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can I trick my body?

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I am still nursing a 17 month old, including once or twice at night. I work out of the home about 5-7 hours at night without pumping, and I still haven't gotten af back yet. No period is great and all, but we were (are??) planning to ttc in August.

She is not ready to be nightweaned, but I was wondering if there was anyway I could trick my body into becomming fertile again. Ok, so that doesn't make much sense. But has anyone btdt? Any clues or suggestions?
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sorry no advice and this is *so* OT but all this time i thought ur screen name was great FL mom (meaning ur from florida) and i just realized is 'greatful mom' wow what an epiphany. LOL

sorry hope someone can help u
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u arent the 1st one! :LOL
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I have been wondering the same thing, and I am only 11 months into nursing! I recently read in both Wise Woman Herbal and Garden of Fertility (I think that is the title) that ovulation is controlled by light. So a way of encouraging your body to go ahead and ovulate is to "leave a light on in your bedroom for three nights midway through your menstrual cycle; all other nights keep the room in total darkness. You will ovulate when the light is on." (WWH) The other book was more helpful for those of us not having cycles yet and suggested that when/if you notice increased vaginal fluids to leave the bathroom light on and allow a shaft of light into your bedroom or to keep a very low wattage bulb on in our room for 4 nights to try to get your body to ovulate. I haven't tried this yet because I am not really ready for another baby yet but it is worth a try. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried it and whether or not it worked!

ETA: Sorry for just jumping into this forum I was just lurking and saw a topic I have been thinking about lately!
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You aren't jumping in! that is why I asked, jump away!!!!!

I have heard of light and cycle connections (makes me think of the moon) and someone once told me if I didn't want to ovulate, to sleep in a totally dark room 9which I do anyway) with the baby. I guess it has worked (too well!)
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Sounds like we're in about the same boat! We nightweaned (for fertility and other reasons) when dd was 17 mo in mid-June. I *may* have ovulated on Sunday. I get about 8-9 hours without nursing at night and I would think 7 hours or so would be effective, too. Hmmm.

The light thing is facinating!

Also, try gaining some weight. Something about body fat increases estrogen levels and can help get you over that hormone threshhold. It's like the opposite of being too skinny and not having cycles.

Hopefully we'll both get our August babes!

Good luck!
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