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Heidi, you are awsome, the world needs more people like you and your dh!
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Wow weebitty, what a story. Sounds like those children hit the jackpot with your guys.

Congratulations to you, muse.
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Hey Pregos! Just wanted to check in real quick before my folks get here for the day. We're having a wonderful visit. THey were thrilled to find out about our new little one that's incubating. It was so funny. My mom noticed ds shirt immediately! My Pop on the other hand... well he noticed it... read it... read it again and was like "What are you laughing about?!" LMBO :LOL Then he jumped out of his seat saying "OH!!! OH!!! YAY!!!" LOL It's a riot how an incredibly intelligent man can be so clueless sometime! They're of course concerned about all the blood thinners and such but are supportive as ever.

DS birthday was wonderful! I still can't believe my baby boy is TWO! Boy does he act like it too! I need to go check out the gentle discipline board cause what worked great on dd isn't working at all on ds! LOL I need some new strategies!

I'm not nearly as pukey as long as I stay hydrated but it seems to have switched ends... if ya know what I mean And I'm more exhausted then ever. So I'm still very hopeful that this one is a keeper. : Oh and did I meantion the breast PAIN? Forget tender they just downright hurt! Especially when ds first latches on! Just as it was when I was pg with ds and nursing dd. YOUCH! I have to keep reminding myself how wonderful it was tandem nursing dd and ds, I'm convinced it really helped her with the transition of adding a new family member and hope it'll do the same for ds... anyone else here pg and nursing?

I see there's a bunch of new pregos that have joined us.

I better run, my folks should be here for the days running around soon and the kids aren't dressed yet.

Have a great day everyone!
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Room for one more?? :)

Count me in, ladies!!!!!

Just got a BFP this am, 3:00 this am, because I woke up having to pee, so really I wonder how necessary the test was!

Just kidding... desparately needed the confirm. I'm guessing I'm due on March 16th. DH was very happy; we've been wanting another one for months now. Had a miscarriage in April (not to make pg women cry but: found out I was pregnant the day my grandmother died, m/c 5 days later; that hurt) but I'm not at all worried about this one. Call me crazy, but there was wierd stuff about that one from the beginning, and this one is obvious, and has been from literally day one. My boobs started to hurt right after I think I concieved. And I mean like a day or two after. Strange, huh? Of course that means that they have been painful for THREE WEEKS NOW! Always fun with a squirmy toddler in your lap. My DD turned three on 7/4 - took her to fireworks for the first time this year!

Anyway, symptoms - I've been exhausted for a week now, boobs hurt, have to pee and HUNGRY!!! I didn't get sick with DD until week 6, so probably that'll happen again.

Sorry for the novel. I don't post often, so often post long!
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I'm back ladies. That was one heck of a back thing I had.....could hardly move for a couple days. Morning sickness has come in full blast for me. I was sick 4 times before 9 am yesterday and it's started this morning already. I'm trying the morning wellness tea that's supposed to be for morning sickness so we'll see how it goes this morning.

It's my middle sons birthday party today. His birthday was yesterday and my mom took him to the circus. He had an absolute blast. I've been trying for a while to get the grandparents to take the kids to do something with them one on one instead of buying him toys that they don't need/use and this is the first time one of them followed through.

Congratulations to everyone whose joined the list while I was gone.
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Hi melissa, congratulations! We have the same due date, and our dh's have the same name! Spooky!

Sorry for the m/c, but I also understand what you mean about this one feelign "different" somehow. My last m/c i almost expected to lose it, and never really attached to the baby somehow (not that that made it any easier). This one does feel very different. :

Eva, I'm nursing a 2.5 yr old. I'm wondering if it will get painful or difficult. I hope not. I've already told Ds that when we have a little baby they can share the milkie, and he seemed to like the idea

My boobs are a bit sore and heavy but nothing too bad. Instead I am just INCREDIBLY tired, all the time, like someone injected me with a sleeping drug. Right now I just slept a good long 8 hrs, but got up feeling like I've been up all night.

Yesterday we went to the ocean (aaaah) and took a long windy country road back, and I felt absolutely AWFUL, on the edge of barfing the whole way. So I guess m/s is beginning to kick in big time. I had it really bad for 5 months with DS.

Ok, I'm going back to bed!
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Muse- When I was pg with ds and nursing dd, she was just a year old at the time, it didn't start to hurt when she first latched on until about 7-8 weeks. Everything's happened much earlier with this baby. THe good think is it only hurts for a couple seconds when he first latches on, then is fine. I LOVED tandem nursing. Gretchen only just recently weaned at 3 1/2 so they shared the good stuff for well over a year and a half. It was wonderful! I truly feel it helped Gretchen deal with the turmoil that comes with a new baby in the house. I so hope Koen doesn't wean when my milk dries up. I get the feeling he could use that extra comfort at 2 1/2 come march more then Gretchen might have at 20 months. They are totally different personalities so who knows how it'll actually work out. He's not showing any signs of weaning so so far so good.

Best of luck!
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Hello! :

I posted my intro over on the Who's Who thread, but I thought I'd pop over here - though I admit to being confused, lol, there's a Weekly Thread and then a dated Weekly Thread both recently active. I'll just post hello on both, I suppose.

I just got a BFP this morning, 13 dpo, though I've suspected for at least five days.

Nice to meet you all!
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congratulations kash!
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