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43 weeks?!?!?! Pat that man on the back!!!!!!!!!
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No kidding! I couldn't believe my ears either, so asked him to clarify. He said, as long as you're fine and the baby is fine, I see no problem with going that far post date.

I almost kissed him.
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Awesome! I hope my OB will be so understanding, although he seems to be so far.

In fact, yesterday in his office, i didn't know how to bring this up, but I told him about the person who gave me terrible advice over the phone. I called in with a cold, and she told me that "any of the Tylenol products are safe to take. You can take Tylenol Cold and Sinus" so I'm thinking, "That has Sudafed in it" and I say, "What about Sudafed?" she answers with, "You can't take Sudafed in your first trimester" (What? I can't take Sudafed, but i can take Tylenol and Sudafed mixed together?)

Then she offered to call in a prescription for antibiotoics for me! I told her, "I don't need antibiotics, I have a cold." and then realized she was an idiot, and i might as well get off the phone.

Long story short (too late!) he told me he would have an office meeting to clarify what advice to give patients over the phone!

Anyway, back to you all.

Shannon, glad the popsicles are working for you.

Periwinkle, Congrats on your bean's heartbeat!

Mama2m&m, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Eeek! The bell is about to ring, I have to go!
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Delurking with a for Denise. I can so relate. Just take a deep breath and repeat your mantra that today you are pregnant and everything is fine. It's okay to feel okay, you really don't have to be sick to have a healthy baby. ( I know you know that, just wanted to repeat it for you)
I've been nausous at times, very tired, and have sore breasts, but that's about it. I just remind myself 20% of women have no nausa of any kind, it's okay. My hCG went up so well they quit taking it. Last Monday it was 11,040 and my progesterone is holding steady at 16-17. Still doing those fun suppositories twice a day, but what a small price to pay. Have had no spotting of any kind for a week now, so feeling more confident. My first dr. visit is next Tuesday, so waiting really sucks. Hurray to all those with that first, strog heatbeat visit behind you. It really makes such a difference to ones mental health, IMO.
I too have felt like posting here would jinx something, but feel I need the support more! We've only told maybe 5 people IRL, and that includes grandparents. We haven't told Carrie, our 3 year old, as I felt if would be too long of a wait and didn't want to deal with the negative outcome. Of course, she knows something is up. We've been so careful with conversations around her, but she asked me yesterday if I had a baby sister in my tummy. I told her I didn't know. She prays all the time for a baby sister and told my mother she was getting one for her birthday, which is February 5th. That was before we knew anything, so who knows
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I haven't had an ultrasound, but I don't really belive the due dates I have been given based on my LMP. I have been given the 14, 15, and 16. I think I am actually due sometime the following week, probably the 25. I have been having 38 day cycles. I did the same thing with my ds. He was due the 16 according to my LMP, but according to ultrasound was due the 23. When he was born the midwife said he was actually due later than we thought (we had been going by the 16) and he was born the 15. So, I have just been saying sometime in Feb.
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Yay for the heartbeat and one baby Periwinkle!

Thinking of you tomorrow mama2m&m.Hugs~

Shannon i hope you feel better soon!

Hi to everyone,busy day.
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Yay Periwinkle on the u/s results!

I go in today for my first u/s - dh is coming to join me, then we'll go out for lunch...still undecided on how many more I'll have after this one, but that's another story, another day...

So, what am I supposed to be able to see at 4 weeks (embryo), 5 weeks, 5 days (preg - based on LMP)? I guess the main thing is to see that it's not ectopic, but what else?

The requisition states it's for dating and viability...but I'm sure whomever I end up working with will take my O date into consideration...not that it's far off from the LMP-based edd...
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Great news all of you getting ultrasounds.... i'm kind of jealous, my first prenatal appt isn't til July 20. And i am not sure we're doing an ultrasound then, but will be listening for heartbeat.

So this morning my m/s decided to pull a u-turn and i've had intestinal issues instead of queasy issues. Is this normal?
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Good morning Ladies!! Congrats to all of you who heard or saw your little ones heart beating. That is always my favorite part! I have an appointment with my mw on the 8th. Probably won't hear one but will have my first prenatal! (Mostly just talk!! I love my mw! She is so cool!)

Anyway, I felt a little better yesterday and not too bad this morning. I am in the middle of packing so it's a good thing. We have to be out of here by the end of the weekend and the house that we are moving into is still occupied!!! They couple living there is building their own home and it isn't finished yet!!! : So we will be living in my mom's 5th wheel trailer (which I SWORE I would never do again!!!) We lived in it for a few months 2 summers ago when I was preggo with my 16 month old! It was terrible!! I get soooo clostorphobic (sp?) Anyway, we should only be there for a week or two but who knows!! Okay enough of my whining!!
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ambam, that's pretty sucky! i hope the moves go well and you get into you new place really soon!

wtchyhlr - at this point i'd say almost anything is normal LOL. not sure which is worse but hope you feel better soon.

heve, good luck today!! you *may* be able to see a heartbeat depending on the machine. i hope to see one too.

thanks ravenmoon and fairymama. I sure needed the hugs and verbal reminders. I had totally forgotten my mantra in my despair. just a few more hours now.

lesly, that person sounds like a dodo! hope that you're feeling better soon.

peri, glad the visit went well!

mehndi, i like that response! maybe i'll borrow it i'm getting feisty in my old age

shannon, i hope things are still going okay. how are the popsickles working out??
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Hi Ladies,

So today I'm having negative feelings. I haven't had any preg symptoms for a few days. I feel absolutely normal. I haven't had any cramping or spotting. I just have that feeling lurking in the back of my mind. I'm thinking of calling and asking for an u/s to see. My first apt is on the 12th so its still a couple weeks away. I feel kind of numb.
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Christi - go get an u/s. It will make you feel better. It's a long wait to the 12th.
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Heve, at 5 weeks 5 days, they can usually only see a sac and a yolk sac (sometimes they can't see the yolk sac) They may not tell you at the U/S and you may have to wait till Val gets the results tomorrow (just warning you--I was so upset when that happened the first time) Where are you going to the one in the hospital or the one on Main St.? (or are you going somewhere closer to you??) Oh and she wrote dating so OHIP wouldn't question it at this early stage--that's standard.
Christi, I agree, go in for a scan, or at least a series of betas, put your mind at ease.
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Forgive me, I have not read everyone's posts this week : I have been soooooo sick that I haven't even had the strength to come here! Anyways I know a lot of us are suffering through this horrible nausea so I wanted to share some pointers that my doc shared with me the other day, maybe some will help others. These are in addition to the well known "eat a little something before you get up in the morning and eat small meals throughout the day". Here goes...

Exposure to the sun can make the nausea worse so try to stay out of all day sun and wear sunglasses and / or a hat when you are outdoors. (I noticed this big time as the day after I spent the day on the beach was pure and utter Hell)

Something about the way that dill pickles are made can help - this is also actually an old sea captain trick for helping those that get sea sick. (You are suppose to suck on the pickle as opposed to shoveling it down your throat.)

White grape juice (thought of juice makes me ill personally but for some of you this may work) or alternatively - sucking on grapes.

B6 vitamin supplements - 500 mg three times a day

Forget the prenatals for the first trimester and take straight folic acid.

Sea sickness bands can help and if you are super sick you can take Dramamine - but the regular kind, not the non-drowsey.

Hope some of those help some of you.

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Gravol suppositories also help out a bit and if you drink juice, cut it half and half with water--and use a low acid juice (yes currently sipping warm water with mellow apple juice--yum yum)
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Kitty and Shannon, sorry you're suffering so much with the m/s. That really stinks. Hopefully not too much longer until you're feeling better.

Christi, I was convinced a couple of weeks ago that things were not okay, my symptoms (what few there were) went away for a few days, and I felt fine. possibly a little tired, but it was hard to tell. I was so worried, I was actually depressed and crying. I decided to ask my mom for an u/s, and saw the heartbeat! Then, of course, all the symptoms came back, and I've been feeling sick this week.

So, if your doc or midwife is willing, I'd tell them how you feel and ask for an u/s, it will make you feel so much better.

Heve, hope your u/s is reassuring! It is hard to see much at that stage, but you should be able to see the sac.

Ambam, I really hope the move goes well. It is hard to move while pregnant, but at least you're early. Last time I was pregnant and we moved, I was able to convince dh to hire movers.
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thanks for all the tips. think i'll try a few of those. i'm having a bad day today which started as soon as i got home alst night. almost threw up on the front doorstep while my kids were fighting in the other room. they didn't even notice me throw everything down on the floor and race up the stairs LOL.

i'll be so glad when this part is over.

christi, i hope you're able to get that u/s and that all is well.
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Ginger (if you can tolerate it) is supposed to settle the stomach - ginger beer, ginger candies, crystallized ginger, fresh gingerroot matchsticks...whatever. They make ginger lozenges for motion sickness, too.

I've been craving fresh fruit - nectarines & cantaloupe mostly. I ate 5 nectarines yesterday.

I'm having the intestinal ickies, too - I think it's just because I'm not eating worth crap - nothin' to hold it all together, and I'm gassy to boot. Burping all the time....and I NEVER burp!

I succumbed to the craving yesterday & ate an ice cream sandwich that was in the freezer calling my name : I'm gonna eat another one pretty soon. But I *did* just put up 14 yogurt popsicles, so those should be ready by tonight.
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Yogurt popsicles sound awesome. How do you make those?
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Huge hugs for those feeling so horrible...knocking on wood here...so far mild queasiness and weird appetite things (ie I picked up a bunch of local organic strawberries and have had NO appetite for them...very weird for me).

Had my u/s, and she pointed out the yolk sac, and something else (duh - I'll have to get a book that lays it all out) - a small white speck within the big dark blob that was the yolk sac. Also pointed out the heartbeat - I had to take her word on that one...I couldn't discern anything...Anyway - feeling good - my bean is where it's supposed to be, doing what it's supposed to be doing...
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