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I'm glad my sickness isn't that bad.Dizziness and nausea i can handle.

I already had to buy some maternity shirts.My belly is out already and my other shirts were riding up.I've had 3 kids in 6 years so my belly was ready!

I've been feeling very crampy since yesterday and that makes me so nervous.No spotting or anything just crampy.I hate cramps!I hope they go away ASAP.

I had to push my U/S up to the 18th because we will be out of town camping.

We are heading to Big Sur for a camping trip on Tuesday and will be gone for the week.I so look forward to camping while pregnant but i get to meet some moms from an AP website i belong to.
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
Ekblad, you can take a large dose before bed and a dose in the morning and a dose in the early afternoon. You have to get a "level" in your system if it's going to keep working. This is my problem, it works until I start to puke, then it wears off and I can't keep anything down.
OK, I know you're not a doc so won't hold you to anything :LOL but Is it hte same for Unisom? It's 25 mg.
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Hello ladies, Jasmine here. Just went for my midwife appt yesterday, and found out I am 8 weeks, so thought I'd come and say hi!!

This is my second pregnancy, we have an eighteen month old girl, and can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family, the estimated dd is Feb 11th, but got to look closley at the calendar to figure a "few" key dates out!!

We plan to use the same birthing center as we did for our first, if all goes according to plan. I 'm really interested in hypno birthing. A couple of friends have had great , reduced pain deliveries, so maybe I will give it a try. Any thoughts on that?
Well great to meet you all, this seems lika a pretty active thread!!
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Hi Jasmine--both Heveasoul and I plan to use hypno-birthing. There is a hypnobabies web site you can join, have you seen it?
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I want to do hypnobirthing too! It is either that, or bradley, and I might end up trying both. I was pretty disappointed with myself for getting an epidural last time around, and since we only want 2, this is my last chance to go natural!
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I would really like to try hypno birthing too. Is it good for homebirth?

Amy (who likes to take drugs while pg but wants a natural homebirth :LOL )
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Originally Posted by ekblad7+
OK, I know you're not a doc so won't hold you to anything :LOL but Is it hte same for Unisom? It's 25 mg.
My doc told me to take either 1 or 1/2 tablet 25 mg Unisom with 25 mg B6 3 times a day. He said if I were really struggling I could take it 4 times. I ended up taking 1 when I woke up, then 1/2 in the afternoon, 1/2 in the early evening and then 1/2 before bed.
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A loss

You can take my name of the due date list, we lost the baby last week, so it back to the TTC boards in a while.
I wish the rest of you good luck in your pregnancies
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I'm so sorry Kelly
There is nothing worse. Please take good care of yourself right now, drink lots of fluids and rest up. If you need anything let me know.
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Geeze you guys have been busy! I haven't been online for a couple days and now there's a new thread with over 140 replies. It'll take me all night to catch up!
I met one of the OB's in my practice at my first appt. on Tuesday and I really like her! Now one down and 5 or 6 to go. I really hope I like or at least can tolerate the rest of them!

I don't know you, and I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I am praying for you!
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Wow, where is everyone??
Well, after all the problems I've been through with past pregnancies I honestly thought I'd never get to this stage, but I've had it, and I'm having a whole lot of trouble coping mentally. I had to go back to the hospital last night as when the home care nurse arrived, the new IV that took an hour to even get in had blown. I called my doc and she set up for me to back into labour & delivery to get a new one. When I got there they told me it would be a little bit as they just had a c-section (1st one in the 4 days I was there inspite of 14 babies being born) and baby was not doing well. After a 1/2 hour they sent me to emerg as baby was really not doing well. The first nurse tried 3 times, second nurse tried 2 times and got it on the third, by the time the second nurse was working on me I was laying there with tears running down my face. I felt bad as she thought she was hurting me--which she was but that had nothing to do with my tears. I think I just hit the end of my rope, I've been crying off and on ever since. I have this overwelming fear that I could be this sick and have no payoff in the end but more pain. I have the fear that there is simply no way I will be able to cope with another loss, especially at a point when my body and mind is just SO depleted.
I feel silly, I mean I've said a hundred times I'd never complain about pregnancy symptoms but I just can't cope anymore, I"m just too tired.
Sorry to be such a downer.
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Shannon Hang in there sweetie! You're going through so much right now. I've always felt joy for being pregnant and then overwhelmed much of the way through the pregnancy. I haven't experienced the many miscarriages that you have so I can't speak there. I can only say that you are being so strong about all of this. Being a mom is not easy. From the very beginning, eh? I have to run as the toddler is pounding the keyboard. More later. You're in my prayers.
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Oh Shannon, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how hard this is for you right now. I really hope things improve for you over the next few weeks as you get closer to the second trimester, both physically and emotionally. I just wish there was something we could do to help. Let us know if we can be anything more than a shoulder to lean on. I hope you're felling better today.
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Kelly. I'm so sorry for your loss. I just can't imagine.

Hope those of you in the US have a great 4th!
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OH Shannon, hang in there. I so hope that this morning sickness lifts soon for you. Any chance of relocating somehwere non humid for a few months?
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I've thought of going back to Calgary, but I don't want to be away from my doc.
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Kelly, I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.

Shannon, so sorry you're feeling so miserable. I hope this passes soon.

Nothing new here....it's been a very busy time, and now I am so pooped, so I think I'm going to hang out on the couch, then soon to bed...
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Would someone like to do the thread for this coming week??
I would do it again but I just don't want to commit to anything right now with my health. That and I have to type with one hand. :
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I'll do the new thread tomorrow.

Doing OK here. My stomach is killing me. Not sure what's up. Take care everyone.
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i'll take care of it shannon! i'll start a new thread in the am and hope that you're feeling better soon. : it seems like the longest haul ever but once you get over the hump it's so much better! take care
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