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My husband and I are planning to relocate to the NY/NJ
area in August, and we're hoping to have baby #2
sometime next year. With that in mind, I've started
to research VBAC options in that area (we're thinking
of living in Jersey City). Does anyone have knowledge
or experience with the birthing center at St. Luke's
Roosevelt? I found that a midwife who was in the
practice I saw early in my last pregnancy (we moved
from NYC to VA when I was six months along) is
affiliated with a new practice that works there,
called CBS. They claim a 66% VBAC success rate for
last year!

I would greatly appreciate any input on this or
general information about VBAC possibilities in the

I recently got my records back from my Cesarean and
apparently my uterus was double-sutured, so that
should shut up some of the concerns people seem to
feel free sharing with me. And I'm not even pregnant
yet! (rolling eyes)

Rachel in Virginia
DS 18 months (Cesarean due to FTP)
TTC #2 in September/October
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I VBAC'ed in NY...

Well, Long Island to be exact. There are many options in the area, some hard to find, some hard fought for.

I believe, and i could be wrong, that the MW's at St Vincent are those of the beloved Elizabeth Seton birthing center that sadly closed last year. Great option if you are going to persue a birth outside of the home. Because of the scarlet "C" no birthing center will take you.

Hope your move is a smooth one and that you will be able to find a MW to attend your future birth.

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Yeah, I don't think the BC at St. Luke's does VBAC...My ds was delivered there, but with an OB (don't get me started) and I recently (December) attended the birth of a friend's baby there with a wonderful midwife by the name of Sylvie Blaustein (sp?) Much depends on the "caregiver" and the L&D is literally "right upstairs", so ymmv, but Sylvie is, I believe, the only reason my friend did not end up with a c/sec.

My OB when ds was born was the back-up for CBS, although she doesn't work with them anymore, I think. She was a nightmare. But, thanks to her, my dd was an AMAZING home waterbirth.

I do know there are readily available midwives for HBAC's, though, and could give you names to start from, if you wanted to explore that option.
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hackettstown USED to be cool, but...

as of june 30th, they wont "allow" vbacs anymore. :
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I had a VBAC 17 months ago at the Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ. (Which is exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway if you know NJ at all). I know several people who have VBAC'd there in the past 2 years, as well as a few other people who have VBAC'd at a smaller local hospital with OB's without any issues (but they aren't *crunchy* - which I guess actually says alot LOL). I used nurse midwives, the Center for Women's Health at Avon, NJ and was as pleased as could be with the whole experience (which altho I was starting out Bradley, I had prolonged labor at 4 cm for 3 days, contrax every 6 mintues for 52 hours, etc etc which I did at home, and then when I went to the hospital had a higher intervention birth but it was still WONDERFUL).

I think you can look into Englewood Medical Center in Englewood NJ (right near Fort Lee, Route 4, Bergen County) I think they are crunchier and VBAC also.

Good luck
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You could try

Newark Beth Israel and St Barnabas. I'm having mine at NBIMC but my OB is making an exception for me . . . she has a new baby and is only doing gyn and scheduled sections to make her career and motherhood work.
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Originally Posted by RNapmomma
Newark Beth Israel and St Barnabas. I'm having mine at NBIMC but my OB is making an exception for me . . . she has a new baby and is only doing gyn and scheduled sections to make her career and motherhood work.
I had my 1st at St. Barnabas and I will NEVER EVER go back. Very managed birth, very formula pushing, very anti-AP, no rooming in, etc. Although they allow VBACs, I bet you'll be strapped to a bed the whole time. But that's just my opinion.
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I have heard the same thing about St. Barnabas, that it is a "baby mill" and there are no private post-partum rooms - no rooming in, no matter what, which makes breastfeeding, and good rest, practically impossible.
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There are private post-partum rooms but you have to pay an add'l, non-insured, $200/night. And still no rooming in. I was in my non-private room with a horrid woman who WOULD NOT turn off her lights or tv regardless of time of day. Worse, I fell asleep holding my sleeping ds who was about 30 hours old at the time (it was about midnight) and the nurse YELLED AT ME and basically told me off. It was awful, and I was too tired to argue, and dh had already gone home. I still get a pit in my stomach when I even drive near the hospital.
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No rooming in? Blech

So much for that
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St. Luke's Roosevelt Birthing Center will not take VBACs. You can birth on the regular l&d ward with a birth center midwife, though. No birth center in the city will take a VBAC, not freestanding or hospital.

The Seton midwives have all left St. Vincent's. One of them works at Bellevue b.c., another at Long Island College b.c. They're dispersed.
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