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I am a graduate student in clinical psychology and am working on a study looking at how experiences of different childhood experiences affect parenting. I am interested in questioning women who were mistreated as children as well as women who had less painful childhoods. My specific goals are to look at the different ways mothers care for and think about their young children and to explore how different kinds of child experiences affect both parenting and adult relationships. To participate in the study, you would fill out a number of questionnaires asking about relationships with people, about feelings, and about parenting practices. Some forms will also ask about any troubling experiences that you might have had as a child.

Everyone who completes the one-time questionnaire will receive a free copy of Parenting Young Children, a book of useful strategies for caring for children under six. The book costs $16 in area bookstores. If you are interested in participating, please call 301-203-0637 (Washington D.C. area) or 866-211-7545 (toll free), or email with your name and address.

Antonia Bookbinder, M.A.