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I have just been given a piece of land, that has been sprayed with Roundup about a month ago. I am really into organic gardening, and hate the thought of using chemicals. My neighbour is growing food in hers this year, but I am worried about the roundup residues going into my plants/food. I was thinking of just green manuring the plot this yr and growing in it next yr. But do you think there will be any chemical residues in the soil then?
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No I do not.

I believe that one of the reasons Round Up is pushed so much on the private use front is because it breaks down pretty quick. You can check the half life (?) of it somewhere. Call the county extension agent. They shoudl be able to help you in any case.
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Before kids, I took a landscaping class from a local extension agent. She told us that RoundUp disappears in two weeks. (and she shunned using newspaper as mulch because of the ink residues, so I'd think she was giving considered advice.) Relax and get digging.
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Thanks for your replies, it has taken a weight off me I'm going tomorrow to get planting and sowing, surrounded by nature with the sun on my back and the breeze through my hair xxxxxxxxx
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bump, this thread was not as detailed as I had hoped but may give you some more information.

I will look for supporting evidence at a later time.

I really hope this helps.
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My understanding is that the half-life is highly variable depending on the soil type.

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