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Books you wish you had never read, or movies you wish you had never seen?

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When I was pregnant with my son I read 'Hannibal', and it has caused me to have disturbing nightmares for years now. I am also very,very,very sorry I read so much Steven King..especially 'It'.

I wish I had NEVER seen Pet Cemetary as well. I am still haunted by certain parts of that movie.

On a lighter note..I wish I could have the two hours back that were wasted seeing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in the theater when I was 12 or 13. ICK! What were we thinking??????

What about you?
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Reading Helter Skelter as a teenager

Seeing the movie From Hell about Jack the Ripper. I don't know what happened but it triggered something and I had the worst flash back like images and the worst nightmares. It felt like I'd really lived around that time. Freaked me out for a long time.
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The movie "Jude" and the book _The Bluest Eye_.

Both were excellent, but both have scenes that have haunted me since I read/watched them.

I won't say what they were, don't want to spoil them, but anyone who has read or seen them should know.

Well, now that I think about it, almost every Toni Morrison book I've ever read has haunted me since. The movie "Beloved" did too.
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The Mothman Chronicles. The fact that it was supposedly based on true stories creeps me out big time. Make believe horror is ok, but when it's supposedly based in fact? CREEEEEEEEEEEEPY!
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The movie "Seven". I still have horrible thoughts when I think of that movie. I have been known to beg friends not to watch it.
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I was going to say the movie Seven as well. I won't ever forget some of those scenes. Also "Pulp Fiction" - would have walked out but with two friends who liked it.

Books - the VC Andrews series "Flowers in the Attic" - especially the last ones.

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Pet Cemetary.(If you haven't seen this movie, DON'T!! as a mother, you will regret it, trust me!!) The whole movie disturbed me. Also hated "It". Most of Stephen King's work will leave me rattled.
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Anything with Jack Nicholson...not that he scares me in the "horror flick" sense, but I've had nightmares about that guy molesting me. He's CREEPY!
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Wish I'd never read "I Know This Much Is True" by Wally Lamb (stopped trusting Oprah's book club after this one. But I LOVED his first book).

Wish I'd never seen "Happiness" DISGUSTING!
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The book American Psycho.
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AI (Artificial Intelligence) - just way too depressing. The whole movie just feels lonely and hopeless and I hate that I saw it. The ending is just the worst (from the viewpoint of a mother esp.) I don't mind so much the outright horror movies, cause they feel like just movies, but it's those creepy, semi-real movies that depress me.
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"The Ring." I couldn't sleep for weeks.
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I wish I had never watched the movie "Traffic" because the one part about the teenaged daughter who becomes a drug addict and a whore really, really bothers me.

Can't think of any books that I wish I hadn't read but the only book that scared me so much that I put it down was "The Shining" by Stephen King.
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Jaws. I should never have seen that movie.
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The Exorcist! I still have nightmares about Linda Blair from that one. I think because I saw it when I was a girl too--so I could really identify with her character. For years after that I use to worry about the devil so much...and I just felt like I was never safe.

I also remember seeing "Audrey Rose" (probably not that scary but I was only 12 when I saw it and it seemed very scary then).

As for reading--one time I read an article in a magazine (about a true story) about a teenaged couple who would kidnap teenaged girls and then sexually abuse then and then kill them in horrifying ways. Just know that these things really happened to these girls is just too much to take. I often lay awake at night thinking about that and wish I did not know the details. They were way too specific in the article.
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I can't remember the name of the movie, but it's a Bruce Willis movie that followed The Sixth Sense. He plays this guys that is indestructible and has a sense of who will cause trouble. There's a scene in there where someone breaks into a house. Anyway, without ruining it for those that might want to see something this graphic and disturbing, I hated the movie & wish I had never seen it.
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When I was a kid I read Sybil and it was very disturbing for my age.

The Bruce Willis movie was Unbreakable. It was creepy.

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"Blair Witch Project" - way too effective as a scary movie....it was like this is what scary movies would be like if they were real. Had trouble sleeping (we live in the woods) for a month.

A babysitter let me watch "Poltergeist" when I was about 12. Huge mistake. I was TERRIFIED for years of my life. I still get freaked out when I think about that clown scene.
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Uh, Poltergeist (shudder, shudder) I had a horrific rape dream when I was young that involved the part of the movie when he drinks the beer and then vomits that guy back up. Nasty.
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My parents never censored anything I watched as a child and actually at times made me go see movies I didn't want to see.
I am forever haunted by the Alien trilogy, Something Wicked this Way Comes, and The Shining.
I am so afraid to be anywhere in nature by myself, especially in the dark. Also, any movie involving water that you can't see into. Did anyone see the movie Gator. Terrifying!

On a side note, I think I gained a lot of compassion from watching Old Yeller and Bambi. Two of the reasons why I feel so much for animals.
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