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anna kiss. I visited your blog. Your son is beautiful! Both before and after. Just beautiful. I know just how you feel about your child. Like he is your skin. That feeling never goes away even after they leave home and start their own lives.
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I cried too. Most of what I wanted to post has been already done so well by Kama'aina mama and of course FRC. I just want everyone to see this film. I am just sick of a two party system that acts like one, but puts each other down constantly. And yes, the scene with Gore preciding over the senate with all the african-american representatives was nauseating to watch-IMO. Not one senator backed them up.

I now understand why this film recieved a 20 minute standing ovation.

November 2004-end of an error!!!
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I've been thinking about this more, and becoming more and more upset with MM.

One of my big complaints about the film is the ending. I do understand the fear of having our troops not trust us. But have we forgotten Vietnam?? We lied to them then too. And then sent them to Iraq and they went (some less willingly than others). So the point just holds no water with me--history shows that we can mess up royally and the troops still trust us.

The second issue that I had was actually mentioned in a previous post as something that they liked about the film (goes to show that we all see things differently). I really disliked the footage of Iraq before the bombing. Yes, I am sure that all of that happened and that there were happy Iraqi people. But the sanctions were devastating to the country. Iraq was not a shiny happy place before the bombing. And we STILL didnt have the right to invade. I thought that MM was making this a black and white issue (Iraq was good til we came and made it bad) when it is not a black and white issue at all (Iraq had serious problems yet we should not have gone and bombed the country anyways).

As I think about this I get angrier and angrier at Michael Moore. I understand that he is a reformist and conformist rather than a radical who wants change at the most basic level. I think that is where most of my frustration comes from.
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I saw it this afternoon, and left feeling so.. disturbed. I can see why Republicans lobbied so hard to keep it out of theaters. I don't know how anyone could watch it and still support Bush. It made me happy to sit in a packed theater full of people who laughed at all the right places, cried at all the right places, and cheered at the end.

To me, the most telling part was Bush sitting in that classroom when he was told about the second WTC attack. You could just see the fear and confusion and cluelessness in his eyes. Yessiree.. that's our leader!

I think this is a film that everyone should see. Except anyone who's lost a family member or friend in Iraq. Some of the scenes from over there were too much even for me, and I don't know anyone who's been there.

There's so much more to comment on, but I'm still processing. If you haven't seen it yet... DON'T WAIT!!!
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To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms to the level of respectability. To describe this film as a piece of crap would be to run the risk of a discourse that would never again rise above the excremental. To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised as an exercise in seriousness. It is also a spectacle of abject political cowardice masking itself as a demonstration of "dissenting" bravery.
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FRC... you are very talented at describing your inner most feelings....THAT....is how I feel. Yet, I've become a little powerless feeling about it all, like he's going to steal the election again anyways...HELLO...it's a proven fact!!!! That is so incredibly wrong. What do Bush supporters think about this movie, are they going to even hear the other side????? Please someone that is a Bush supporter, go see the movie and tell us what you think afterwards, please.... and I'm not saying this in a taunting way. I'm terribly confused and saddened that a whole bunch of people in the US are making poor judgements on who they support. What is wrong with me??? Am I going crazy?? This is very scary, that people don't realize the magnanimous amount of damage that the Bush administration has done to entire universe. I will not get to see this movie until it comes on DVD, as I live in MS, I'd be the only person in the theatre!!! Blockbuster will not carry it as well.
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SQ... The title of the thread is what did YOU think of the film. Not what did some hired commentator think of it. So Laura.... what did YOU think of the film? Or are you posting a thread where you have nothing to add since you haven't seen it?
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in response to the post about lies, thought this was kind of interesting.

Moore has reigned in his pomp and circumstantial evidence and let loose with a fusillade of unassailable facts – as reported in last Sunday’s New York Times, Moore, taking no chances, hired a veritable army of fact-checkers and has let it be known that he will unleash a similar army of legal pit bulls on anyone he feels makes libelous statements about the film and its conclusions. (Which should make for a very entertaining week of The O’Reilly Factor, if nothing else.)
from the austin chronicle review of the movie:
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everything else removed for it's all-around snarkiness and non-response to the OP - KM you're welcome A TON
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Originally Posted by mcimom
oh so now we're going to actually expect people to respond to the OP? hmmm, doesn't seem to happen that way in other threads, does it? oh, but that's okay b/c it's the left invading the right, right?

SQ you don't need to see $hit to know that's what it is. you can smell it from a mile away.
I'm sorry... are you talking to me??? If you are... then yes... I am asking people to stick to the OP. And if you can find a single post I have made in opposition in a thread that was clearly intended for support/ like minded folks, whether that was clearly stated or even only implied I will eat my words. All I asked was that if you want to discuss a movie you A) see it and B) post your own opinion in your own words. Which is exactly what SQ, in my recollection asked in a thread she started a while back about a Dr Laura book... so I thought she of all people would understand the request. I'm not asking you to only post in agreement... just to refrain from posting of you have nothing to say within the context of the discussion.

Thanks a ton.
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I haven't gone yet because I live in a very liberal area and didn't want to fight for seats but we'll go this week. My BIL and his friends went tonight.

If you look on MM's website, lots of people from all over the country wrote it to say what it was like at their various theaters. There are Bush people who went to see it assuming that they wouldn't be swayed, and guess what? They had been getting their news from places like FOX, and although it may all be info WE (the lefties) know, many people DON'T actually know this information until they see it in a film like this. So I think people are actually getting new information from seeing it and are thinking about our government in a way they didn't before.

In response to one of the earlier posters (the really angry one), my husband is already even angrier than that, and although I'm pretty angry, I don't blog and read all the articles as much as he does and I'm rather afraid of seeing it because I know how angry I will be as a result. But I'm going anyway because it's important and if there is anything in the movie that I don't already know, I should know it.

If Shrub wins in '04, we'll know it was fraud, and we'll want to move out of the country. But on the other hand, we should stay and fight these crooked, beady-eyed bastards. Ayayayay!
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Quickie-impression... Docutainment tragedy. I laughed,I felt sick to my stomach and my body ached, I sobbed, I seethed. My Tourette's was on overdrive and I've not jerked that much since September 2001.

I'm in so much pain I can't even write much. I tried... deleted my thoughts four times and I give up. I liked Columbine better as a documentary film but this was definitely something I needed to see.

The audience.... I am more afraid today for this country than I have ever been... how could any of what MM presented even be considered "new" or "surprising"?! Where have these people been in the last four years?! Are they unable to read books, unable to search through sources and listen to people on their own? I really hope some people feel slapped by this film... they deserve to be. I won't feel healed from all this crap until Shrub and company are rotting in Hague jail cells right next to OBL. They should pay us for their own incarceration and forfeit their fortunes.
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Here's Frank Rich making a good point, which is that the insinuations of Michael Moore aren't all that different from the insinuations of John Ashcroft.
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There wasn't anything in the film I hadn't heard or seen before in terms of ideas or implications, but I'm glad I saw it nonetheless. I thought the balcked out, audio-only scene, of the twin towers was very moving. Every feeling I had that morning came rushing back. It moved me much like the scenes from Bowling for Columbine, where you see the images and hear the 911 voice-overs the whole time.

People need to see this. MM presents the dots that he feels are connected - and it's tough to disagree with him - but people need to see it and decide for themselves if those dots truly are connected or not. Biases aside, political parties aside, I hope people wil wtch it, think about what's presented, and decide for themselves if maybe, just maybe, MM might be onto something (something, of course, that's been in the indie news sources and the British news sources for months and years).

I hope that people who haven't even seen it keep their mouths quiet and don't just regurgitate the same ol, same old. They need to watch it for themselves if they're going to speak intelligently about it.

We ran into our neighbors from down the street when we walked out at the end and one of them made the comment that movie would barely be a blip on the radar if the corporate news had investigated and reported these things.
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Well, I started a thread on this in Books and Media but I should have checked here first!

I saw it last night. A large group from my UU church organized to go to it together. Yay for liberal politically active UUs!

I thought it was funny and very upsetting. The audience was very involved, laughing, booing and even hissing. They applauded and cheered for about 2 minutes while the credits rolled.

I also knew most of the info already. I was glad to bring my 16 yo, 18 yo dds and an 18 yo friend (non-UU) of theirs. I doubt they knew most of the info. And two of them will vote in Nov.

Being older, I had a very sick pissed off Viet Nam feeling when I left! Same old bullshite!
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I saw it last night. I knew most of the information going in, but...I cried several times. I thought it may just be pregnancy hormones, but when I looked at my 25 year old brother, he had tears streaming down his face, too. The Iraq footage was really hard to watch (but I'm glad it was there) and the audio-only September 11th was also very moving and powerful. And the Congress scene! My heart broke for every single House member who tried their hardest.

AND....the seven minutes he spent in that classroom, reading "My Pet Goat" after the second plane had hit the tower....his expressions.....his lack of response to the situation.....it was appalling and heart-wrenching. WAITING to be *told* what to do. Waiting when he is the leader of the free world. Doing nothing. Just sitting there. For seven minutes.

But I also laughed hysterically at some parts. I admit it was wonderful and refreshing to see Bush making a complete and total fool of himself. No, Moore didn't have to do anything with voice overs. It was just footage of Bush being a complete and total moron. You'd have to see it to believe it.

I really thought it was Moore's best documentary to date. I thought it was better than BFC for sure. I do wish he had ended it in another way, though. Maybe revisit Bush the man for a few more minutes, and then end it.

At that ridiculous article sleeping queen posted. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. I personally would be embarassed to have linked such a ridiculous article, but more to the point.....did you actually SEE the movie, sq? Or are you letting this writer make up your mind for you? I only ask because he really doesn't know what he is talking about. At least find someone intelligent and well-informed to speak for you.
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Just a note-MM's info has been poured over by a team of lawyers and investigaters prior to its release. Nobody associated with the film wants to run the risk of being sued,which can only happen if the information presented is not true. I know after BFC the NRA started a pile of rumors about the movie being falsified and I was able to actually read a list of the resources he used and the verifications.

Anyways, I have goosebumps reading these responses. I am a Canadian, who follows US politics very closely,as of course it affects me greatly. I can't wait to see this show!
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Thanks BCMommy, I meant to say that....he also has rebuttles on his website for all of the accused "lies" in his film. (You may wanna read that, sq, before you jump on anyone's bandwagon. )
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Rose Cottage well said!

My dh and I can't wait to see this movie. I love your saying too about Jesus. Thank you for speaking your mind! Why don't you run for office!
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Go see the film before you bash it

I totally agree with Lucysmama, other than I really didn't have too much of a problem with the ending. I laughed a lot and cried quite a bit. After the film, dp was waiting outside of the bathroom for me along a wall with a bunch of other men waiting for their partners & he said they were all wiping their eyes! It was a very powerful film.

I would suggest to all thinking beings out there who are quick to criticize the film before you see it: DON'T. Go see it first and then rip it apart as you wish. But please have some firm ground to rip it apart on. I too found the Christopher Hitchens piece laughable, but then again Hitchens is a loose cannon. The NYT did a fact check on F 9/11 and found that all of his "central assertions" are true. Check out what Editor & Publisher says about the fact check: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/ea..._id=1000536074

I'm happy Michael Moore and Miramax had the courage to release this film. Please go see it before you bash it. Otherwise, you're just being ignorant.
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