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I'm so sorry Jenny.
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Yesterday when I went for the u/s I went to the OB. Anyway, she recommended unisom for m/s? Anyone ever heard of that before? I'm desperate enough to try just about anything.
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Jenny, I'm so sorry. I wish I had words. I hope you are getting the support you need right now.

Shannon, I'm worried about you! Take care of yourself! Hopefully you will feel less sick in the second trimester, even with HG, right? How long will you be in the hospital for?
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I should be out tomorrow afternoon, I've now kept down lunch and dinner. Just got my potasium level back and while it's not normal yet, it's moving up so things are going in the right direction.
One of the nurses was just in and commenting that she was surprised I was taking all of this so well--she said I didn't strike her as someone who "wants" to be in hospita. I told her that after 3 miscarriages I'm just thrilled to 1) Be still pregnant at this stage and 2) Be so very sick as it's different from any of my other pregnancies.
I have to say, I am SOOOOO impressed with my OB and the entire OB dept at my little wee local hospital. With my health history I've spent more than my fair share of time in hosptals and I have NEVER been treated so well or felt so confident in my care.
Another thing--I was in a labor room yesterday before they knew they were going to keep and on the wall there were posters showing the "best" way to labor efficiently and they showed, sqatting, kneeling etc and at the bottom it said that on your back is the least efficent way and should only be used if mom is exhausted or if there is an emergency where the doc would need to get at baby's head fast. There was another poster on drug free pain relief and on the bulletin board there are newsletters that are pro co-sleeping and very against formula feeding. I've also not seen one thing here regarding formula. Oh and isn't this cute, everytime a baby is born they play a lullaby over the PA system--how cool is that??
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Jenny, I am so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. You will be in my prayers.
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I started on Zofran yesterday. I had just been getting sicker and sicker and did not want to let it get really bad like last time. It has helped me eat more but I still have pain in my stomach. I am so tired of feeling bad.

Dh is doing everything for ds! I feel like the worst mom in the world because he now goes right to daddy if he needs something. I am lucky to have such a good Dh but I want to be the mommy again!

Going to the ob on Wednesday. They are doing a pap. Anyone else had one done during pregnancy? I don't remember having one last time. I really don't want one. Should I worry?

Shannon - what do they give you in the hospital? I would gladly go in if I knew it would help me get back to normal again. I am in bed most all of the day now.
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Suz, I'm on IV fluids (I was severely dehydrated) and IV gravol--stemitil if I need it but the gravol seems to help just fine as long as it's IV. Are you keeping fluids down? That was my turning point, all was fairly ok until my popsicles started coming back up on me. I have diclectin (I'm in Canada) but of course I can't keep it down so it's not doing much good.
As for the pap, have you had one recently?? My OB told me to refuse one from the fertility clinic doctor--but I had had one in the past year.
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shannon, hope you're feeling better soon. i think i might come deliver in your neck ofthe woods lol! i really like my doctor but the hospitals around here leave a lot to be desired.

suz, i got one this time because she was doing some other tests. i didn't get one last pg because i'd just had one. now i won't have to get another til after the baby is born. the ironic thing is i didn't have to have any bloodwork done because the bloodwork i had done when i got pg last time was still good. although i'd rather get stuck than a pelvic. that speculum was so cold it made me ache. not a pleasant feeling.

we'll we're off to spend the night in a camper with my folks. not exactly looking forward to that but the kids will ahve a good time. enjoy your 4th everyone and happy belated canada day to you northerners!
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I was thinking--cause I seem to have a lot of time on my hands sitting in this damn bed. The pregnant lady smilie--why must she have a bow in her hair--how many of us in real life where a big pink bow 1/2 the size of our head???? I know I don't speak for everyone, but I tend to be alittle "butch" IYKWIM. I mean there are bows everywhere, the knitting one, the dishes one, the laundry one. Like unless you're a girly girl you don't do these things......
Ok, rant over......just some of the things that make me go hmmmmmmmm
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Shannon, you have way too much time on your hands! :LOL Remember how popular those huge bows were in the 80's?? Would you believe my mil still wears one sometimes!? : It's really hard not to say something to her cause it looks so silly.
Your hospital sounds awesome. Is anybody staying with you to keep you company? There's nothing on tv this weekend here since it's a holiday weekend.

My m/s is definitely getting a little better every day. I'm taking the old man I take care of out to eat for lunch and a meal actually sounds really good. I haven't eaten anything healthy in like 2 weeks and I feel like it!

Anybody else so swollen that you look like you're showing?? I've had a gut since I had dd, but I look like I'm 4 months along right now. I can't hold it in. I know it's not baby, but sure does look and feel like it. Weird.
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Yeah I do have too much time on my hands. Steve is here with me quite a bit but as it's a holiday weekend here too, I have a full house of dogs at home that he has to look after.
My MIL wears these gross flip flops with HUGE flowers on him--talk aobut stupid looking!
I'm not showing yet, but in spite of loosing so much weight my waist bands on my pants are definitely tight.
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Hugs to you Shannon! I have survived HG 3 times without any treatment. Everyone blew me off in spite of loosing 30 lbs and vomiting my own spit and also vomiting blood. I am so glad you have gotten good treatment! This pregnancy is pregnancy #6 and the nausea is worse than the last 2, but its not HG like the first 3, so no complaints. We will survive

Has anyone else heard of the electric stim seabands, they are supposed to help chemo patients. I really want to try them.
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Wow, I've never been blown off, I just got a lecture not to let it get so bad next time, told me if I was even having trouble eating to at least come in for a shot of gravol so I can keep at least one meal a day down, but that if I can't keep down fluids, I'm to call her so she can arrange home care.
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Shannon, glad you are feeling better. Hope you can go home soon.

Suz, I did have pap's at both of my first visits with my previous pregnancies. This time I won't, but only because I got one last month before I knew I was pregnant. I was only one or two weeks, not enough for them to be able to tell.
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I had the electronic sea band thingy (I think it's officially called the Relief band) worked OK with baby 4 but not at all the last two times. I took the
b-6 and Unisom last night : I know, I'm awful. I just felt so desperate. I feel like garbage, my kids were totally fending for themselves. Anyway, it worked like a charm. I hope my baby isn't born with two heads. I was actually able to eat some decent food this morning including fruit which has made me :Puke since sometime last week.
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Ekblad, b6 and Unisom has been approved here for pregnant women as diclectin for ages. I don't think that there is much disagreement that the law suit that took it off the market in the states was bogus.
If you go onto Motherrisk's website check out diclectin--they are considered a world authority on drug safety during pregnancy.
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Thank you so much for that! I researched some on the web. I just felt like I needed something and if this worked it would really be worth it. It is working and I feel somwhate normal again.

Hang in there!
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Hi, I'm new here - due feb 2, 2005 with my second.

It seems like there's a lot of extreme morning sickness going around! I had it bad with my first, but was somewhat ignorant of how unusual it was, and suffered through (I did not lose weight in my second trimester). This time it started ramping up again a few weeks ago and I started acupuncture and the herbs the acupuncturist gave me. It helped for a little, and then it got worse. When I was throwing up 10 times + a day, I went to a doctor (I use a midwife). He gave me unisom (ekblad!) and vitamin B6 and then added Reglan when that didn't work.

The combo did help - was throwing up about 3 times a day - but was very, very sedating.

I'm so, so eager for the second trimester, when this should ease...
and I know what some others mean about feeling like a terrible mom. My mother is in town and has been amazing, otherwise I have no idea what we would have done.
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The OB gave me Reglan too but I figured I would try the unisom mix first. I feel alright right now and it didn't knock me out last night like I thought it would. I'm nervous it's going to wear off, though. They didn't tell me how often I could take the unisom but am assuming only once/day.
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Ekblad, you can take a large dose before bed and a dose in the morning and a dose in the early afternoon. You have to get a "level" in your system if it's going to keep working. This is my problem, it works until I start to puke, then it wears off and I can't keep anything down.
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