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I am now a sahm....before, I was a toddler/preschool teacher who had to change a LOT of stinky disposies every day....
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Originally Posted by MissSugarKane
Hmm he played near me in my retirement home?


That is awesome tho.I follow baseball so maybe we'll see him in the big leagues some day
Very funny! I KNOW where you are! I am from the same area until DH dragged me down here to AZ -- AKA hotter than the surface of the sun. :
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I SH- before kids I worked in two different fields depending on pay where I was living (I moved alot) Sometimes I worked as a nanny and sometimes I worked a photographer. I did a lot of negative retouching to.

My spouse is an actuary. A number monkey
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Originally Posted by summiebee
I am a major lover of high coture handbags and shoes(Chanel, LV, Gucci, Dior) oh and jewelry! The sa's at Sak's know me by name, It's sick.
A fellow bag lover!!! Cool!!! I'm seriously addicted to Chanel, Gucci and LV

My DH calls me a designer bag whore LOL
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Originally Posted by MissSugarKane
: okay I am laughing so hard and I am not even sure I get it :
The wetbread comment is too funny! :LOL

I'm a SAHM. Before I became a SAHM, I worked as a Decision Support Anaylst (computer consultant) for a database warehouse company and more specifically my last year there I supported a software package for a large entertainment rental client. I'm 27. My husband, who is also 27, is the distribution manager of a rent to rent furniture company.

Since I don't know what defines one as either wet bread or crunchy, I'll leave that out!
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I am a SAHM. Before kids I had completed one year of college and worked in daycare a little bit.
My dh is still in college finishing a business major and he is a hotel manager. Wants to open an eco friendly hotel one day.
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Originally Posted by AllyRae
I am now a sahm....before, I was a toddler/preschool teacher who had to change a LOT of stinky disposies every day....
Me too!! Millions, on 100s of kids! Only 4 were in cloth.
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Pre - DS I was a controller / office manager for a non-profit group. DH is an account specialist (District manager in training) for an automotive insurance company.
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I'm a family practice doctor, and dh is a paramedic and EMS instructor. We're both old farts - I'm 41 and he's 56!
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I'm a SAHM/WAHM and Dh is a 3-D artist.
Before kids I was in retail management.
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DH is in the Navy (nuke).

I am getting ready to be a SAHM. Before that I was a nuclear engineer and next year I will be starting grad school to get my Master's in Radiation Physics.
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dh and I are both engineers. He's mechanical, I'm civil/environmental. I only work part time now and also get to telecommute so I only have to go in to the office 2 days a week. I would like to be a SAHM but my job is to good to give up right now
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I am a SAHM (never had a paying job), and DH is a charter captain.
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I am a wahm and dh is an electrician. Before kids I worked for the local telephone co. but was part of a downsizing so here I am! Hmmm we are 28 (me) and 27 (him) and are a little crispy. Not quite crunchy but more so than our irl friends and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than his family
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Originally Posted by summiebee
Are you guys wet bread too?
:LOL Depends on who you ask. In image conscious DFW, where I live, we're freaks. We go to the mall and get stared at for having 4 kids and nursing in public and changing cloth diapers and using a sling. A lot of people would freak here if they knew I was nursing a 2 yr old. But, compared to a lot of crunchy people I know, we're not that crunchy.
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DH is an officer in the AirForce.

I am a SAHM/WAHM. I hold degrees in Chem/Bio/Business. I never used them since my other job was professional military wife.

We are semi-crunchy. Not out of reading a book but rather following our gut. I had no clue what AP was when I had DS#1
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I'm a WAHM with a design degree and I finished school early, started my company in the middle of my schooling (did a few seasons with a few lines of Children's clothing selling them to stores all over the US). I was also a national Figure Skater until the day I got pregnant. Then I coached on ice until 12 weeks pregnant and then until my pre-term labor started at 25 weeks on the sidelines. I also started sewing at age 8, helping my grandma, who made my skating outfits.
My life has always been skating, sewing and now just sewing and Hunter

ETA: I'm a single mama and never knew what "AP" was until I had Hunter and that became my parenting style by nature, I just did what I felt was right for him and best for us as a family

ETA(again): I will be 23 in a few weeks, I use mama cloth, made (try to still) Hunter's food, buy organic when I can afford it, Hunter is in cloth diapers, lives in his sling (and loves it), self weaned at 16.5 months , co-slept for 18 months (again by his choice).. he's pretty independent!
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I am an English teacher, but am currently teaching Science.
DH runs a 24 hr rental car company but is currently part time for sahd duties.

28 and 39 respectively
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Wow, not seeing much of a trend here are we?
I am a knitting wahm, but before dd I was a cad draftsman for a civil engineering/land surveying firm.
My hubby is a graphic artist for a local printing company and a dedicated dvd/book/autograph collecting night owl.
We are old too! I'm 42 (ouch!) and he is 47.
We are not crunchy but for people our age in our area I think we do all right. I know the toddler bf is pretty rare in these parts! Of course, we don't have enought money to be really effective gluttonous overconsumers. Maybe one day
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I am a SAHM now, but pre-babies I was a elementary and middle school band director for 7 years. I still teach private lessons out of the house.

DH is an electrical/systems engineer. I really don't understand what he does.

I am 31 and DH will be 30 this year.
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