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Which is safer?

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My 14 yo sister is itching to have her bounds enlarged, and it has come down to two unpleasant choices. Please let me know what you suggest:

1) She currently does not ride buses at night because to get home she must pass through not-so-safe neighborhoods.
2) She currently does not ride in taxis at all, because she is 14, looks 17, and is very naive about men.

How can we compromise so she can have some sort of "life" without compromising her safety?

Please, no political comments, we just want real life, practical advice.
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In Jerusalem, I would guess taxis are safer, from what I've been hearing on the news about bus bombings. Sounds like you are thinking more about interpersonal safety tho. Even so, I think it likely will be more effective to teach her some safety policies for riding in taxis than to run the many risks of walking alone after dark in a dangerous neighborhood.

Sounds like you are concerned that her mature appearance will entice taxi drivers to proposition her, and that in her naivete she either won't realize what they are trying to do or won't know how to fight them off. I think the thing to do is to explain that sometimes men proposition young girls but they shouldn't, give some general examples of what might happen (comments about her body, lewd suggestions, any touching other than taking the taxi fare from her hand), and tell her to say, "NO, I AM NOT INTERESTED." firmly, and if he persists to tell him to stop the car and get out immediately. Telling her this will of course reduce her naivete a bit, but that is necessary to allow her to protect herself.
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Thanks, Becca.
We've been thinking about the bus vs. taxi thing for a while, and I think we will go with taxis. She's going to learn some new life skills, which hopefully she will never have to use, but this is a crazy world and better safe than sorry.
She's pretty excited, actually, since with taxis she can get to more places (because so many bus lines are off limits). She will go with at least one friend, and she will get a summer job to help pay for the cab fare.
So that's one thing worked out. Thanks.
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