobin just a blood test? Cause if it is, WHY do they force us to eat that junky sugary pop? Cause I NEVER drink pop (okay sometimes, I do, but we're talking RARELY RARELY) and that's a LOT of sugar! Seems stupid to me!
Yes, the glycohemoglobin is just a blood test. One little vial of blood, perfectly easy to do, and I'm a very difficult person to draw blood from. MUCH better than the glucola they give you, and the TWO blood draws for the one hour screening. I have no earthly idea why they even administer the other tests, now that I know about this one, and will NEVER submit to the other tests again.

I'm in a foul mood. I was taking a nap (after a late shower) and the doorbell rang. Ordinarily, I would probably ignore it, but my car has been in the shop while I was out of town and when we went to pick it up the battery was dead because they left some light on. So, they were charging the battery, giving me a free oil change, and sending someone out with the car when it was done. When the doorbell rang, I thought that might be them, so I grabbed the nearest pants (floral capris) and shirt (black and white striped) and raced for the door. Now, I live out in the country. We're in Tallahassee, but I'm a few miles outside of town, across from a cow pasture (which I LOVE!) Only 12 houses on my little lane. NOBODY comes out here. The only traffic you see is my neighbors. Quiet, and that's the way I like it. So, I answer the door, and who do I see? A college aged girl with a bag full of books. She starts into a sales spiel, and I interrupt her saying "I was napping with my daughter, I'm very pregnant, and rather queasy right now. This is not a good time. Please leave and don't come back." She apologizes, then continues with the spiel. "I'm a college student, and I thought you might be interested in the wonderful educational tools I have to offer." UGH! I repeat myself "Perhaps you didn't hear me, I'M PREGNANT, NAPPING AND SICK! Go away and don't come back again." She gets all huffy with me, and says "Clearly you don't care about your child's education. Don't worry, I won't be troubling you again." Well, excuse me for living here! OMG! I can't even believe this happened. Why would anyone drive so far out for a sales call? She must have seen our house, which is admittedly much bigger than I thought we could afford, but we relocated from a major metropolitan area to a small town where real estate is much cheaper so we had lots of equity to invest. So, she saw our house, the swing set in the back yard, and said to herself "They must be loaded, and probably suckers, so I'll sell them some books." PUH-LEEZ!!!! I'm so angry I could spit. I just don't get people. I should have taken her card and called her in the middle of the night, just so she could experience the rude awakening she gave me this afternoon. And, I couldn't get back to sleep. Grrrrr!

Okay, vent off. Sorry you're sick, Ketilave. I hope you're better soon. I totally empathize. It's so unfair being sick this far along, huh?

Magemom, why not ask for some things for yourself. Gift certificates for more of those manicures or pedicures or something? I know people like to buy stuff for the kiddoes, but when you're on your second or more child, there's really not that much that you need anymore.

Lena, glad everything turned out okay. And, great BP!

Kimberly, hang in there! You're doing great! I'd love to see a photo of your kitty puppet. I need to figure out how to use my sewing machine. Making puppets (and diapers!) would be a great project for me to work on.

Liza, out of breath here, too! I swear this kid is up in my ribs half the time. I don't remember this with Bonnie so much.

Bears, wow! You are ambitious! I have SO much to do, and so little inclination to do it. You go!

Naturegirl, we're planning on using our RA for the new baby, but we're bringing our old infant seat along, just in case the babe's too small. It gets installed in the center of the back seat if you want the safest position, but it really depends on your vehicle. Call your local sherriff's office and have them install it for you. They do it for free, and will likely certify you, and give you any additional equipment you need to install it properly. They're trained to know what to do, so when you're clueless (as I was with our first) they can take care of you.

Traci, glad to be back! I missed our bed so much! I have so much more empathy for those struggling with cosleeping in a queen sized bed now. It's good to be back in our king. Now, I just HAVE to get our crib sidecarred so we have room for the new little one. There is no way the four of us would fit in our king.

Catch you all later. Time for dinner...
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ketilave: Ick on the sickness! I can *totally* sympathize with the anemia though! Mine was a 7. I've been on iron for 2 weeks now I guess? Hopefully it will help!

Here's baby Katie's diaper stash (first pic is the silly puppet!)

Awww, Caroline!! I am so sorry they came to your door like that! I hateeeeee door to door sales things!!! I can't STAND it!!! We have a HUGE sign that says "Please knock. Don't ring the doorbell." And they ALWAYS RING THE DOORBELL. Makes me SO mad when they wake dd up!!

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