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Originally Posted by mattjule
hey when is it that smiles aren't just reflexes anymore? b/c he totally just smiled at me.
I think they're not reflexes when they make eye contact while they're doing it. Rivkah smiles (one dimple! so cute!) but mostly in her sleep. She's such a lovey-doll!

I've been trying to get my NewBean some sunlight because she's a bit jaundaced. She got really warm and sweaty, so I brought her back inside. I keep wondering, though.. is there a time limit to how long you can leave them in the sun like that? And is it different if they're inside by a window than if they're outside in actual sun? I don't want to burn her tender baby skin, but I do want her to process that bilirubin, you know?
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my mw said 5 min in direct, 15-30 in indirect.

and i like the idea of stats, btw.
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Julie ~ Glad you asked that about the smiles. I've been wondering the same thing. Lily smiles all the time and it really seems to be in response to our voices but of course everyone keeps telling me it's just gas. She also smiles a lot in her sleep. It's so cute. She must dream about breastfeeding because she does these little sucking motions and then gets the biggest smile!
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