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Can I just say....

I am now sick of this thread.

: :LOL
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Ack Jamie, you bumped it! :LOL
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Ok that was A LOT to read! I am sorry people are down about the fairy. I love reading about what people get! I just think it's awsome...

BUT, I just saw a BLATANT BLATANT BLATANT *fishing for a fairy* thread.

Can we all agree to call eachother out when we see this? Cause that's just cheap and nasty to blatantly ask for something.
I would hope my posts aren't taken as fishing to be fairied. I guess I should think harder when I post on some things but I tend to comment bluntly and if I see something I like and am broke, I will just say that plain out. That is why I stopped going in the TP for the past few weeks. I started feeling like I kept saying, oh what a cute diaper, too bad I am broke... It's not that I want someone to send me something for free... Cause in honesty i have a hard time accepting RAK things, just ask my friends who have yelled at me in the past over this... but I just comment to let someone know that their post was being looked at and I thought the diaper was cute and I say I am broke cause well... I have $17 in my paypal right now and that money plus a few more $ is already spoken for... So I don't want to give someone the impression that I can afford the diaper right now when I can't...

Actually my whole point of getting on the fairy list is because there is someone particular I have wanted to fairy for a very long time and just haven't found the right item at a time when I could afford it... So I got on so when I do get that perfect item I can send it... Hopefully that time will be soon...
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