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Originally Posted by summiebee
Water ice? Do enlighten me!
omg - you are missing out! It's like waterier Italian ice - with a teeny bit of real fruit pureed in there (and tons of sugar) SOOOO GOOD! Huge thing in the tri-state area.
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I am a mother of 4 children

I have an accounting degree but rarely use it because I really hate it. My dh has had several jobs. Military, security work, gasoline transport, crane hoisting operator. He is now working on becoming a seaman. My oldest daughter Lorrie has been accepting to university in the field of teaching. My youngest daughter Valerie has been accepted in the field of journalisium. Zeke wants to be a police officer and we do not know what Alek wants to be yet.
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I'm a summer (high school level) program administrator (glorified secretary ?? ). Currently working pt on elem ed certficate (shd student teach next spring). ABD in anthrpology (over 10 yrs since went abd).

DH is sahd, used to be hippie carpenter.

I dont have as much time/energy as want to be truly crunchy...but I think we have decent resource consciousness and we're intuitively AP in many ways.
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Originally Posted by 15yrsbetweenboys
ok sahms-what about pre baby?
I am a SAHM and DH is a Lead at UPS Logistics working on the NikeTown.com account. Before becoming a SAHM I was a Mental Health Specialist at an impatient psychiatric facility. I spent 1 year working on a teenage forensic unit and 3 years working with children and adolescents with Autisim.
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I am a SAHM with a degree in Psychology. My dh is a financial controller.
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Diaper makin' sahm
28, will be 29 in less than 2 weeks
Prior to being a sahm, I was the director at a child care/early learning facility where I was also the Kindergarten teacher
I am now also a very part time (like a couple of times a year) cake decorator, free lance curriculum writer, homeschoolin' diaper makin' mama

His main job is to be a major PIMA, lol!
He works in IT for a major law firm here

I'm crunchy, dh is not so much. He's more like soggy bread. I do the whole bf, co-sleeping, homeschooling, selective vax, non-circ, organic (as much as possible), no meat (again as much as possible - dh is currently on a carb free starvation diet, so I am making some poultry here and there to entice him to eat something, hence one of the reasons for his main job above), slinging, trying to hard to be gentle disciplining thing.
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This is fun! I think it's interesting to see how different everyone is

I'm a SAHM.

I actually don't usually talk about what I "used to do". It's weird...for the first few years I was home I always felt the need to tell people what I used to do...maybe it made me feel more important. I don't know. Then along the way I realized that being a SAHM wasn't just a phase in life for me...it was really the best thing I could do for our family and I stopped talking about what I used to do.

All that being said - I used to make money consulting for various businesses. I hated doing it, but was really good at it and people kept wanting to pay me for it. Other than that I've done many things in my life and have background in education, gerontology, psychology, physical therapy, CMT, Reiki, art, llama training, animal husbandry, blah blah blah blah blah. Different interests at different stages of life.

I'll be 39 in August. And I'm told that places me in the older group -woohoo!

Dh is 41 and he's one of those people that always knew what he wanted to do and always done the same thing. He's a Director for an Architecture firm.

Crunchy? well that depends on who you talk to. I don't think we really are at all. But I know some think we are very crunchy.
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Crunchy? Definatly. But I like cute bags whether they are handmade by a talented lady or whether they are Coach.

And Summie, I think you should spend your handbag $$ (sounds like you have enough already!) at Baby Bloomrs instead, getting lots of cute things for your princess.... better and more fun to spend the bucks towards an awesome single mama's business than towards Louis Vuitton or Chanel corporation! (cuter prints too
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I have a BS in Agriculture, major in Animal Science, minor in Chemistry. Pre-my girlies I worked as a veterinary technician. Have been a sahm for 4 years but I do get my "sanity time" at the vet clinic for 4.5 hours of work each week. Bless my boss!!

Dh has an MBA and is some sort of supervisor at Intel. Big computer geek He also has a small business license and builds computer systems for small businesses, does networking and PC repair on the side. Big big computer geek.

I'm 30, dh is 36

We are soggy. Very soggy. I did bf my 2nd baby and have cd'd both of them. We have done some cosleeping, but that's about it. I'm trying to crunch-up a bit, though.
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I'm on maternity leave from being a emergency room nurse
Husband is the IT manager at the local hospital
We are crunchy compared to some people we know but on the crispy side to others.
I don't even have a purse, i just but stuff in my pockets thus i'm always losing my bankcard.!!
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wow cool thread
I used to be a meat cutter/wrapper: and a college student now I'm a teacher and an artist and a daycare providor and a housekeeper and .... oh wait I guess I am just a work at home mom (it's been one of those days)
Dh is a full time student and works on the weapons systems on the F-22 in the Air force. Oh and a full time video game player :
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Up until Josh was born I was a registered nurse in the adult ICU, but I'm currently a SAHM. I will go back to work eventually, but Josh won't take the bottle yet so here I sit. DH is a computer engineer/manager.
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I this thread.
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Cool thread- I am an RN (FNP in training), dh is a research scientist in Ecology at UC Davis. I guess we're slightly crunchy (we are raft guides, we like spending time outdoors, we recycle), but we aren't the crunchiest of our friends.
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Pre-DD I was on my way to getting my own store (retail), in college for business. Now have since switched am about to go to school for Holistic Childcare!! DB is currently a bartender, going to school for economics/finance.
Right now I am just working at a hospital just so I can have a job (and am thankful! I just work on Saturdays, for now)-my mom works there too, so it's cool!
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I'm a SAHM for the past 2 years. I used to work as a dental assistant. DH is a Financial advisor.

I don't consider myself crunchy, I'm sure others do since I am the only one I know who CDs, Co- sleeps and BFs a toddler and recycles
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I am a SAHM now, definately my favorite job so far...before my 4 came along I was in the criminal justice department...before that accounting...prior to that andpresently do cosmetology needs for family, friends, and a few senior citizens that can't get out.
Dh is a rebuild technician and part-time farmer.
As far as the crunchy line goes...we are somewhat crunchy with room for improvement lol!
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I have a diploma in Civil Engineering, but right now I am a SAHM indefinately. I may take up massage therapy or some other holistic part time career when ds is in school full-time.

Dh is an Aircraft Maintainance Engineer
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I am a SAHM. I plan to finish school and get my masters and i will be a C.N.M. when my girls are in school. I will have a small patient load so i can provide very personal care and still be able to be there for my girls. When my dh gets back next year i want to get my teaching license for the bradley method. I want to teach one class a week to bring in a little extra money. Its hard living on a military income.

My dh is in the army. He is a network systems operator. He gets out in 2 years and he will do the same but for a civilian company. He is in Afghanistan right now.
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I've got degrees in Botany and Horticultural Science, but currently work in psychiatric clinical research. Go figure. It pays the bills.

DH is a biologist for a government agency. At heart we are both living-off-the-grid organic farmers..... someday....

I was raised "crunchy", but back in the 60's and 70's, if you bf, made your own babyfood, and CD, you were poor, not "making a statement". :LOL I think my mom's friends and family who were "living better through chemistry" felt sorry for her at the time!

By Oregon standards (especially in academic/research circles) we're pretty average, but DH's family back east thinks we are crazy-super-crunchy granola!

I'm 30 and DH is 36.

BTW, KayleeZoo/Brandi are you an Oregonian? For some reason you just sound like one to me....
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