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Fundal Height - Measuring Large

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My mw started measuring my fundal height at 20 weeks and it's been large every time (I'm currently 30 weeks). First I measured 4cm ahead and since then have measured 3cm ahead. None of the midwives at the practice I go to seem concerned. They mostly say that it's the consistency that matters, since it shows that the baby is growing. Everybody seems to agree that he doesn't feel huge and that it's just some extra amniotic fluid.

Anyway, am I just looking for something to worry about here? Anybody else experiencing this now or in the past? With my first pregnancy my son measured exactly on target every time, so I guess that's why I keep thinking about this. Plus I feel gigantic and I've still got another 10 weeks to go. Oh yes and my GD test came back normal.
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My MW said it is normal to measure anywhere between + or - 2 when she measures.
I would not worry. I meaured at 33 weeks this week and I am 34.5. I have been measure ahead until this week.
My firstborn never got measured b/c I had a mainstream doc that never even did it....
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Yeah, I'm measuring large. I'm 34 weeks and measuring at 40 weeks (and I feel it!!). It's been consistantly high, so they're not worried about it and there's only one in there . The dates are accurate as I was using ovulation tests since we had been trying. With DS my measurements were all over the place for some reason.
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i just had a checkup today and talked with my dr about this...i have always measured 2-4 cms bigger as well....this is my 4th pregnancy....he said that with me, everything rises out of my pelvis so early ,due to the size of it (small), and nothing sits in my pelvis which contributes to me measuring so big....he isn't worried at all since it is the norm for me. when i had my appt 4 wks ago, i was 18.5 wks and was measuring 23...had my ultrasound 5 days later and was a little over 19 wks when i had my US...the baby measured exactly what my weeks were and my fluid levels were completely normal, so the measuring big is just a reflection of how my body carries...kwim? anyway, just thought i'd share my story with ya.
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Thanks for responding you guys. This is making me feel better. I am short waisted and I carry straight out, but then I did with my son too and he always measured for the exact week (he was 8 lbs too.) I guess I'm not the only one looking/feeling so huge! It's like I'm already out growing most of my maternity clothes.....sigh.
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Maybe this is common for short-waisted women?
At 30 weeks, I measured 32 cm.
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Maybe it is just us Sept moms...I am also measuring ahead...but my midwife thinks I have a big guy growing in there...

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I dont really think its anything to worry about. With my last pregnancy I always measured 2 or 3 weeks ahead and with this one I have been measuring behind.

I read last time that it really doesnt matter too much, because the position of the baby can affect the measurement, plus your midwife might not have her finger on the exact same spot on your pubic bone each time either.

Also, if you are being measured by the different midwives in the practice, that can make a difference as well. It really is very subjective and as long as there is consistency, I think thats whats most important.
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I measured large all through my last pregnancy and am measuring large this one too. I measured relatively "normal" through my first. I feel completely fine with that...it is just the way I am.

Oh, and I am short waisted as well.
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Well, I can relate, although I have been measuring 2-4 weeks small every time! With ultrasound, we've twice determined that the baby is actually larger-than-average, gestational size (for example, at 30 weeks he was "measured" at 4 lbs, by U/S). What matters, my doctor reassures me, is consistency. Since some practices have rotating physicians, it's mainly a means of forming a baseline to share among practitioners, should you be examined by another doc/midwife/whatever during your prenatal checkups. It's such an archaic, prone-to-human-error measurement. In fact, when I measured myself last time, I was dead-on (and I was following the Merck Manual's diagram).

So, glad you're not worried. Hope my offering was at least a little helpful.
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I measured large all through my pregnancy and guess what... I am short waisted as well
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