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There are a few places here where you can do a shout out asking about midwives for homebirths in your area who will do a vbac.
No one will do it in Maryland who is part of a practice, but there are usually lay midwives or dem's.
I think I went to the practitioner database and one other place.... I hope you find someone
It's so hard during a pregnancy because even though you're so set on the way you want things to be, you are also so vulnerable to what many people say and want you to do. The best way to get away from that is to avoid the wrong kinds of people. Hopefully you'll find that!!!
Take care,
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Hi! I'm so excited to join you guys! Just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant, due in mid-March!

Not much to say, just thrilled to be here. Now, off to bed, as the toddler wakes up waaay too early!
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Oh thanks Devaskyla!

It's kind of odd. I spent the first 6 or so hours after taking the test freaking out that I was having a baby. Every moment after that has been spent freaking out that I will lose the baby.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
For you ladies with reactions to dairy, have you tried a cultured dairy product like yogurt? I used to react badly to dairy too and, in fact, to commercial yogurt. I was on such a strict diet and so wanted dairy that I took a chance and made homemade yogurt. I had no reaction whatsoever. I bought a yogurt maker to do it but there have been discussions on MDC about just doing it the old-fashioned way. If you are interested, search MDC for homemade yogurt, particularly the Health and Healing Forum. And of course, there is kefir too.

I don't know how many (if any of y'all) are local to an oakhurst dairy (I know they're based in Maine) .. But they're now selling a cultured milk - similar to kefir but not as thick - "fortified" with probiotics and active cultures.. They call it Nutrish - it's 1.5% milk .. I'm normally lactose intolerant (according to DH :P He hates it when I fart.) but i've yet to have any problem with this milk =)
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Can I get you gals opinions?



I posted it in TTC also, but no replies since I added photos..

FYI - they were done at 9 and 10 DPO
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weebitty -

What are those photos of? I clicked on it but was denied access due to adult content!
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Originally Posted by cholderby
weebitty -

What are those photos of? I clicked on it but was denied access due to adult content!
adult content? *BOGGLE*

They're HPT .. lol

is the album they're in .. or just
http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v247/heidiproulx/ and click on yes or no ?? Will that work?
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I'm pretty sure I see a second line there, how many dpo are you now??
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I see a second line too.
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Nice tests! It was a little hard to tell, but in that 1st one I think I see a line.

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Originally Posted by DoulaMommy
Nice tests! It was a little hard to tell, but in that 1st one I think I see a line.


Yay!! I was hoping I wasn't just seeing things *lol*

I'm only 10DPO, AF is supposedly due this Friday, so I'll test again then and see if it's darker =)

Thank you SOOOOOOO much mamas!
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Just joining in

: Been enjoying reading all your posts. I'm due 1st of March with my 3rd baby although mil thinks its twins :

She's psychic!

I'm recovering from mumps at the moment and have been feeling pretty low the last few months as I had a miscarriage in March. This pregnancy was a total shock though.
I'm getting used to the idea and hoping this one sicks around.

Feeling very sick today but I haven't vomited yet.

Cholderby how's Germany? We've got a big move coming up. My husband has a job interview in Stuttgart in a couple of weeks. There's also possibility of London. I think you should be okay with the salmon at least.

Will be checking in again soon!
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Congrats somewhere to grow, weebitty, and 2boobs.
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Thanks Gale!

Ok guys, I decided "f-it" and tested again today.. and ...

VERY dark BFP! *dances*

Now .. how to tell DH *lol*
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Congrats weebitty2!!!!!!!!!
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weebitty2 - is this your sixth baby? I'm having my sixth as well. Trying to figure out how in the heck I forget the morning sickness everytime. :Puke
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It's actually our 3rd .. We sued for custody of my neice and nephews because of neglect/abuse/drug issues with their parents - we'd heard from MIL that Chelse's teacher had called her and told her Chelse had kissed another girl in their classroom .. and Chelse said it was because her father told her to "Try it sometime. Your Mommy does it and likes it." .. They've only been living with us a few months now, but already we're "mom" and "dad" to them.. When BIL wanted to see them last weekend, we asked how they felt about it .. Chelse said "he's not my dad, dad's my dad, he's just some jerk that hit me." (She's 6, BTW) and the boys agreed. Neither of their parents have any visitation whatsoever, unless it's decided by DH and I to allow it .

We've gone through so many issues with these 3 already .. I really think they were more than just physically abused and neglected - Chelse shows so many signs of past sexual abuse it terrifies me - she's also not yet toilet trained (none of them are, although we're getting better at the potty!) - at 6y/o with no physical developmental problems. JJ acts out almost constantly - hitting, biting, temper tantrums .. he's 4, and would rather watch a slasher movie than play outside. And Benjy's 2 .. with such severe asthma (BIL and ex-SIL claim he was born with it, but I have more of a feeling it has to due with their chainsmoking and weed in front of the kids.) that he has attacks just walking, sometimes.. Although it's gotten a lot better now that he's been out of smoke. All three had been dx'd with FTT in infancy, and even in toddlerhood. Chelse's 6, and weighs about 30lbs, JJ's 4, and probably close to 50lbs, and Ben, at 2, weighs the same as our 1y/o DD - 20.4 lbs.

They're a constant trial, especially with 5y/o DS Jon, 1y/o DD, and another on the way, but I've seen them change so much in a few short months, and I love them as much as I do our "birthed" babies =)
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Oh my, you are awesome! That's all I can say!
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joining you all

Hi all, I guess I'll finally officially join you. I'm due March 16th. I've had 2 m/c's before so I'm going to be on edge for a while i think. But nausea and exhaustion are good healthy signs here! I need a nap right now but my toddler won't go along with my plan!
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Congratulations Muse!

My prayers are with you!
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