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But have ya'll tried pinning FLATS?? This dserves a new thread...

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Originally Posted by mehndi mama
Anyone using flats? ......... I like how super-trim the flats are, too.

I will be! I agree they are trim & really effective! I think this is THE way to diaper on trips where you'll be having access to who-knows-what washing machines (it's a no brainer to wash a 1 layer piece of fabric supa' clean in one hot cycle as opposed to a thick fitted, which you need to be familiar with the water and the machine to get your wash routine just right with multiple cycles and rinses ) and you may or may not want to pay for dryer cycles if it's coin operated, or even if you do, they'll dry, like, instantly. The insanely fast drying time (MUCH faster than a prefold) means you don't have to lug around your whole stash to get you through a long wash/dry routine....just maybe enough for the day and do a fast wash/dry once a day (they dry fast even hung up indoors!).... I could even see washing in a tub & hanging up in a hotel room overnight if there were no machines, or stopping at a laundromat near a diner for lunch on a road trip and gettin' your dipes washed and dried while you ate.

Flats are THE DIAPER around finland. Crunchy mamas 'round here use them exclusively mostly because they are easy to wash and fast to dry (most people dry on a rack, not in a dryer), and just wrap them around baby using the oragami fold and use a bumpy velcro wrap to hold it on in place. Of course without pins or a snappi, the cover gets messy, but they just have a lot of PUL covers on hand. They think my fitteds are bulky and complicated in terms of care and don't understand my love of pretty diapering.... :LOL

I just ordered 6 flatfold diapers from Sunflower Derrieres, a 30"x30" single layer of hemp fleece, dyed in pretty colors. I think I'll be able to snappi the smooth side. The oragami fold I use is exactly the same as on Stell's tutorial, even the end part where she folds the wings thinner (creates a gusset) and then folds the wings shorter before finally wrapping them around baby and securing them in the middle. Very neat looking, trim, and effective. Creates about 10 layers of fabric in my DS's wet zone, too. --plenty! She can make the flats out of organic cotton, too--one of mine will be made of that to try out. I think I'll get more of these to be my traveling stash so I will feel brave enough not to use sposies due to my confidence in caring for the dirty diapers so easily and quicklym as needed. For ease of putting them on, they could also be pocket stuffers!!! Same benefits of quick care, no learning curve with the folding.

Anyone else want to share experiences, comments, questions about flatfold diapers? Do you use the same folding technique?
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OT but have u always been in finland?

do u have any links /pics of flatfolds folded on a baby?
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I started looking into flatfolds for our camping trip this year. With two in dipes I had to bring a ton with me and wash at the camp site. It worked like a charm. For the baby we snappied and David we pinned. They dry in the sun in under 2 hrs.

When we got home I wanted to keep using them ( I had 6 doz. to play with)
So I dyed them. They look so pretty now and are still easy to use. For me, DH will not touch them. I bought just plain old birdseye flats from granitesmiths on ebay. They are nicer than gerber flats. I can't wait to diaper a newborn with them. The oragami (sp?) fold looks so trim for a newborn.
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My mom used flats on me which was perfect b/c the water was only on for 1 or 2 hours a day and electricity was expensive. (Okinawa, Japan) So she could wash them really quick and air dry (while running around flushing the toilets and washing the dishes )
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I'm soooo glad that I'm not the only one considering this. I just ordered some pins and birdseye flats from granitesmith after stumbling across some flat raves.
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No, I'm American--moved here 2 yrs ago.

http://www.fernandfaerie.com/sewing_flats.html --i don't do it this way in her 1st 5 pics, but the second 5 pics are exactly how i end things up.
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Looks way complicated for me to figure out, but I bookmarked the page for our next diaper emergency! We keep losing our electricity where we live due to bad storms (we live in a teeny village in valley) and invariably run out of diapers! I have had to get creative a few times. (Last time, I went into the new baby's stash box, pulled out all the soakers, and laid them in Lucy's wool. )

I have a lot of big squares of fabric! This could really come in handy....
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I used some Gerber flats when the kids were littler, they were pretty small though, and they only shrunk one way when I washed them, so they weren't a nice easy square for doing the origami fold. I enjoyed them though, and they definately seemed less bulky for the same performance as the (homemade by someone else) fitted dipes I had.

I'm hoping to return to using flats now, as we're exclusively air drying our dipes now. I just have to find some... and find the money for them, lol.
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Luckily, flats ase really cheap, 'specially if you find stuff around the house to cut up...
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Angelica- I couldn't find the flats on sunflower derriere's site. Are they hiding?
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Ok, I'm having a ball with pinning over the last few days so I insist on trying out the oragami fold even if it looks really complicated! I had flats here but Dan threw them out this morning!! : Granted I had them ready for the garbage but they've been sitting for 3 days.. what would one more day have been?

Oh and I emailed Sunflower about dyed organic cotton flats.
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Angelica- I couldn't find the flats on sunflower derriere's site. Are they hiding?
me too,
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Umm. Wow. That's a lot of folding. I am sure I could figure it out. I am going to have my Mother see if she remembers how to do it. SHe has been after me to try flats because that is what SHE used on me.

I took a napking folding class one time. Does that count? I can make napkins into birds, flowers, boats. It has to give me some flat folding brownie points somewhere!

Who in God's name takes napkin folding classes? To defend myself it was FREE.

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Originally Posted by summiebee
Who in God's name takes napkin folding classes? To defend myself it was FREE.
: Totally what I was thinking!
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I really like flatfolds for travel. I don't really like the gerber ones very much, they're kinda small and super-thin, like cheesecloth. But I do have really nice flatfolds that I got from JC Penney. The brand name is Wee Esentials. I think they are about $8 for a pack of 6, but I got them on sale for $6 a package and I had a coupon for $10 off any purchase so I wound up paying just $2 for 12 diapers

I just use two at a time - the first one I fold in half then fold like a prefold (using the newspaper fold) and the second one I just fold up a bunch of times and put it in like a doubler. They're no bulker than a regular prefold but dry in a snap!
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Okay... I guess the ones I have are the small ones b/c I can't figure out how to make them fit for the life of me. I do like them okay for stuffing pockets and planned on using that if I go on vacation. What's a good size??
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks
What's a good size??
I thought I heard 30 x 30 was a good size. The F&F site says to double your desired rise measurements. It also says 27 inches is standard.
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Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
: Totally what I was thinking!

LOL. It was on my honeymoon...LOL...Oh gosh...I am making is sound worse...LOL...anyhow my husband went off to take some sort of manly archery class or something like that and it was either napkin folding or someother lame thing or be alone for two hours...it was hilairious...all of these Stepford wives wanna bee's folding napkins for their dinner parties in the future and then me....LOL...
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With my older children all I used was flats. They were oblong and ummm like 20x36 (but that was after shrinking I believe)

I did pin but actually rarely used pins and didn't have snappis - I wouldn't have used them anyway...I hate them! If you use a cover that is snug you probably won't need to pin. I always used the kite fold. I linked it on another thread yesterday. It's at the www.weebees.com site She has the australian square flats on there and there is a folding area that has all the folding ways. I prefer the kite fold to the origami. I used 2 together and think I folded in half and then into the kite fold (I don't have one in front of me and I'm going by memory)

The old gauze flats dry in minutes in the sun.
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Wow, first the thread on pins, which I"m loving, and now flats. Okay, you all have inspired me to stick with my original idea of taking flats on our trips. I bought some organic cotton jersey specifically for ds and our trips ... I think I'll have to start cutting! The Fern & Faerie site said to double the rise of your child and use that as your square ... that means I should make mine like 33" square? Does that sound too big?
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