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cd12 and where or where is my dh?

Congrats to the BFP! I am so-o living vicarously through you right now!

My dh and I had a HUGE argument last night. I am just so sad about the whole thing. I have heard that infertility can really break apart a marraige but I never thought it would happen to us. We are generally a pretty happy couple. Add to that the stress of my dh's self employment and his need to fix everyone's electricity in the whole city....and my desire to have another baby....coupled with 11 months of trying.....and what do you get?
Well, I'll tell ya, it's not looking so good on the baby making front. I just wish he would've said something before I put my body through this! the Provera, Glucophage, clomid, etc. I guess we just aren't on the same page. He says he wants another baby but how come I am left holding the bag? He hasn't done anything other than wear boxer shorts (which he always wears anyways)! He drinks a beer every night and doesn't take any vitamins.
He stresses himself out working because he doesn't have any helpers.
He works 6 days a week and lets his customers call at ALL hours ie 6:30am or 10:30pm!!!! And now he is working again! On his day off!
To me, if you say you want something (like a baby) there is an action that goes with it.
He told me that he wants to leave today and go on a one man vacation away from me and our dd!!!! I want him to go just so he can get his sanity back, but his problems will still be here waiting for him.

I'm so sad because today is cd12 and I am sure to ovulate in the next few days on clomid.....sad that there was no GIO in our house last night.
Maybe tonight will be different. I made his favorite dessert this morning for dinner tonight.
Any ideas/experience on how to get on the same page with dh? I'm thinking that men are just wired differently than women....
Thanks for letting me vent. I hope I haven't brought anyone down with me.
I am just really sad because I feel like it isn't ever going to happen.
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Congratulations Maya!
What a wonderful Fourth of July surprise! Oops, I just remembered you're in the UK! Well, a wonderful surprise nonetheless.

s Christina. I don't post much but I'm rooting for you! No advice on the DH front. I, too got into a petty argument with DH last night around GIO time. And I had the most fertile cm I've seen like--EVER! And this is only our first cycle ttc, but I have stressed myself out so much already since I had to wait so long to even get ppaf back. Anyway, hopefully your DH will get his head on straight so you can make this baby!

Hugs to Shannon, also. What an ordeal. I will pray you are feeling better soon, with no more need for IV's.

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Christina, , it's difficult, but maybe I can shed some light on the mind of a small business owner. Most of us are control freaks to an extent--that's what gives us the temperment to suceed in the self employed world. It's very stressful, there is no guarentee, so you feel you need to take ANY work that comes your way, no matter how inconvenient. For me, one slow week and I'm figuring my business is going down the tubes, regardless of wether the books show I had the busiest week of my career the week before. Babies and families are expensive and maybe he is panicing a bit about the financial responsibility of another child--asking himself if he will fail as "bread winner"
I'd say more, but I'm doing this with only one hand and it's taking forever. Hope I made sense.
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Hey everyone,

So many cute pictures!!! Very inspiring (the kids)!

AdinaL: Totally hear you on the discomfort of the iui (and the car thing, so true!). All in all, it's an experience I hope not to repeat very often! And way to go on those multiple eggs! :

Maya: Woohoo!

Hugs and good luck to shannon and phoebekate.

Reboots and waiting to o's: sending strong fertility vibes you way

Christina: what a difficult time this must be for you. My heart goes out to you and I hope you and dh get back on the same page soon.

Waiting to know's: hang in there!!

Had a weird experience in the middle of the night on Saturday. Woke up with pain in my right ovary, and when I put my hand there, there was a big bulge, like a cherry. Creepy!! I went to pee, and when I came back it was gone. I called the fertility clinic in the morning and the nurse said it was probably a cyst, not big deal. I told her I was 13dpo and she said I should test Sunday morning if AF didn't show up.

So this morning, bright and early, DP and I got up and POAS and guess what? !!! We used that clearblue test and it literally took seconds for that line to appear. I can't believe it and I hope it sticks sticks sticks!!!
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Alright Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please join me in the new one thread.

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cd 15 waiting to O ???

maya- woohoo

shannon - jeez woman !
a bite sleeve - that's too funny
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