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How much do CDing parents have in common?

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So, this is really a thread to see what everybody does for a living-maybe there is a trend with particular job interests and skills that is associated with cloth diapering (it's a stretch, but it is diaper related

So, what do you and ds or dp (if you have one) do?

I will start:
I am a part time (very) adjunct faculty at a local university, I teach science (Environmental Micro, Nutrition-all the "ologies")

no dh or dp here-but ds' dad is an auto mechanic and tattoo artist
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I'm a SAHM.

Dh is an engineer/analyst type in the airline industry.
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This is kind of fun.

My career now is a SAHM, prior to my DD I was a mechanical engineer in the oil industry. My DH works for the State Troopers. Haven't found any other oil mongers here LOL
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I'm a SAHM, with a degree in environmental science, and my dh is a reactor operator at a nuclear power plant.
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I am a SAHM and DH is a computer programmer/manager
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yowza-and I thought I had stress!
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I am a SAHM, my husband is a computer geek.
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i'm a sahm, degree in social sciences
dh is in computers
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OOoooo thanks for starting!

I am a SAHM...I went to school for business, then took make-up art at a college for fun.

My husband owns a bunch of pizza shops.


Oh and I am 27 and my DH is 33. I tried being crunchy once,(even bought Birkies and a batik tie behind dress) but I was not fooling anyone. We are more like wet bread. Hey I tried though.

Looking forward to learning about the rest of you.
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Now I am a SAHM but before the kiddies I was a CSR Manager for a local call center. And DH is the General Manager for a local Car Care Center, he pretty much runs the show.
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I was a SAHM/WAHM until Maxi was 13 months when I went back to work for the legal dept of a VERY large Corp. I am hoping to sometime be able to stay home again and just be a WAHM (its hard doing both).

DH is a baseball player and has always since I met him in college. He has no clue about the *real* working world! LOL!

We are not super crunchy but more than most people we know. We BF, CD, Co sleep, eat organic, recycle (mainly try to reduce first though), selectively vax and the more time goes on and the more I read and research the more *natural* we become.

We are a pretty conservative family in principle but not so much in the way we live -- sort of weird I know!
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ok sahms-what about pre baby?
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Iam a sahm and my Dh work as a computer admidtrator.
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DH and I are both students. I'm studying to be an IBCLC and dh is majoring in radiation health physics. He will mix chemo drugs and other scary stuff like that
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Looks like we have some stuff in common.

I'm a SAH weight lifting, super shopper, gardening mama and DH is a chopper riding, power lifting computer geek.

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Currently a SAHM but before that I worked for a Contract Research Organization in the Data Management department. Basically processing the data from the clinical trials and prepping it for Biostatistics.

Hubby's a computer geek but specifically a SysAdmin for a national HMO.

I'm also recently crunchy (BF, CS, slinging, CDer) but socially conservative.
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I'm a SAHM (who also happens to work *very* part-time from home as a paralegal).

DH is a financial analyst at a nuclear power plant.
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Up until a few weeks ago I was a part time preschool teacher.I am now all WAHM.Before I had ds I worked at daycares and was a nanny.

I am a single mother. I will be looking for another job soon to pay the bills but I am wanting to enjoy some summertime with my son.

I enjoy gardening , painting , and baseball when I am not diaper shopping :LOL
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I'm an environmental planner and work full-time (plus) for an engineering consulting firm. My company is really great about working with employee's needs, and I work from home full-time as a teleworker (I have to go to the office in the big city about 1 day a week). DH is getting his PhD in International Politics and stays home with the kids (and it!).

I suppose my career is somewhat related to cloth diapering (just to keep things on topic!), since one of my clients manages a major landfill. Of course, that client thinks I'm a for using cloth
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I am a WAHM prior to my children I worked in food service management. DH is an Hvac installer ( heating venting air conditioning ) prior to that he was military
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