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I had a front pack for dd as an infant, but she HATED it. The first time I ever saw someone use a sling was actually in Disney World, waiting in line for It's a Small WOrld, when dd was 2. I thought it was such a great idea!! Shortly thereafter, I found our AP Homeschooling group and everyone had a sling. And when I got pg with ds, the sling was the first thing I committed to buy!
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My mom used a purple with blue polka dot snugli for my little sis' (both of them) and then passed the snugli on to me when she was done. I was at ren faire while preggo and I saw a mom wearing her baby in an OTSBH, and I thought it was interesting, but it didn't occur to me that the OTSBH wasn't part of her garb until about 7 months later, dd had outgrown the snugli, I sold her stroller, and started reading the AP board at Babycenter. The rest, as they say, is history.
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My sister had her 2nd baby 6mos. before I had my first child, and she was always wearing him in a snugli or backpack. Someone had gotten us a snugli for a shower gift, we struggled with it once and then went straight to the store and bought the only sling they had, it was a NoJo baby sling. I used that with my first ds, and got a Newnative, and now a Mayawrap with my baby ds. Other than my sister, and magazines, I don't remember seeing anyone wearing their baby, at least not anyone I noticed!
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I was first introduced to slings at La Leche League before my ds was born. Ordered a New Native Carrier, and ended up hating it. DS was so small, and there was just no adjusting it. I got a baby holder and was hooked. I even sell them now!..I love to be the first to see and feel the new fabrics. DD is in hers whenever we go out... and a lot at the computer, then I can type with both hands...LOL
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