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What can I use to get rid of clogged pores?

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I have tons of icky clogged pores on my nose and nothing I've tried gets rid of them. I've tried all kinds of cleansers, exfoliating, clay masks, astrigents, even those pore strips don't get rid of them all. Any ideas? At this point, I'm past caring if it's all natural or not, as long as they're gone!

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I can't wait to here the responses to this. I've fought this battle all my life - blackheads all over my nose. I can't stand them! Please, please someone have a remedy!
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Although not natural, I love Proactiv.

Have you tried cleansing your face w/ oatmeal and then using witch hazel as an astrigent?
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The very, very, very best treatment for blackheads is, IMO, a carribiner. Slightly painful, but I would say "natural".

For those who don't know, a carribiner (sp?) is a small metal instrument with a loop of metal on each end. You see your esthetician use one during a European facial. (And, you can buy them in Linens 'N' Things - they have all kinds of bathroom tools, nail files, clippers, small mirrors, yada yada up towards the registers).

So, steam your face really well (I like to throw some Swiss Kriss laxative in the hot water, weird, I know, but it does help you to "get rid" of the gunk on your face), then after your pores are open, use a magnifying mirror and the carribiner to press out the blackheads.

It's really easy to figure out the tool. You simply lay it with the rounded end on the "outside" a blackhead and press - usually the whole thing will just pop right out intact. Gross, I know, but it leaves absolutely no scarring or marks if you do it right, and your skin looks really clear with weekly (or, sometimes twice weekly) use. Be forewarned, I find the nose blackheads the MOST painful to get out - just because there isn't as much "give", but it is so worth it.

If you try this - let us know how it works.
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off to linens n things!
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I've tried the witch hazel, but never the oatmeal. What do you mix with the oatmeal. And I don't know if there is a Linen N Things near me. I'll have to look into that. Thanks!

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cool, i will get one of those for dh. i hate squeezing his nose it looks like it hurts!
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I found pregnancy helped :LOL Whenever I am pg, I have the most beautiful, clear, blemish free skin.

THe caribiner(sp) thing only really helps keep the problem at bay - as a pose to solving it. IMO constantly removing them makes the skin blotchy & draws attention to what is left & too small to get out.

What I have found helps is diet. Get lots of water, lots of EFAs, avoid hydrogenated fats & sugar & refined carbs.

AHA facials help. Be careful what sort of oils you put on your skin. Lots of natural moisturisers are comedogenic. Avoid things with almond oil in like the plague! Also be careful how much you handle your face during the day ie don't lean on your chin with your hands !

It's consistant face care that helps too. Do a scrub & a masque once or twice a week. Cleanse twice a day etc. You may have to keep this up for a couple of months before you start to notice a diff. Wha will happen eventually is the large ones will go & the smaller ones that were forming to take over have a chance. So your skin will get progressively better. You just need to keep at it.
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I use one of those tools and love it. They work great. Now if only my dh would let me use it on his blackheads.....
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Beta hydroxy acid (aka salicylic acid, or just plain aspirin) products. BHA exfoliates within the pore better than AHA, it dissolves the oil.

Also grapefruit seed extract.
See my post here for some products I like to refine skin: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=147797

Aspirin mask:

B5 pantothenic acid for reducing pore size and acne:

Plain Milk of magnesia applied as a mask several times a week will absorb the oil plugs and is soothing to sensitive skin.
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You just need to make a paste of water and oatmeal - think of it as a mask.
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