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I'm going to try to track down the letter my mw wrote the insurance when they refused payment (after giving her an authorization # . They are so evil). I think she became a provider for them but I am not sure. She was really knowledgeable about insurance because she had been an office manager previously and kept telling me to not worry, they would pay, when I was freaking out. She also offered to give me a code to submit the AquaDoula as pain relief, but I never got around to it.

I used to have United and thought they were pretty good.
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I am in North Central Florida (near Gainesville), and I've found a supposedly VBAC-friendly OB (the midwife who works in the practice has supported many VBAC births). Her name is Jane Houston and she works out of North Central Florida, but is hospital-based only.
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Anyone know about Florida Hospital Orlando South, Loch/Haven OBGYN, or Advanced Women's Health Specialists? What about South Seminole Hospital in Longwood or FH Altamonte Springs?

I'd like to know if anyone has used any of these places for a VBAC.


FYI, I saw the maternity rooms at FHOS and they were TINY, shared rooms and no showers, I didn't see any delivery suites or anything. Someone tell me I missed them.
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Hi! Just found this forum. I'm 30 weeks with 2nd child and all of a sudden freaking out about maybe having to have another c-section. My doctors all seem supportive of a VBAC but I have heard rumors around here (Brevard Co) of doctors agreeing to it then, at the last minute, not allowing it. And now I see some similar posts here. And I had no idea it was possible to do a home birth now - I assume that is what HBAC stands for? How might I find a midwife here who could help me with that? And what do all these acronyms mean - what is LLL, CPM, and LM? (I do know what CNM is, at least!)

First section was due to failure to progress. I labored for 18 hours with pit after SROM. I always thought that was a long time until I started reading message boards tonight, LOL!

What happens with an HBAC if a rupture occurs?

Any tips appreciated - I'd be ecstatic if this baby comes out the old fashioned way!

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Hi Susan! I'm in Lakeland. My daughter, Emma, was born by cesarean (breech) 3 and a half years ago in Miami. I had great midwives who stayed with me all through the surgery.

I am expecting a little boy in about a month. He will be born at home with a midwife. My midwife is in east Orlando. She would probably be willing to work with you since you are likely even closer than I am (1.5+ hours from her). Her website:
She is SO wonderful!!!

Oh, let's see:
LLL = La Leche League
breastfeeding support and information

CPM = certified professional midwife
LM = licensed midwife

Best wishes!!!
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Hi Susan,
My son was born HBAC two years ago with a licensed midwife attending. I highly recommend the Mothering article about VBAC, it shows the real risks of rupture versus the scare tactics.

In my case, my midwife monitored babies heartbeat during the pushing stage with a hand held doppler. If baby's heartbeat had decreased and stayed down, we would have transferred, as it is a sign of impending rupture. As it was his heart rate would decrease and then come right back up. Everything went beautifully. We are planning another HBAC for late January.

Hope this helps!

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South Florida

Does anyone know of VBAC friendly doctors in South Florida?

My son was breech when he was born, and I had no other complications. He ended up in the NICU for ten days with resperatory problems after my present OB sectioned him out two weeks early. We're trying to conceive for a second child.
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Hi! My first was born with the midwives at A Loving Start in Hollywood (FL). MW Debra is married to Wayne DiGiacomo (OB). When Emma was breech and definitely not turning, we chose a cesarean birth with Dr D. He was awesome! My understanding is that he still does VBACs, but I am not certain. I moved and my son was born (VBAC) in Centra Florida in September. But you could certainly call and see! Last I heard, he was backing out of hospital VBACs attended by his wife.
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yep i had my first in tampa because i was high risk and he was a preemie and he ended up being a emergency c-section after 2 days of induced labor and my 2 was planned. i begged the doctors and midwife to let me have a v-bac but they wouldn't they said they wern't allowed anymore so i had to have another c-section. i would like another child and i live in TN now so hopefully i can get one done here now but im not sure if they'll even do that now that i've already had 2 c-sections.
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I wasn't given the opportunity to VBAC, despite having had 3 prior vaginal births (my first c/s was due to twins both in footling breech position). This was at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, FL and the ob practice was MIMA.
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I'm not pregnant yet, but my plan is to have an HBAC with Vicki Taylor in Pensacola unless something changes dramatically between now and then.
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In case anyone ever searches this thread looking for a VBAC friendly OB in Jacksonville....Dr. Kimberly van Scriver is wonderful!!
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Me too! (in the south)

I'm determined to have a vba3c...and no, it is not easy in Florida. We have some of the highest c section rates in the world here in this state. My third child was a c-section only because I couldn't find a single OB or CNM who was willing to take me on after two, within an hours drive!

This time around, I am getting a lot of runaround, still...but I have more leads as I've expanded my driving limits and am doing more research. My last baby ended up needing 2 weeks in NICU because of breathing problems brought about by being born too early (My OB had misdated the pregnancy) and not getting muccous squeezed out through the birth canal (that is actually a common problem, for c section babies - especially boys - and my first son had a similar issue, although it "only" kept him away from me for the first nine hours). So, I am really being stubborn about this, even though it means that up until now I've had NO prenatal care...because I still have no provider. I'm only 16 weeks along, though, everything seems very smooth, and I know quite a bit about my own history, nutritional needs, etc.

Anyway, I am in Homestead, which is south of Miami. I have an appt on Thursday to tour Miami Maternity Center and meet with a midwife there, who I've actually been advised by other midwives to lie to (saying I've had one section), so that she'll take me on...I don't really feel comfortable with that, although I am tempted.

The moral of this story is, GET YOUR VBAC NOW! The more sections you have, the harder your vbac will be to get ahold of, unless you are willing to go unnassisted at home.

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Time to Restart this Thread!! Need Help gettin a VBAC Sarasota Florida

I am 23 weeks pregnant! I have a 10 year old boy born by emergency Cesarian and a 9 year old boy born by VBAC!! I am now preggo with my first girl and am itching to get another VBAC. I go to the sarasota county health clinic and all the doctors have been banned by the person in charge of the county clinic. I have searched all over the area for a VBAC friendly doc. I found one and had all my info transferred to him. Then when I called to ask if they received my info and when I told them I was a Medicaid patient they said that they stopped doing VBAC's as of this week! I am just wanting to avoid another major surgery! Anyone got any ideas???:
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Check this website-- http://www.mothersnaturally.org/midw...ndAMidwife.php

There are some midwives who will do VBAC, but some might be only able to do them at home. I'm sorry that you are finding it hard to find a VBAC in the state. Good luck searching!
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Musical Christy,

You should be able to VBAC at Rosemary Birth Home or at home with a midwife. You shouldn't even need a doc to sign off on it because you have already had a vaginal birth. I have vbac'd 3 times in FL with midwives and I wouldn't do it any other way.

Best Wishes!
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Gainesville VBAC?

I am trying to find a good provider in Gainesville who will support me in a VBAC. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.
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Originally Posted by hcjames View Post
I am trying to find a good provider in Gainesville who will support me in a VBAC. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.
I do know that the CNMs at North Florida do them. Or, they did as of a year ago. It would be a hospital birth. My sister in law had a lovely vaginal birth (not a VBAC) with them. I was impressed by their midwifery!

Good luck to you.
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Several of the birth centers down here right now are involved in a vbac study, and now will even attend vbacs in the birth center (before they had to be homebirths). So, I would definitely call around to some free standing birth centers as well.
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