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Hey all,

I'm in Marietta near the square and CDing DD for 6 months now.

I'd love a swap party, especially since I just got three nice Bumkins vented covers on Ebay that are all too small for my extra large babe. Oh well.
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My name is Bethany and I just started Cding my 2 babes in the end of November!! I live in Dacula and would love to come to a diaper party!! It is so hard to just find other SAHM moms w/ young kids around here, let alone ones that CD and BF!! I just PM'd ChristyH this morning about meeting up before I even saw this thread!
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Ok, we really need to set a party date now. So many cool mamas that live around here to meet!

So is weekdays or weekends better for everyone?
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Either is good for me (afternoon rather than morning).
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I am pretty flexible... any time that isn't between about 1-3 as I have pick up a girl from her school then and take her home.. Mornings, later afternoon, or evenings, or weekends... anytime!!
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The only days that aren't good for me are Mon-Wed since my DD has Speech and Music therapies that day. But anytime Thursday, Friday or the weekend
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I prefer mornings and weekdays-Thurs is best-but really, I am pretty flexible and can do most anytime.
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thursday morning is perfect!
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Cool, sounds like a Thursday would be a good day. Mornings are best for me since I need to be home in time to get my kindergartener off the bus
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Ok, so Thursday mornings sound like they're the best time for most of us, right? I'd be more than willing to host the diaper party at my house. I live in Lawrenceville near Mall of Georgia for reference. I'll just have to make my sister come over and help me clean before anyone comes over. :LOL

So...what dates are good for everyone? Let's get an idea so we can set a date.
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any thursday is good for me. i'll make it a priority.

it's great to have company cause, if you're like me, it FORCES you to clean.
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I'm in Marietta, and I agree that with traffic some places just a few miles away might as well be on the moon! I rarely head ITP without serious reason and never during school days since that always seems to be when the school nurse calls and says I need to pick someone up! As for CDing, my littlest is pretty well potty trained so I'm almost fluff free. I've started a similar addiction for really cute girly underpants Thankfully, they are WAY cheaper than fluff!

ChristyH, are you the same Christy from the Atl hipmamas list?
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How about Feb. 24th at 10am? We started another thread for the diaper party but if you want more info, PM me.
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Sorry to chime in so late....We would lvoe to join you....as always I would volunteer my home downtown (central to all sides of ATL) by the zoo too. That way we cold combine party and other stuff.

But Thursday is bad for us as we have speech that day at 11....and I have one to get off teh bus at 2:30.

Sorry to chime in so late and potentially wreck the party....
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