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June 27-July 3!

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weird to have to type july in there! i started a june thread in life with a babe but it hasn't had much action yet.
congratulations julie! i had a strong feeling about my boy's birthday too. it's pretty cool. i had hoped he'd be born earlier- esp since he was nine and a half pounds!- but i just knew. the day before i had a huge tantrum when dh had let the garage flood and i had a feeling that was a harbinger, perhaps of shouting to come.

my in laws met the baby yesterday! they had a rotten time getting to town and then couldn't get their rental car, so we brought the baby to their hotel to visit a while. my husband was still in chicago but we got him on the phone in the airport so he could at least hear his mom's first impressions. my niece was being a monster but she has some difficulties socially so everyone is just really patient with her. when she is an adult i plan to tell her just *how* patient.

my daughter was being really awful to me for a few days last week and i finally said something to her about it. i know it is hard for her bc we are still finishing the homeschool year and i had so hoped to be done before baby...in so florida schools have been out a month already, so she is going bananas. anyway she's been fine with everyone else but me, which i can understand, and i brought it up. i said something like it's ok if she's feeling not so great about the baby anymore, if she's jealous of him or something (she often feels very guilty about such feelings and won't bring them up) and she lost it and shouted, "i feel fine about him, i love him! it's just YOU!" i thought that was pretty funny. also i was pleased the AP stuff works cos no way could i have said that to my mom. in fact speaking frankly as an adult has led to her basically not speaking to me! she doesn't even know the baby was born yet! she gets an announcement like everyone else.

i got a fabulous new haircut the other day, like a new-person kind of haircut. i pumped two ounces of milk and had my husband take me and fretted over the baby falling out of the sling if he used it and so on but it was wonderful. good to be alone for forty minutes, too, and know the baby was just fine and so on. i told my lady to do whatever she wanted but cut it short, short. take it all away. my hairdresser is fabulous, she knew exactly what i wanted even though i didn't even try to describe it because i was afraid i'd not do a good job. i have had long hair since i was about ten except for one brief stint of short pink hair for the 1993 gay pride march on washington. it grew back quickly because i was pg with my daughter! so this is really cool. i also discovered all these clothes i had totally forgotten i had and can fit into again. unfortunately, in a way, i was a bit overweight, like ten pounds, before this pgcy and now those clothes are too big also! and will hopefully remain so. i am already at my prepregnant weight and really, really hope i can lose more without much difficulty.

but when we were getting back in the car and i took the baby back from dh- ahhhhh, i hadn't minded but it felt soooo good to have him back on me where he belongs.

this baby is much higher maintenance than my daughter. she slept at least three or four hours at a time at night right from birth. i can't even put this one down when he is asleep for more than a minute, or he wakes and wants me. he also sleeps only a half hour at most during the day, but at night two at a time. last night he slept four hours and then lay talking to himself for another hour- i was too tired even to roll over and nurse him until he started calling unhappily. he's pretty cool.

we are also having nasty cord stump issues. it is so very very hard with cloth diapers. i had him out of covers for a few days and that only created mountains of laundry and we were wet all the time. also diaper changes were miserably long because of using pins, which were hard to get used to after so many years. since he's been in covers, and i just gave up, he's been sleeping better and more comfortable. but there's a small nub of umbilicus, not even cut off but like a smooth protrusion, coming out on the lower end. it doesn't belong there, though, bc it is an off yellow color and the rest of the area is nice and skin toned now. the mw said to keep it uncovered and she can trim it if necessary. -blech- i might go to the health food store and get some tushies disposables so i can keep the diaper off it and hopefully get it OFF. i have been using grape seed/goldenseal powder- cord care- and betadine per the mw's instructions, and i had tried alcohol for a while but nothing seems to help. if it's just his bellybutton that's ok but it is definitely something that doesn't look like it belongs there. at least it is not raw or oozing or anything like that. it will about kill me to use disposables, though, even tushies. i often feel like the only person who uses cloth, and even other cloth users i know IRL use disposables when out or at night. for me using cloth is like choosing a car with good gas mileage- it's the responsible thing to do!! still, i guess this umbilicus does need to come off. does anyone remember the awful episode of in living color when jim carrey was riding the subway with his mom and the umbilical cord?

will stop hogging the thread now.

have to find some SAH work bc i can't imagine doing doula work for some time now, unless there's a way to guarantee a short labor!
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Julie, Congrats! Sounds like a great labor/delivery. It's weird, my first labor was very fast and intense. Dd is fast and intense. This labor was very mellow and much slower. So far, that describes ds! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying Rowan.

Smithie, when you're ready to try again....Lube, lube, lube! Lots of it. I'm sure you already know this though.

We're still doing well here. Dd is starting to have some behavior problems. I feel like I haven't been giving her enough individual attention. She is still very loving and gentle with ds, though and she says she loves him all the time. She just hasn't been listening as well as usual and she's had a couple of tantrums. Things are going very well with ds. He's quite a nurser as I've mentioned before. He still sleeps so well at night. Dd always did too, but it is still so surprising to me. I'm not even sure how often he nurses at night. I think I must sleep through it, or he only nurses twice. I just don't know. He nurses lots during the day though.

I hope everyone is doing well.
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Andrea's cord was really gross too. It smelled bad. We thought we were going to have to take her to the doc when she was only a week old. But luckily by 2 weeks it had fallen off.
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congratulations rynna & welcome sadie! hope the emergency was not hard on you & look forward to hearing all the details.
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I haven't written my birth story, but here are some pics:

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Congrats Rynna!! I thought I had beat you :LOL

She is really beautiful
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Oh Julie....he is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratualtions Rynna and Welcome Sadie!!! Great day to be born....it's my birthday too. I hope your recovery goes well!

Congratulations Julie and Welcome Rowan! Sounds like an awesome birth!
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So I think I told you that the birth asst said Rowan looked almost post-mature. The skin on his hands and feet is really dry and feels like parchment. Well, I have been putting burt's bees apricot baby oil on them every time I change his dipe but last night I didn't change him or do the oil (though he nursed all night long, in the bed and I got to sleep through most of it-yay!!!). This morning I went to put it on him and the skin on his ankles had cracked and bled. I just feel so horrible for him. 2 days old and that can't feel good. The baby oil doesn't seem like it is working all that well. Any suggestions?
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my rowan's skin was peeling too but very flaky and in tiny bits. are you sure it bled, or is it just red where it cracked? his ankles did the same thing but it wasn't too bad. mostly where you could see his feet had been curled up and now were stretching out. one of my midwives said some babies are like little lizards and peel awhile. we had some flaking on the chest, too. i didn't use anything on it and now he is almost 3 weeks it is almost gone. he was early, too so it isn't necessarily a sign of postmaturity tho of course you may have other signs too. good luck, it feels awful to see spots you think are painful. my guy had a deep red bit of rash on his bum just inside the crack and i thought it looked terribly painful but probably bothered me more than him. but at least i got to use our lovely weleda diaper cream!
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Finally on computer to anounce...

Isabel Magdalen was born June 22 at 8:43 by c-section.

Though we did not want a c-section, it really was a beautiful birth. Our OB allowed our doula to be there in the OR with us -- which was great. Isabel came out pink and perfect, weighing in at 9 lbs, 9.2 oz. and a 9/9 apgar (whatever that really means). She was so high up that the OB had to reach in high to get her. I am recovering well, but very sore -- and cannot believe people actually ELECT to do c-sections for convenience. Convenience? HUH? This is NOT convenient!

Isabel nursed in the recovery room and has been nursing wonderfully since. SHe is so tranquil.

The hardest part about all of this is not being able to hold my other 2 children right now!

Congrats to other babies born. Love the name Sadie!

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Congrats Rynna and Paula on you new baby girls! I hope you both recover quickly.

Julie, my little guy's ankles are peeling too. It's very thin skin that is peeling off, like when you peel from a sunburn. He hasn't had any bleeding though, thank goodness. I would just keep putting the oil on him and I'm sure he'll heal up in no time.
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congratulations paula! and glad you had a lovely birth. i am especially glad your doula went with you- while no one wants a cesarean i hate not getting to go with my clients- and that you got to have your baby in recovery, which is very rare where i live. take good care of yourself, especially in remembering you have had major surgery and need to be cared for accordingly! looking forward to hearing all the details of our group's recent births!

one thing i have noticed, for those who have pictures posted on the web: with some sites the link takes you right into the person's account; for instance, anyone could hit "buy prints" and go right ahead. this is why i haven't posted photos yet, or given my m-i-l access since i have photos on my photoworks site from the birth and other things i wouldn't necessarily want to share. not that anyone here would purchase someone's photos without permission, but something to be aware of. does anyone know how to get around this?

does anyone else's baby seem very unhappy while pooping and peeing? this boy doesn't like being dirty and also grunts and really can start crying just before that oh-so-familiar explosion sound.
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I posted this in the wrong week's thread! duh! Ok, I'm just such a lurker these days...but CONGRATULATIONS to all the new Mamas!!! I look forward to reading all the wonderful birth stories!
As for cracking and bleeding feet...Lansinoh. I used it on Emma and Seth both. it really helps to heal those cracks. Hope that helps some!
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so, who's left? can we have a quick roll call? i want a clearer idea of who to keep in mind!
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Just a quick note to say Congrats to al the new mommies and welcome to all the new little babies!
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Yes, they did bleed. I am trying burt's bees rescue remedy and it is working really well (i already had it). My mw came by to do a check-up and she said she had never seen anything like it. there's a bit of drama going on right now but I am typing one-handed so I won't elaborate but if you could all send me some patience and peaceful vibes, I would really appreciate it.

cograts paula!! Been wondering how your kiddos are doing...
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hope you feel better julie- let us know what's going on when you have a chance. hope too your rowan's ankles are better, poor baby.
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I totally undressed him today and checked him out-seems that his ankles are the only part that is that bad and they are getting a little better. We went to Whole Foods today and of course he attracts a lot of attention. When I told ppl he was 2 days old, they kind of freaked out-"I can't believe you are out and about" "you look great" etc etc. I don't know why, but that kind of attention just feels uncomfortable for me. I started to feel like I should lie about his age I am such a weirdo.

So my mom is here and brought my 1 yo niece and it is taking longer to get the baby (Emily) out of our house (I told you how Tain really doesn't like her and we have pretty much been giving him constant time outs-the first time he has ever had them, at a time when he really needs his house inviolate). Emily was supposed to be picked up by her other gma b/c they were vacationing here, only the other gma doesn't get in until this evening (tho my sis failed to tell my mom this when she sent her). On top of that, my sis didn't tell the other gma about it so she had no idea until bio dad told her. Since she has my older niece with her, she doesn't want to have Emily at night b/c Lauryn already takes up all the bed and makes it hard to sleep, tho she has agreed to take her during the day. My sis is so manipulative. It just feels so disrespectful towards me and my family that she is doing this crap (they decided last wk they were moving here) at a time where I really need my mom to be here for me. We have been planning this for 9 months and she just can't give me this time. On top of that, my other siblings are pretty screwy (they are younger and still live at home) and they have evidently been totally horrible since she left. So she has been dealing with my sis (whose car broke down in the middle of Canada on the way here, of course) and yelling at my brothers 3 times a day. I am so frustrated! It isn't mom's fault, I just feel like all my siblings are so selfish. How hard is it to just deal with your life for a while? Mom has been here less than a week! So that is my drama. And of course I try to tell mom how I feel and she takes it personally and leaves with Emily for god knows where with no money. Which makes me feel guilty for saying anything. Arg. The whole situation really sucks. And it makes dh furious, of course, which doesn't help.

Other than that, everything is going pretty well. Laying down in the bed makes my afterpains really bad. I think it is b/c I am on my side all night nursing and that pulls my uterus to the side, not to mention strains a tendon/ligament/muscle something that already was hurting at the tail end of my pregnancy. anyway, I should be getting more sleep than I am b/c of it. So that isn't too cool. Other than that, we haven't totally woken up from birth yet, I think, b/c things are still going really smoothly. Tandem nursing is so far uncomplicated, for which I am grateful. We don't nurse at the same time all that much, which helps. Wondering how you are doing with it, Rynna.

I think tomorrow I will crank up the heat and give Rowan some naked time. I hate putting sposies on a newborn and since his skin is already so delicate, I think he really needs to not be rubbed by the paper/plastic of them. We don't really have the option of cloth, however, so we just try to give the kids as much naked time as possible. He pooped 5 times yesterday and not at all today. Weird.

Well, I should get going. Labor vibes to those still cooking and big kisses to all the gorgeous babies!!
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just dropping in to say CONGRATS all you new mamas..all i do is lurk now..im not good at typing while nursing!
Robin- lucca also has a spinal dimple and we had to use silver nitrate on her belly button..weird
LizD- Lucca hates to be wet or dirty so we are doing EC and it is great, she is much happier. check out the EC board!
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