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Crockpots and lead

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anyone got any info on crockpots leaching lead.

I was told that the FDA allows certain amounts to leach out of the glaze. Hmmm not good!
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aw, sheesh
ignorance is bliss

We had crockpot stew last night and are just about to eat crockpot split pea soup right now.
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Oh no....I cannot live without my crockpot. I don't turn on the oven in the summers and the crockpot is our main source of yummy, whole foods meals!
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They might, but you should be able to check that yours is made with a leadfree glaze.

Last I'd heard leadfree was a requirement in this country.

Do a search (don't limit yourself to Google) on lead testing kits, get one and test your crockery if you're concerned about it.
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Here's something I found:


Lead, however, is used in some glazes for slow-cooking pots (crock-pots). But, in tests done in 1987, FDA found that the amount of lead that leached into food from these pots did not exceed FDA standards.
Whatever that means.

Found the same info here (scroll down to the bottom - last paragraph):

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It probably depends on the colorant used in the glaze, and also on what you are cooking. I know that acidic foods leach our chemicals more than other foods.
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IMO- I have a hard time believing that ost crock pots contain any lead- FDA standards or not- for the last 10 years. Even if a company thinks its not a problem, for a consumer to find out there is lead, would be a disasterous situation, and easily sink them.
FDA standards are based on a low amount. We all probaly have lead amounts in our system, certainly did as chlidren. A small amount is easily passed by the body if you have enough iron and calcium and zinc in your system. The fact that you are ingesting lead while you are eating only aids in your bodies ability to pass it.
So, i doubt its a big deal- but I still urge you to call/ email you manufactures and demand to know, and state that you believe lead should be banned from all their products.
If you ever chip or break your crockpot- throw away and clean the area with powdered dish detergent.

thanks for the info.
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My FIL called Rival this morning because he has a Rival brand crockpot & so do we. He was very concerned when I told him that I'd heard that crockpot glazes could contain some lead, and he immediately picked up the phone & called Rival (their phone # is on the crockpot somewhere).

Rival verified that their glazes DO contain lead (in an amount well under the limit set by the FDA), and that they do NOT make any crockpots with a lead-free glaze.
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Alright, well then, do any OTHER companies make crockpots that contain NO lead?
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You can also email them.
This is always easier for me with small children.
You can find their website on google.

Also, its wise to make sure that you do not store food in the crockpot.

I am so shocked that they do this.
Not only is it a possible contaminate- but, its a problem for the factories that make them.

Also, a call to your health dept in your city might yeild so promising ideas about what the FDA levels are. I put a call into mine- they ahve a dept that works with lead and understand the regulations.

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I have a ge- just contacted the company via email, but here is all ways to reach them


Lets compare answers.

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Busymommy, some companies advertise that their glazes are lead-free. I'd be wary of the ones that don't say anything. Other companies sell stainless steel crockpots, too.
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Oooh, my dh works w/stainless. That's a guaranteed shopping hit.
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Can you post about the stainless steel models?
The only ones I ahve seen (in stores) have a stainless steel exterior, but the actual cooking pot is the same. its all for looks.

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My Dh got me a crockpot (finally!) for Mother's Day this year--it is stainlesss steel outside and it actually has a glass pot that lifts out of it--I think he got it at Wal-Mart (yikes! I know!) but you can find it elsewhere. Lemmee see......It is by West Bend (that's what is says on the front of it), it is a pretty big one. i've used it a few times and I really like it, I made some good scalloped potatoes in it!
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Well, I thought this was a crockpot with a stainless inner when I posted earlier:


I went to Crate & Barrel today and looked at it, though, and the salesperson did not think it was intended to function as a crockpot - more of a steamer for veggies & rice. It looks that way to me, too.

So, I might be wrong about the stainless thing. I'll keep looking, though, 'cause now I'm on the market for a new slow cooker.

I'm actually now no longer sure that you can find stoneware with a lead-free glaze, either. I was looking around the internet earlier & I was finding things that said I should be sure to find a crockpot made with a lead-free glaze. So, I assumed that there were companies who advertised their product as such. I can't seem to find them, though.

Sorry, I jumped to conclusions too quick on those ones. Didn't mean to raise false hopes.

Let me know if you find anything...
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Yeah, I found a bunch online but w/ceramic liners.

But...hey...maybe I'll venture into the Evil Empire of Walmart to find the stainless one there w/the glass liner. :

I mean, seriously, I cook a LOT w/this thing.

OKay, here's what I found online. Can't tell about the liner. Did email them, but who knows...

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Originally Posted by BusyMommy
OKay, here's what I found online. Can't tell about the liner. Did email them, but who knows...


I don't think it has a glass inner; it looks like my Rival crockpot. The black upper handles are part of the inside. It does have a glass top though (although my cover is *all* glass, including the handle.
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Found this one today. The outside is plastic, but the inner is glass & so is the lid:

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Hey, that looks pretty cool. And, cheap, too.
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