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Originally Posted by kyle98sean02
Well, I really should tell dh first, but I had 3 bfp's today and my edd is March 7
Woohoo!!! Congratulations!
Makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one that announced it online before letting dh know :
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Congrats Heather!And welcome
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Thanks Yep, dh still doesnt know, long story. I want to bask in the happiness for a little while before telling him. About a week ago, he told me he was thinking about it and didnt think he wanted another one. He feels complete and doesnt have the time for another baby. I was going to go back on some type of bc once I started but....He will come arond, but I dont want to be dissapointed with his initial reaction. So for now I am hoarding the good news.
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I understand that as well. Even though my hubby agreed to one more it wasn't because HE wanted one. I didn't even get a hug when I told him....he just kinda sat on the couch staring at me and said 'I knew it'. So much for joy. It's why I hesitate telling my family since I know it will be the same sort of reaction. My kids will be excited when I tell them though.
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Originally Posted by ekblad7+
Does anyone know of a good book for nutrition during pregnancy
Check out http://www.blueribbonbaby.org. (I'm a Bradley instructor, and we recommend his nutrition plan for pregnancy.)

What am I doing here? I'm not pregnant! Just hoping...
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I'm here, too. Hopefully I'll get to stay. I'm going by the latest due date that I calculated, which is March 8. I used 3 different calculation methods.

I was going to not tell anyone IRL, but I had to tell the woman I got the free test from and she went and told everyone in my playgroup. I'm not telling anyone, though. My mom doesn't even know that I've had 2 miscarriages, and my sister only knows about 1. If I make it to 3 months it will be more than soon enough to tell.

I'm a bit better this week than last, but I'm still anxious about every cramp or sensation and I can't help but check the tp every time I go. Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic.
Yeah, that's about how I'm feeling too. I get cramps most days, but they're like pre-period cramps and not the really deep feeling cramps I had before the miscarriages. I had one of those a couple of days ago and was really freaked out, so I went to bed at 11 and didn't get up until about 10:30 and started feeling fine.

Can't really do much about my nutrition since we don't have a lot of money. I'm taking a pre-natal every day and I'll probably start taking vitamin C and flax oil in a couple of weeks. Luckily I have quite a bit of both from before.
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So this is where everyone is!!


My name is Amanda, this is baby #2. I was nervous about telling dh, but he's happy. it's my MOTHER that I should worry about.

Thankfully my sweet little 2.5 yr old son decided to tell Gamma today that "I'M A BIG BROTHER" loud and clear as crystal!! Figures. He couldn't say it for daddy to understand, but Gamma. Who inturn told me I'm Crazy.

HA, she had her two children 11 yrs apart, and thinks EVERYONE should do that. BS MOM, MY KIDS, MY BODY, MY LIFE!! She's not birthing, or nurseing this baby is she? NO, so she should shut up about it. My Grandmother on the other hand had her two less than 2 yrs apart and thinks it's wonderful that they will be 3.5 yrs apart. Love my G-ma!!

Anyway, I'm due either March 3rd or 4th, depends on how you calculate! (I'm saying the 4th because of conception. And I'm hoping this is a girl! Dh wants to be done after two, and I'd like a girl before we're done.

We are also planning a homebirth! Wish us luck, and no transfers!
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Welcome Devaskyla and Doulamom!

I know what you mean Heather.I told my dh after a whole week of knowing.I knew he wouldn't have much of a reaction but he did say he was running to get a vasectomy i haven't told anyone else.This is my 4th so there will be a lot of reaction.

Today was busy for me and i was in such a bad mood : i will find out my beta results tomorrow.I am getting my Ultrasound in two weeks.
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The vasectamy was threatened to me at the announcement of my fourth and fifth pregnancies. Then I miscarried a few months ago and when I got pg this time he said nothing about getting a vasectamy. He knows it's against our religion anyway. Geez.
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Hee Hee I got the vasectomy threat today too LOL. I broke down and told him. I just coldnt keep it to myself. He did OK, was shocked, but OK. Now once it wears in a little, I'll be able to be outwardly excited After my m/c in January though, it may take a few more weeks to not be so nervous. I dont want to tell anyone for a month or two if I can get away with it, but with both my other kids I started puking at 6 weeks and its an all day every day event. Since we will be moving into my parents house in 2 weeks while ours is being built, it might be obvious. My sil is due July 23 and her dr. says he will induce her at 39 weeks if she wants, so I am going to try and hold out until a little after her baby is born so she doesnt feel like I am stealing her thunder or anything. I'm sure she is going to whine that I am pg so close to her but oh well.
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When we were ttc #3 we found out that my dh's sister was pregnant (she was the one that wasn't ever going to have children). I just knew that I'd get pregnant and everyone would say I did it just because she was pregnant so I slipped it in with my MIL that we were going to be trying soon also. Of course the 'she did it just because so and so did' came from my own grandmother regarding my other sil (we were due a couple months apart) which cracked us all up since we were openly discussing TTC methods at a family gathering and my grandmother was right there listening to us.

It's hard for me to say but I'm gonna anyway....I think the only way that my dh will be more than just okay with this pregnancy is if it turns out to be a girl. He seems to mourn the daughter we don't have more than I did.
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Thats exactly whats goingto happen with me too. I know it probably wont be said to my face, but I'll hear about it. My sil got pg with her first when I was pg with my second because she was jealous. She even came out and said we got married first, had our baby first and now we were having a second and she didnt even have a first yet. Then she had the one and only girl in the family and my poor baby didnt even get held on his first Christmas because there was a grand daughter. I already am dreading telling his family. I know they are going to want me to keep it from her for a while so she doesnt get mad that her baby isnt going to be the only one. Oh well, at least my family is wonderfully supportive and dont pick favorites or base their attention on the sex of the child
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I know if this one is a girl that she will get a lotttt more attention than if this is a boy (not that a boy would get any less than the other boys). My in laws have 4 grandsons, no grandaughters, my side has 4 grandsons and one grandaughter that belongs to my brother....so girls are scarce to begin with. I kinda think it would be cool to have 'four of a kind'....not many people with that and I wouldn't have to worry too much about different activities.

As far as my hubby....I know he'll come around by the time the pregnancy is near over, I just think he'll be a bit more interested if it were a girl.
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Awww 4 of a ind is kinda cute sounding I'm pretty sure I'm having 3 of a kind I'd be really shocked if this is a girl. I wold lov to have someone to put in pink, but it is nice being the only girl.
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I figured I'd get the license plate frame that says either 'Four of a kind' or '3 boys and a babe'. The thing I find quite ironic is for a living I make dance costumes...all sorts of frilly cutesy little girl dance costumes (and some not so cutesy ones too).
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I'm glad it went well Heather!People are always quick to judge aren't they?Who care when you decided or didn't decide it is wonderful for everyone.

I got my beta results,they tripled again!Yay!They are supposed to double every two days and mine quadrupled the first time and then tripled this time.I feel so relieved.I go in again tomorrow.

Sigh of relief.I am packing my dd up to go on a trip to MI for a week to see her grandparents.I'm so sad,but i know she will have a wonderful time.
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Congrats on your results!!! It has to be such a relief. I hope your daughter has a fun time!
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Yay! I'm glad your #'s are doing so well I hope your dd has a blast
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Congratulations ladies. It's good to see you all here.

We just got back from a short trip to visit my sister who asked my mom almost immediately if I was pregnant. My mom (who I did tell) apparently kept it under her hat, but she was absolutely shocked by the question since I hadn't talked about ttc (and we really weren't ttc, just not avoiding). With our first, it was months of turmoil and trauma.

So anyway, my mom and sister know now.
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Congrats to all us March mamas!

Ravenmoon -- great news on your numbers. You must be starting to feel relief now. I'm so happy for you.

I'm going to my m/w in an hour to get my blood work done. After 2 m/c's I want to make sure my progesterone levels are okay (anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that b/c pill can fool with your body's ability to make the proper amount of hormones after you get off of them? Oh, if I knew then what I know now!).

So, wish me luck. I've very emotional lately...it would be good to have some reassuring news.
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