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Need a house mate- Virginia

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Hey y'all

I'm a single mum, for all intents and purposes, with two girls, ages 9 years and 7 months. I live in a farmhouse on 5 acres in the mountains of rural Virginia. I am an hour and a half from Washington DC, 45 mins from Charlottesville. We have ponies and sheep and a goat, as well as two dogs and some cats. There are two bedrooms 15x15 going spare. In addition there are two full baths, a sitting room, a play room, a washer dryer in the downstairs bath, and a country kitchen, as well as a porch each for sun rise and sun set.

My community is amazing, it's full of artists and hippies and there's lots of love and support to go around. Alternative medicine and health food stores are nearby. I am within a few miles of Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Dr. There is a waldorf inspired school 15 minutes away.

I don't smoke, but will occasionally drink a glass of wine with dinner, and am NOT religious. Spiritual, yes, organized religion, no.
I recycle, I buy organic, I am not a vegetarian. I could use a little bit energy tasked into cleaning.

I need a housemate to help me make ends meet and it wouldn't be such a bad thing to be able to take a bath by myself once in a while either.

Money is flexible, I'd LOVE someone who knew one end of a power tool from another so that maybe we could trade off work, I'd love to have a real honest to goodness co-meals co-caring family situation where communication is the most important thing.

My ex husband wanders in and out to help with big stuff. He is loving and funny and respectful. He shows up maybe 3-4 days out of the month, max. No bad ex-stuff here. :

Right up front: I will do background checks before anyone moves in. Not credit, background. Please don't pm me if you have any criminal history of violence or domestic abuse.

Anyone interested?
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OMG! If you were only in TX I would move right in!!! Sounds lovely. Good luck finding the perfect family to share your home!
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WOW this sounds fantastic! I may be moving to Eugene OR this fall but I tell you if I end up not moving I would consider being your housemate! My bros live close to you, it would nice to live near them so Kaya would know them!

Any chance you have pics of this beautiful place?

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Moon... where are you? Sounds like where I am. I live in Afton. Morning side of the blue ridge!!! I can see the Skyline dr. and Parkway from my house.

Sounds like we are neighbors.
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