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Bathing by themselves???

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At what age did you start letting your child take a bath by themselves?
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As in not in the room or as in not in the bathtub with them? I was never much into co-bathing. Co-sleeping I can handle, co-bathing was too uncomfortable for me. So, both of my kids have always been in the tub by themselves. I think my older child was about 3 1/2 or so when I started to venture out of the room (but nearby), but about that time he switched to showers. After a month or so of showering with him, my husband stepped out and he is now very happily on his own.
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you mean bathing themselves all by themselves right? i haven't been there done that yet, my dd's only 22 months old, but i figure prob around 3, 3.5, with a little help from me to wash her hair
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Yeah all by themselves, but with you near-by, and still going in to wash thier hair etc.

DS is 2 1/2 and he keeps telling me go go, when hes in the bath, but im feeling kinda like "well should he be by himself?"
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My dd will be 3 at the end of next month. She has been bathing (actually playing....I've already washed her hair, helped her wash herself and assisted with toothbrushing before I leave the room) by herself for a few months now. The bathroom she bathes in is close to the kitchen which allows me to hear what is going on while I'm cooking or cleaning up. She is usually talking or singing If I hear a break in the action, I go in to check.
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Wow, I just read the swimming pool thread which had a lot of info on drowning and I can't imagine leaving the room (at all) till dd's like - well, I don't know, but not a toddler anymore. She's 2.5 now. Seems like even a 3 year old might stand and slip & hit their head. And it takes so little water to get into their lungs...
Yeah, probably wouldn't ever happen, but still... I think I'm in the room for a while yet.

hugs, mb
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Originally Posted by mamabutterfly
Seems like even a 3 year old might stand and slip & hit their head. And it takes so little water to get into their lungs...
Yeah, probably wouldn't ever happen, but still... I think I'm in the room for a while yet.
A couple of thoughts. First, you need to put the danger of this in perspective. Not that you don't need to be aware of it, but there are a lot of things that are more likely to happen -- for real harm to occur in this sort of scenario really takes a lot of things to happen, and the chances of them ALL going wrong are really zero for all practical purposes. Of course, there are steps you need to take to minimize the risk -- non-slip surface, padded spigot, and staying within ear-shot (and not running the vacuum or something else that blocks sounds). You can do a lot while still being able to hear your child in the tub, and you would certainly hear them fall and hit something. And even if the above happened, if you were in another room and heard it, you could get there in time to have a "no harm done", though scary, situation.

Everyone needs to find their own comfort levels with this sort of thing. For me, if I lived with this constant feeling of risk and the need to protect them from every single possible harm, I couldn't function. So I worry about the big ones and let the little ones go. And the above, to me, is so minimal as not to be worth it. Which isn't to say that if my child wanted company, I wouldn't do it -- I frequently still keep my 4 1/2 year old company if requested. I just don't feel like I have to if the child is ready for some privacy.
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ITA with the last post. Since dd is ...ahem... a LOUD talker (more of a screamer) I do leave the room to get her pjs ready, etc. and do the general pickup of the upstairs. I feel OK with that, so that's what I do.
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Wow, I guess I must really baby my kids, lol... I bathed my oldest right up until I had my second child when she was almost 5 years old! I felt so horrible too! She's been bathing herself ever since. My other 2 children, ages 3 and 2 I still bath them! LOL...
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My DD prefers to shower now, with 20 animals. LOL. And she insists on doing it alone. I keep the door open and sit outside the door reading or whatever. I usually hop in with her at first to wash her body and hair, and then she says mommy, out! They grow so fast.

In a bath tub I don't leave her alone yet, but baths at this point are few and far between.
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My oldest will be 3 in July and she can be in the tub by herself with me close by. I think it depends on your child. She isn't much of a climber or very wild, so I know she will sit, play with her toys, and sing. My youngest however, is definetly not allowed!
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