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Thanks, Laila. I agree with you. Rather than encouraging her to just walk away from the difficulties, I am encouraging her to do the best she can to make it work, or else line something else up and give 2 week's notice.

Update: Yesterday she called me from work and asked me to pick her up a half hour early. When I arrived, she was in front talking to the manager. I assumed the worst, but was pleasantly surprised when he proceeded to tell me that she was doing an excellent job and that he knew he wasn't paying her enough, but was working on seeing if she could get a raise! It seems that her tears upon arrival prompted a discussion of the late hours and homework that she has in summer school, so they said she could leave work early this week. Today she came straight home from school, did her homework, and went (almost) merrily off to work. I'll see how she feels this evening when I pick her up.

Thanks, Kamalani
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Wow. Sometimes they move in leaps and bounds. I'm a li'l curious how things are with you and yours, Ocean. But no news is usually good news. {{{{{{{{{{hugs to all}}}}}}}}}}

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Hi Laila I'm back. We went away off down the South Island for a week. Had an awesome time. We stayed on this farm slap bang next to a deserted white sand ocean beach with just us, a few thousand sheep roaming the cliffs & a couple of hundred cows in the paddocks & a massive friendly tame sea lion & a few seals. It was a tad cold - being the middle of winter here, but not that bad at all, mainly just really cold at night. We even got to walk down the beach on the full moon with just us & the seals. It was like something out of all the fairy tales I used to read when I was little.

dd#1 is doing OK. She is still enjoying her course. We have had a few financial hiccups with me having to get her outdoor gear but I've tried to get her good stuff we can sell on when she's finished with it. I even managed to get her a set of rainbow striped thermals when I was away which she thought were really cool.

So far she's been up & out of bed in time & even complained that I was 5 minutes late getting her on Friday morning. They're off for a week to the ski fields to do some skiing on Monday. Then they're back for the weekend & off again to Rakino Island to put down bait traps for the rodents. She even spent a day last week ( ) pruning native trees & planting them in one of the local regional parks. She has also volunteered ( the eek smilie doesn't really do it for this one. I really need a faint clean away in shock one! ) to help me finish off the back yard tomorrow - FOR NO MONEY EITHER!!!!!

So basically we still have everything crossed, but so far so good.

I feel for your dd kamalani. I remember only too well those crappy jobs you get when you're a teen. I think part & parcel of the problem is the way people in general, especially most employers & customers, treat teenagers. I won't even go into how little they get paid & then expected to do the same job an older person would do, as competently, but for much less pay. I always make an effort not to be horrid to young people even if they are being incompetent. I'm pleased she's making progress with things tho'
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Your week sounded fabulous Ocean. Got me thinking of where I'd like to visit. I'm not really into the fly somewhere to spend a week at a hotel thing. I need natural light and sunshine and fresh air.

I also remember only too well those crappy jobs you get when you're a teen. Some of them could make you cringe. Or they can be real BORING. A lot of these types of jobs pay minimum wage (or slightly over - 25 or 50 cents) no matter if you're a student working the summer or if you've been there for months or years (and with no chance for advancement - ever) Some of us have continued on into adulthood with these same crappy jobs. Slave labour in the modern world. But that's another thread.
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